What do you get when a cow is sick

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Mad Cow disease can’t actually be transmitted to people but can make you susceptible to getting Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-get-when-a-cow-is-sick ]
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Do cows get sick?
Yes. The diseases found in cattle are the following: ・ milk fever ・ shipping fever (BRDC or Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex) ・ tick fever (Texas fever) ・ anaplasmosis ・ dystocia ・ mastitis ・ tuberculosis ・ blackleg ・ pink eye ・ …
Can a dog get sick from eating cow manure?
yes – usually all over a pale coloured carpet
Can my pets get sick with mad cow?
Mad cow disease is one of a family of illnesses that has only been known to infect animals such as cattle, sheep, elk and deer. The cow likely was sick from eating feed made from an infected cow, even though that type of feed is banned. If …

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Is it really possible to overfeed a beef cow?
Q: I work on a farm 2-3 days a week, and when I get off I always go up to the garden and pick corn leaves to feed the cows.One of my coworkers yelled at me for overfeeding them. I know you can make sheep sick by overfeeding, but can you really make cows sick?Agriculture agriculture agriculture. What can ya’ do?I fed one 2 leaves, and the other, I must have feed 8 or 9.What are you saying? They can’t regurgitate? Isn’t that what they do to “chew their cud?”
A: You have to always remember that you’re not feeding the cow — you’re feeding her rumen microbes. The rumen microbes are balanced to digest the ration that the cow gets day in and day out. Mess up those rumen microbes and you have a very sick cow.Feeding things outside of the ration they are used to causes the rumen microbes to go crazy. Some rumen microbes, release gas when presented with corn stalks/leaves (or lush clover/alfalfa) which causes the cow to bloat — the rumen blows up due to frothy gas formation. They can’t release the frothy gas, and the pressure that builds compresses their heart/lungs so that they die of suffocation.The other problem that especially corn stalks/leaves can cause is a toxic reaction. Some animal harbor certain clostridial bactera in their rumens, these clostridial bacteria when exposed to the types of sugars in corn, release toxins which are fatal to the animal — this reaction is sometimes called “overeating disease” in sheep and goats, but is actually a form of enterotoxemia and affects cattle just as readily.Bottom line — never feed another person’s animals without their express permission, Your good-natured gesture could cost the animal it’s life..
How do you milk a cow?
Q: how do you milk a cow three times per day? I get sick of the people that cry wolf about everything!! you know those pessimists that get a kick outta someone else trying to solve their problems! What is with these folks that can’t seem to see the brighter side of being alive? You say good morning and they say well, it would be but I think it is gonna rain and I have to take my kids to the doctor on the bus today! You say oh you smell good what fragrance is that and they say oh it’s just some stuff i found in the closet and it would smell better if I didn’t have to put ben gay on my knee this morning when I got up it was swollen from me catching the bus in the rain with the kids the other day!!!!! I am just puzzled at these types of posers and I guess I wanna know why these people exist if they have such a hard time existing!!!!! I look forward to your answers!
A: Give the cow more attention! That’s what cows want, attention and empathy because they are insecure.
what do i do about my kitten?
Q: I just got little kitten from someone 2 days ago and im really worrying because I think it is very young, probably too young to not be drinking her mothers milk..we have been giving her cow milk i know its wrong but we live in the middle of nowhere Im not even sure if theres a vet here! (we live in italy btw)heres some pics of her (im there as well so you can see how small she is)http://www.flickr.com/photos/37253921@N05/3512988261/http://www.flickr.com/photos/37253921@N05/3512988265/in/photostream/http://www.flickr.com/photos/37253921@N05/3512988269/in/photostream/shes been drinking the cow milk and shes been sick a few times :Oid like to get her on to water asap because at least with water it cant go wrong..how long should i wait?im really worried about my poor little kitten she is very friendly and cries when someones not there to hold her..i always hold her and she ALWAYs falls asleep purring..she never seems to want to play or explore or is that ok? :(she had 3 other siblings…what should i do? help!x
A: NO COW’S MILK- period!!!! No wonder she’s been sick!Why didn’t you post a question about what you could feed her when you got her if you knew not to feed her cow’s milk? (*sigh*)If I had to guess, she looks 4-5 weeks. That means she has teeth.What you CAN feed her: canned cat food or pureed LEAN meatsmall amounts of soft boiled eggplain yogurta little goat’s milk but if you get her eating meat or canned food she does not really have to have milk.Leave fresh water out for her near the food at all times. Make sure the container is very low sided. She’ll start drinking it when she’s ready.Introduce new foods slowly & don’t add anything new till you know she’s doing well on what you’ve already tried.Put whatever you are introducing on something nearly flat, put her in front of it, wipe a little on her gums/ let her lick a little from your finger & be prepared for a mess because the little ones usually want to stand in what they’re eating.Good luck!
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