What does caffeine do to the human body more

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… various physical problems and health issues. Among the few include rapid weight gain, irritability, heart disease, and diabetes. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-caffeine-do-to-the-human-body-more ]
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What does caffeine do to the human body more
various physical problems and health issues. Among the few include rapid weight gain, irritability, heart disease, and diabetes.
How does caffeine affect the human body?
Caffeine affects the human body by basically giving it a jump start. Caffeine makes your heart beat faster. You feel more awake. Too much caffeine can cause you to be jittery, and eventually crash.
Is caffeine bad for the human body?
Yes. It takescalcium out of your body which you need to have strong bones! It will also make you very hyper for a short time if you have a lot, and then you will feel tired and possibly get a headache.

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I need help with my English research paper?
Q: I need help with my English research paper! I have almost 5 full pages double spaced. It’s about diet pills and persuading adults not to use them. Can anyone tell me what else I can do to make it better? Some overweight adults think that gaining a few extra pounds here and there have become acceptable over the years. They have in mind that the extra weight will just melt away when desired by popping in a few diet pills. Because of people like this, diet pills have become a multi-billion dollar industry. The weight loss industry offers many quick fix solutions that do not always deliver what they guarantee. The big problem with diet pills is that every single one of them have risks and side effects. Risks will often outweigh the benefits that the user will get from the pills.Many of us wonder how diet pills really work. Different kinds work different ways. Some diet pills increase the body’s metabolism, helping the body burn more fat. Some diet pills will suppress the appetite, preventing the individual from feeling hungry. Other diet pills contain diuretics, which prevent the excess retention of water in the body. Finally, another type can work by removing fat from the person’s body.The main ingredients in diet pills were slowly exposed one at a time starting in the 1930’s. Dinitrophenol, or DNP, was first to be reported by two young physicians at Stanford University. They took notes on this element only to find that it possessed a rather extraordinary trait, the ability to speed up the human metabolism. After this information was announced, it quickly appeared creating diet pills across the country. As time went on, fatal fevers and blindness were reported. The U.S Office of Drug Control found a link between the chemical and the deaths. Soon after, the drugs were taken off of the market in 1938. DNP is not a natural occurring element, is it man made. It was originally made for scientific purposes to help with experiments and to make wood preservatives, organic chemicals and dyes. It is now considered by the U.S government to be an environmental toxin. Since the diet pill industry could no longer use Dinitrophenol, they had to find another ingredient that could perform weight loss miracles. Amphetamines were originally synthesized in 1887, but it wasn’t until about the mid-1940’s that researchers found a medical use for them. They were originally used in over-the-counter inhalants for nasal congestion. Amphetamines were no longer used for a high, or for medication, but as an appetite suppressant. In the early 1970’s, doctors prescribed a type of amphetamine called Benzedrine for weight loss. Those who took the pills found it easy to refrain from eating and enjoyed feeling happier and more energetic. If Amphetamines are not consumed in the right proportion, they can be very dangerous.Phenylpropanolamine (PPA) is an ingredient that is used in many over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription cough and cold medications as a decongestant. It is also the main ingredient in OTC weight loss products. It is said to be safe when taken correctly. That means that it cannot be taken in any other higher doses than recommended or combined with any other medications containing PPA.Many of us have heard the motto, “It’s too good to be true.” That saying can often be referred to diet pills. Different bodies react in different ways. For some bodies, swallowing capsules everyday just isn’t enough. Once people realize that it isn’t for them, they have already wasted money. Sure, there are some supplements that are effective, but that does not always guarantee a healthy diet. All of the pills have side effects and many serious health risks. Most diet pills contain caffeine which not only speeds up your metabolism, but your heart rate. These heart problems can very easily cause an extremely fit and healthy adult to have a severe heart attack. All diet pills weaken your immune system so that your body cannot fight off any dangerous bacteria causing you to become frail, resulting in hair loss and less elasticity in the skin. Other risks that may occur is the possibility of anxiety and addiction. Linda Zimdars, a 30 year old woman just had her second, and final child. She wanted to get rid of her baby fat from being pregnant, so she tried a new diet supplement called Lipospa that might help her lose 10 pounds. Linda began taking the doses once every morning until she became her desired weight. When she quit taking the pills, she instantly gained her weight back. So she bought more pills. Even after maintaining a healthy meal and exercise plan, Linda realized the only way to keep her preferred weight was to take the supplements everyday. After 3 years of this, Lipospa was discontinued. Linda tried other brands, but none of them worked for her. Her body had become immune to Lipospa because she had taken it for so many years. She is now over 300 pounds.We live in a nation that is controlled by the media. We
A: I think it looks good, but in this sentence: Because of people like this, diet pills have become a multi-billion dollar industry.Don’t start with because. Because of people like what? See what I mean?
