What does a Corneal Transplants do

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Corneal transplants are preformed with the cornea has worn thin from disease or the use of ill fitted hard contacts. ChaCha soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-a-corneal-transplants-do ]
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What is a corneal transplant?
This is a surgical procedure which replaces a disc-shaped segment of an impaired cornea with a similarly shaped piece of a healthy donor cornea.
What is a cornea transplant?
A cornea transplant is the surgical procedure which replaces a disc-shaped segment of an impaired cornea with a similarly shaped piece of a healthy donor cornea. More than 90 percent of cornea transplant operations successfully restore the …
Why Are Corneal Transplants So Successful?
Corneal transplant operations are the most successful of all transplant procedures, with a 95 percent success rate. The cornea consists of a fingernail-like substance, so no blood flow is involved. Rejection due to blood incompatibility cau…

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What can you tell me about having a corneal transplant and lens implant during the same procedure?
Q: A 26-year-old employee of mine has asked for medical leave while he has a “corneal transplant, a lens implant, and possibly a retinal transplant.” I have my doubts about his claims regarding these procedures. From what I have researched, retinal transplants are still in the “experimenting on mice” stages, and corneal transplants do not go hand-in-hand with lens implants. I don’t want to deny him the time for a legitimate procedure, but we’re a very small, four-person operation, and I can’t afford for him to take a “vacation” (as he has on other occasions) by using a medical excuse. Twice before he has taken a day off, supposedly to have this done, only to claim the next day that there was a problem with the donor cornea and the procedure had been postponed. I need some expert info on these procedures, please. Thanks.
A: The lens and the cornea are occationally replaced at the same time. Retinal transplants are in develpment stages still… Ask him to get a note from the doctor on an official letter head since you aren’t sure about his claims.Most people are able to get back to work with in 7 days after a corneal transplant, though the actual recovery and healing of the cornea can take upto a year.
after a corneal transplant, does your eye look normal?
Q: im getting a caterache taken out and a corneal transplant because i was in a car wreck and im blind in one eyei keep forgetting to ask my doctor what it will look like afterafter this surgery, will my eye look normal?thank you for all answers!
A: some do, some dont. depends on the type & extent of the injury.if your cornea is currently opacified, then the “button” will be clear…sometimes that still looks weird.difficult to say
do corneal transplants really give back sight? please!!!?
Q: i just recently got into a car accident and the glass went into my eye and i lost my vision due to the cornea. my eye clinic doc told me i can have a corneal transplant within 3 – 6 months. what i want to know is, does it really give back sight? i am blind and can only see light and close very close in fact, moving objects like a hand. so in most cases, do people usually get there sight back after the transplant?
A: Yes, a corneal implant will restore your vision. It may not be 20/20, but it will be much better than what you have now. It will take up to eighteen months to heal and stabilize, and you would likely be fitted for hard contact lenses to help control astigmatism. You will also likely be given steroids to prevent rejection of the implant button. The best person to discuss all this with is your doctor, though. Don’t be afraid to ask, you really should discuss it all with the doctor before the operation. That way you can have answers to all your questions and know exactly what is going to happen. In your case, though, yes- your vision will be restored if the transplant goes as planned.
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