What do you have if you have brown spots under your feet

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Possibly schambergs disease or pigmented purpuric dermatitis or Podiatry. You may want to consult your physician!! Thanks ChaCha!! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-have-if-you-have-brown-spots-under-your-feet ]
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What are brown spots on bottom of feet?
Possibly plantars warts. You would need to see a doctor to be sure.
How Do I get these brown spots off my feet?
Use a little nail brush and scrub your feet with shampoo straight from the bottle. Work in a little water at a time on the brush until you work out all the stain. You’ll be fine in 20 minutes.
How do i remove these brown spots on my feet??
I get the same thing. It is caused from the top of my big toe rubbing on the inside of the shoe box. Basically what it is,is a callous and the dead skin starts accumulating. You will have to soak your foot and rub it little by little, don’t…

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A: I didn’t read this– it wouldn’t affect my opinion even if I did. Write it if you like it. Who cares what we think? This is your story; don’t let strangers decide things like this for you. What if we convinced you to stop writing it, when this could have made you successful? Not likely, but who knows?Keep going. If you don’t like it later on, start something new. Just don’t leave such decisions in the hands of people you’ll never know and most likely will never meet.Edit: As Lucie did, I quickly glanced through a couple of sentences and, without even reading the piece, it’s quite apparent you need to work on spelling and punctuation. This is easily fixed with some editing, so it’s not a major setback that should alter your own opinion.
What do you think of the ther book i wrote?
Q: This what i have so far in writing this scary book! Captured in the NightThe night was warm, and the breeze refreshing. Amanda was strolling along on her way home from babysitting. She said to her, “Maybe I’ll take the long way home, since it’s such a beautiful night. The bushes rustled and twigs cracked, “Who’s there? Ouch…” Amanda felt a sharp pain in her leg, then darkness… “What? Where am I…..Ahhhhhhh!” Amanda awaked in a dark, dusty cell completely striped of her clothing. Then she noticed a robe, crimson red, lying next to her. She hastily snatched it up and quickly put it on. In front of her a voice said,” So you’ve finally awoken, we didn’t think you’d ever rise.” “Who are you and where am I?” Terrified Amanda stammered. “Why child, you’re in the women’s black market. Where we sell women to good paying men so they can have a little fun!”“Oh my god! That’s horrible, please let me go!” “No way, and besides your just perfect for our business. You are pretty, and thin, just the way the boys like them.” Amanda, terrified, and sickened fell asleep. She was awakened by the sound of a plate being scraped across the floor, looking up she saw a small plate holding a loaf of bread and a bowl of water being pushed towards her. The same man she had seen earlier told her,” This is your food for the whole day, you get one loaf of bread and a bowl of water daily, and that’s ALL you get.” Amanda, who had not eaten all day, quickly grabbed the food and wolfed it down. Remembering that was all she got sat down the meal, and took a small sip of the water.” You’ll get used to it child, you surely will.” Amanda ignored the man, but then said,” Sir may I ask, what is your name?”The man replied,” Jason.” “Okay Jason, why did you join this horrible organization anyway?” “I joined it because I have a hatred of all women, and love to see them in pain and miserable.” Jason then walked away. “Poor guy” Amanda thought to her self.The next day Jason appeared and told Amanda, “You have a man who wants to look you over and see if you’re the one he wants” Two men appeared and went to cuff Amanda. They chained her feet too. Amanda stepped out of the cell, and the man tried to look under the crimson robe Amanda was wearing. She loosened her hand and punched the man extremely hard in the face. The man was now bleeding. He then whispered something into Jason ear and Amanda was uncuffed and shoved back into the cage. They then looked at the girl next to Amanda. This girl was tall skinny, and had blond hair with green eyes. The man immediately bought her. As the girl looked up at Amanda, in her eyes was a look of sheer terror. Amanda felt very sorry for the girl, and hoped that she was not next! The days went on and many men examined Amanda, none where very interested though. Then the horrible day came… A young teen appeared, he was about 16. He had red hair and green eyes, he also had brown freckles. He looked up and down the rows of women, and then he spotted Amanda. He told Jason,” Let me see that one.” So once again, they pulled Amanda out of the cell. “Perfect, I’ll take her. How much?” Jason replied, “Two hundred dollars” “Done” The money was paid and Amanda was sold. They chained up and blind folded Amanda. She was led through a forest, (although she had no idea where she was going), and then put in a car. While driving along the road the teen unblind folded Amanda and said, “Hi, I’m Kyle. What’s your name?” “Amanda” was all she said. Then Amanda asked in a terrified voice,” What are you going to do to me?” “Well believe it or not I just bought you because I needed a little fun in life…if you know what I mean, but your