Need help with my essay please.?
Q: This is an argumentive essay but we were able to choose a side or explain cause and effects. Please let me know what is wrong.WalkerWriting 12229 May 2009 Pain Medications are Ruining Our LivesIf you think about how often a person goes to the doctor for pain its more than necessary. Doctors prescribe you a pain pill no matter what you may have, you go in for a cold and they give you vicodin, you have a headache and you get oxycodeine, your glands in your neck are swollen so they give you a pain shot. In fact, painkiller use has boomed by 88% in less than a decade. Every year more and more humans get addicted to pain pills. Not only does the person ruin their life (health), but they are also harming everyone around them. However not all the time is it the persons fault for becoming addicted, but it’s the doctors fault. Doctors (especially in Roseburg) are extremly lazy and really don’t care about their patients. They want you in and out as quickly as possible. So for most people if you are in pain you will get vicodin automatically. Yes vicodin is the most body friendly prescription, but it is very addictive. What consumers don’t realize is the major side affects that the doctors know. You don’t get a, “warning this drug may cause an addiction,” label on the side of the prescription nor on the paperwork that comes with it. So the average American is really clueless when they take that first dose. However, many pain pills also carry a dangerous side effect (the potential for addiction). Many people have become addicted over the years to drugs that should have been used only temporarily to treat a medical condition. Taken too long or in larger amounts than prescribed, many drugs can become a problem and a threat to your life and other around you. About 6.2 million Americans abuse painkillers, sedatives, tranquilizers, and stimulants (making prescription drugs second to marijuana). Among uses of all drugs that’s more than the number of cocaine addicts nationwide and the number appears to be growing.With each year, pain pills are getting pushed to everyone that has any kind of symptoms. When a person starts a pain pill, after taking the pill for so long, that person gets addicted (An addiction is primarily a state where the body begins to rely on a drug or an external chemical substance in order to carry out its normal functions. For instance vicodin is the most body friendly drug but very addicting.). The person loves the feeling that he/she has when they are on the pill (usually most people feel energy but there isn’t the caffeine headache/crash from drinking caffeine) that they want more. Then the person is tracking down people that have that pain medications that they need and once they find a person with their pill of choice they buy it for an outrageous amount of money (oxycotin is one of the worst pills out there and people spend up to sixty dollars just for one pill). People buying each others prescriptions are happening more and more each day. The people today are so bad about needing/wanting the pills that they will go through garbage’s just to find what they need. Most of the pills being prescribed give the user major withdrawls and the person has to get professional help to get off the medication. You get placed on a medication to get better not to get addicted then have to spend more money on classes to get over your addiction. Not only is it a waste of money, but to be seen by a doctor for your addiction can take up to six months or even longer.The United States has become a huge pill popping nation. Everyone wants a pill to relieve them of any feeling that is undesirable. The most commonly abused medications include pain relievers such as: Vicodin, Oxycontin, Percocet and Morphine; Depressants like: Valium and Xanax; As well as Stimulants including: Adderall and Ritalin. It is estimated that twenty percent of Americans age twelve and older have used prescription medications for non-medical use (the young children are becoming addicted and starting to sell pills as well). The elderly are usually more vulnerable for abuse issues because they are generally prescribed more medications than other age groups. However, prescription drug abuse is increasing most in ages 18-25 up from 5.4% in 2002 to 6.4% in 2006. Prescription medications are perceived as an expected discomfort relief tool or a luxury for those in dire need. With today’s addictive epidemic, narcotic medications need to be administered more sparingly to avoid abuse and addiction. Many do not recognize that turning to prescription medications for relief opens the door to possible abuse and addiction. Of course when you feel pain, you definitely don’t like the feeling, but pain isn’t going to kill us. Pain is a message that tells are body that we are alive. It lets us no good and bad. Pain can tell us that we need to exercise, get up and stretch, or that
A: It is a good essay with a strong point.I do NOT think that you knew all of these facts off of the top of your head. You need to use citations within your paper, as well as a citation sheet. You also need to wrap up your conclusion a little better. It doesn’t really finalize and tell that it’s done. You need to state where you found these facts. You may have to look up on the internet how to use in sheet citations as well.You’re hook could be a bit more interesting, and the thesis statement isn’t clear. You would need to restate it in your concluding paragraph as well. I don’t think you have all of your paper though.Remember to capitalize drugs and medicines.Other than that, great paper! GOOD LUCK!
