What does a seizure mean

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A taking possession of an item, property, or person legally or by force or a sudden attack, as of epilepsy or some other disease. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-a-seizure-mean ]
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A seizure is a sudden disruption of the brain’s normal electrical activity accompanied by altered consciousness and/or other neurological and behavioral manifestations.
A seizure is an abnormal electrical discharge from the brain. It may affect a small focal area of the brain, or the entire brain (generalized). The area affected by the seizure loses its regular ability of function and may react uncontrolla…
1. seizure when a person’s brain waves send extra electric signals to their nerves, causing uncontrollable spastic motions. 2. seizure when the police come and take stuff from your house.

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What does a seizure mean?
Q: Like, at school earlier today, we had a lock down. People said it was because this girl had a seizure. I pretended to act surprised because everyone else was, and they all seemed to know what it meant. I didn’t want to act stupid.Is it like when someone starts twitching and their eyes go crazy?
A: Well their whole body starts shaking and they can swallow their tongue and die.
What does my dream mean? Seizure and death?
Q: A few days ago I had 2 dreams, of nightmares, 2 nights in a row, the first one was less vivid than the one after, but I shall explain both in the most detail as I remember.The first one was set in the future I guess, my girlfriend (wife then, again I assume) and I were having marriage counseling and I said ‘we’re coping’ or something, seemed to be a bad thing as my wife got annoyed. In the dream my girlfriends parents were rich and I saw a mansion, they died days before I think and were buried, I got told to put explosives around their burial until they got gravestones (or something). My wife was very traumatized about everything, she runs in to the explosives and blows herself up deliberately, I am left there screaming and crying, I woke up wondering what was real and what wasn’t.. Even wondered if my girlfriend was in fact dead..The second one was of me having a seizure of some kind, it all started with my head feeling as if it was shaking, then I told my mother that I was feeling this way and then I got thrown back and started fitting. I was spinning around having a fit, my dad was holding me, though he looked kinda like a lion but I knew who he was, my mum was shrieking and screaming, I could hear and see everything but couldn’t do anything. My ex girlfriend was there with her friend, and my two sisters also. Then I pass out or something, no screaming, no fitting, nothing, for about 10 seconds, then everything comes back, louder screaming, spinning around so much faster this time, then on this one I woke myself up, looked at the clock on my phone and it was 4:44. What does these dreams mean? It has really thrown me and have been really upset since..I believe that all dreams mean something and that they can help us within our lives, me and my girlfriend have been having a rough time recently and I have had trust issues around her. Is the first dream supposed to mean that the trust will never there and that I should stop trying? And no, I am not going in to the military and I don’t think I am going to go through a new or strange event within the next few months.
A: Sometimes people have horrible dreams due to some physical discomfort like an upset stomach or having to urinate etc., and the dream is getting them to wake up.In the first one it seems that your girlfriend is “blowing up” your dreams of your future together and your relationship. Perhaps its telling you that she is not the one you should be with.In the second you are in some kind of crisis. You can count on your dad, even though he isn’t what he appears to be.Look for signs in your waking life that reflect back to the dream. Did you see a lion anywhere before or after the dream. Are you in the military or getting ready for some big fearful event?
What does it mean? Fainting Seizure Pain?
Q: What do you do when: You feel this really sharp pain right below (like 1 1/2 inch) the bellybutton, and then your leg hurts, so you go to take a couple steps and then all of a sudden you faint, Bash your head on a wall and start seizuring?Okay well this happened to me yesterday in the shower, and I didnt go to doctors because I have no insurance (i’m a poor college student). Today I have a headache (which i think would be normal), and there is a slight pain in the same spot. Does anyone have any ideas of what could have caused me to faint so suddenly?I plan on going to the doctors sometime in the next month, just looking for some suggestions first! Thank you
A: Go to the doctor ASAP, saving money wont save your life.
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