not the only girl I have, oh no. There is another, her name is Crystal. You’ll be seeing her a lot when we get home.” That was the end of their conversation until they arrived at Kyle’s house. The house was old, and had black, peeling paint all over it and broken windows. It resembled houses in horror movies. Kyle hooked a small dog’s chain to Amanda’s handcuffs, and dragged her into the house. Amanda jumped hearing a loud “bark!”A large Doberman Pincher appeared and growled at Amanda as he bared his teeth. “Down” Kyle commanded. The dog stalked off, still growling under its breath. “That’s Rex, he is a trained killer. So if you try to escape let’s just say your dog food.” Kyle then tied Amanda to a chair, Kyle explained, “I am going to set up your quarters in the basement with Crystal. Rex is going to be watching. Rex Guard” Kyle then turned a corner and his footstep faded. Amanda t Rex and he responded with a growl. Then Amanda remembered how to make friends with a dog. She loosened her hand and held it out to Rex. Rex sniffed her hand and licked it, then his stub of a tail began to wag, and he allowed Amanda to pet him. “Well I see you’ve made a friend, haven’t you Rex?” Rex whimpered and walked to a corner of the room and curled up in a bed. Amanda was untied and led to a basement, where she found two beds, some cabinets, a refrigerator, a dresser, and one armchair with a girl sitting in it. The girl was reading a book; she looked up and stared at Amanda, and had the same look of terror as the girl Amanda had seen being sold to the man, she bit. Crystal, (the one in the chair), was a young red headed girl with brown eyes. She seemed unnoticeable of Amanda and kept on reading her book. The Kyle uncuffed Amanda, shoved her into the room, and slammed the door. Amanda looked around the well-furnished room. She then said to Crystal, “How long have you been here?” Ariel looked up and mumbled, “Two years.” “Wow”, Ariel then told Amanda,” I feel very sorry for you, you are going to be scarred For life when Alex is done with you. I have been here for two years and I am about to kill myself from all the pain I endure daily from Kyle. How did he get you?” “I was captured, sold to a women’s black market, and then later bought by him.” “So he acquired you the easy way, he kidnapped me from my own home. I was an ex-girlfriend and I guess he was so mad at me for dumping him, that he decided to do this to me” “I am so sorry…” ”Well it cannot be changed. Do you want food, drink, a toy, book or some different clothing?” “Maybe I’ll get a stuffed animal to help calm my nerves.” Amanda sifted through then stuffed animals, then she squealed with delight! “Fuzzy!” Fuzzy was a small teddy bear Amanda had had since she was born and she took him everywhere. She guessed she had him the night she was captured, and that Kyle had brought him along with her. Amanda snatched the teddy and held him tightly. Crystal looked up and giggled,” Well I see I’m not your only friend in here.” They both burst out in laughter! Then Kyle appeared… “Well ladies I see you’re enjoying yourselves, but unfortunately for you, Crystal, it’s time for me to have my way. Terrified Crystal stammered,” Please Kyle NO!” Kyle grabbed Ariel knocked her over the head, K.O’d her and dragged her away. As Amanda listened, she heard muffled screams of terror and pain, a maniacal, evil laugh coming from upstairs…This lasted for an hour or two, then Crystal was shoved back in to the room. Tears were running down her face and she had clearly been violated, also she had no pants on and her shirt was drooping and covered in blood. “Oh my God! What did he do to you!” “Raped, molested, violated, and hurt me…..the usual treatment for his victims…” “He does this to you every night!?” “Yes, but you must let him…or he’ll kill you.” “KILL YOU!” “Yep, I’ve seen it happen before, but he doesn’t kill you…Oh no! He tortures you! The last girl’s torture was horrible! He chained her to a slab of wood on the wall and stabbed her until she bled to death!” “This man is a NUT CASE!” “Yes but if you just let him do his business you’ll last longer.” “Well when does he have his way with new comers?” “He will when you least expect him to, so always be alert!” The days went by and nothing happened to Amanda the usual happened to Crystal every night until one fateful day… Amanda and Crystal were reading when suddenly, Kyle burst through the door and snatched Amanda and dragged her away. Amanda struggled well and almost got away but then she was knocked out. Amanda woke to a horrible pain in her lower section, she screamed when she realized Kyle was raping her. She tried to back away, but found she was chained to the bed. The hours went by and Amanda was horribly violated. She came back to the looking even worse than Ariel had. She then fell, head first on the floor, cried, and bled, just laying there. Crystal then sifted through the cabinets and grabbed a box of tissues, a first aid kit, and Fuzzy. She then aided Amanda to the chair and patched up her injuries while drying her tears. “I remember the first time he did it to me… Once he’s done it about three times you’ll be used to it. I’ve counted and he’s done it to me 730 times… Once for everyday of the year times the two years I’ve been here.Just so everyone knows i am 12, and i will add on to the book when i get more to add
A: Not good. It’s full of spelling and grammatical errors and needs a lot of work.Don’t quit your job at McDonald’s!
How can I publish this book?
Q: I haven’t thought of a title, and this is the SHORT version of what I have so far, and it’s still long, so bear with me, and I’m not sure I have the guts, but I’d like to publish a novel, kind of….just like the 13 year old who wrote Swordbird. But I have no clue how to contact an editor,and no $$ for a literary agent or whatever.Here’s what I got so far. Please don’t steal.Rin’s alarm beeped loudly by her head.Rin slammed her hand down on the snooze button and rolled out of bed, hitting the wood-paneled floor with a loud THUMP.She trudged downstairs to make breakfast.Yawning, Rin noticed the absence of any other people downstairs.Rin sighed.Her parents had gone to work before she had woken up.Again.The toast popped, and Rin stomped upstairs, toast in her mouth.“Wake UP! It’s MORNING!” Rin shouted around the toast in her mouth, as she burst into the twin’s rooms.She shoved more toast into the area she hoped were their faces.The twins sat up, munching in their cute little kindergartener way on the toast Rin had given them. They hopped out of their beds and began to dress, wiping the crumbs off their faces.Rin went downstairs to make lunches and pack everyone’s bags for school.Rin sighed again.Why couldn’t her parents be home more often?******************************“Comeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeon!” Rin shouted as the twins hopped down the stairs.Rin shifted from foot to foot, hopping nervously with anticipation.They would be late if they didn’t get going!“Enough!” Rin grabbed the twin’s little backpacks, put them on the twins, slung on her own backpack, and picked the twins up and bolted out the door, almost forgetting to lock the door behind her.******************************Rin dropped off Jasper and Maya at kindergarten, giving them a quick squeeze goodbye before setting off to her own school.As she walked out of the kindergarten, Rin glanced over her shoulder.There.A man a bit taller than her had been staring intensely at her and been following her since she had left the house.His face was covered by a dark brown bucket hat, and he was wearing a dark trench coat, even though I was a sunny 85 degrees outside.The idiot, whoever he was, was attracting attention due to his ridiculous garb.Rin walked towards the stalker.She stopped about a foot from the guy.He looked astonished. The stalker, that is.Rin pivoted on her left foot, raising her right knee and snapping up the heel of her foot, ramming the stalker in the soft spot under his chin.Clutching his throat, the man staggered backwards, doubled over in pain.The dark brown bucket hat slipped from coal black hair, and Rin could now see the man’s face clearly.Rin gasped.“Jonathan!!” Rin exclaimed.Jonathan groaned.Whoopsie, thought Rin. I think I kicked a little too hard.Rin slung Jonathan over her shoulder, set on bringing him back to the house.***I think it’s time to explain just who Jonathan is. Jonathan was Rin’s best friend, but he mysteriously moved away in the middle of 6th grade, except for a letter he had left Rin.I’ll be back, just you wait. Jonathan.Needless to say, this was the first time Rin had seen Jonathan in 3 years.***Once they were back at the house, Rin called the school and faked a sore throat and headache to the secretary. The secretary told her that she would excuse Rin’s absence and told her to “Get better soon, dear.”God, thought Rin. Adults can be SO dense sometimes.Rin thanked the secretary and hung up.Jonathan moaned from the couch.“You…still…kick…as hard…as ever…” He choked, grinning.Rin made a face.“Rin…this is important…listen…to what I…have to tell you.” Jonathan said, his face now grim.Rin shivered.“You shouldn’t have…dropped the twins…off at…kindergarten…”her long time friend moaned.Rin’s eyes widened. “What do you mean, I shouldn’t have dropped them off?” she exclaimed.“Enemy…of your…parents…got to…get away…” Jonathan strained.Rin froze.“What?” Rin said, very carefully.Jonathan rubbed his throat, and continued.“Your parents…are in danger. The man they are following…is extremely…dangerous.”***Rin’s parents were detectives.The man they were currently chasing was a supposed serial killer.***“The man…” Jonathan stopped mid sentence.“The man?” Rin prompted.Jonathan stared mournfully at Rin. “No one has seen your parents in 3 weeks, Rin.”Rin was frozen in shock.“You mean…he’s killed…them?” Rin stammered.“No. Ransom.” Jonathan’s eyebrows were furrowed in pity.Rin stared in disbelief. “And just how do you know all this, mister?” Rin accused.“Erm. I’m not exactly allowed to tell you.” Jonathan muttered.Rin grabbed Jonathan by the lapels of his collared shirt and dragged him so they were face to face.“You WILL tell me, or I will make you wish you were never born, *****” Rin hissed.Jonathan looked her, horrified. “Come on Rin, the organization won’t…” Jonathan stopped midsentence.
A: Keep on writing!When your materials are all ready, send them in to publisher. Reminder: Do not send in original materials. You might need them in the future. Publishing companies can now do editing and layouting so you will solely supervise the entire thing then.I hope I have help. Shop around. Explore. Take risks. 🙂
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