Is nursing right for me?
Q: I am a 24 year old female who is notoriously lacking direction. Lately I have been seriously considering nursing as a profession. My previous career endeavors include Psychology, English, Funeral Service, and Business. What peaked my interest in nursing was the fact that it is always in demand, the pay is fairly lucrative, and is a medical career. I love watching fictional medical shows, the surgery channel, and true medical stories. The human body is fascinating! I spent the last year and a half in funeral service and what I loved about it was the body. Being wrist deep in a chest cavity is an amazing experience. It made me think I would enjoy being a surgical nurse. Being an ER nurse sounds like torture to me. So much stress! I think maybe a nurse at a doctor’s office sound great. To be honest, it sounds kind of cushy- 8-4, no weekends or holidays, not too crazy or stressful. Is it difficult to get these types of positions? Is the pay lower than other areas? Should I be an RN to do that job?To tell you a little more about myself, I am an excellent student. My grades are top notch, and I am not afraid of hard work. I am organized, detail oriented, empathetic, and very upbeat. Death doesn’t faze me- it’s simply a part of life. However, I am very sensitive to stress and a hostile work environment. Also, I really enjoy free time (aka having time to spend with my friends and family. I’m a ‘working for the weekend’ type). I am easily bored. I guess what I’m asking is, What qualities make a good nurse? I know there are SO many different types of nurses and I wonder which would best fit my personality and needs. Is this for me? I’ve started and stopped so many things that I’m now nervous to dive into anything new. I have an Associates in Business so I have many of the prerequisites for an accelerated BSN completed. Advice? I know this is kind of rambling but I’m a little hopped up on caffeine right now! : D
A: Are you a people person? Do you care for others, feel empathy, want to advocate for people to make sure they get the treatment they want? That is probably the core of the nursing practice. The rest of the things you are looking for can be found in nursing too, but if you can’t deal with difficult personalities without judgment, if you can’t connect with other people, etc., you will not make a very good nurse.Nursing can be very stressful, depending on where you work. Nursing is a profession with endless job settings and opportunities, so the good news is that if you find yourself in a job that you find to be too stressful, or a “hostile” work environment, etc., there is always something else you could move on to – perhaps a good thing for someone who might have a short attention span or a wide variety of interests to explore, but not a good thing for potential employers who want to retain employees for the long haul.The 8-4 kinds of jobs in nursing do exist, mostly in clinics, and those jobs do pay significantly less than hospital nursing does. They are also few and far between because everyone wants those “cush” M-F kinds of jobs. You might get there someday, but it’s less likely as a new grad. New grads have the best luck going into a hospital or nursing home, working rotating shifts or nights and usually every other or every third weekend rotations. For most hospital staff nurse positions, if you work 12 hour shifts you can get the every third weekend rotation. If you do 8 hour shifts you are usually expected to work every other weekend. It’s almost an industry standard, but of course different facilities have their own unique ways of doing things sometimes.You do not qualify for an accelerated BSN unless you hold a BSN in another field. An Associate’s Degree won’t help you there. You can either go for the ADN or traditional BSN. Every school will have different pre-reqs, so make sure you research programs carefully and select the one where you will have the least amount of work to do to get admitted.Part of nursing school is going through training in a variety of patient care settings, having observational experiences in ORs, etc., so you will have exposure to many things and can start evaluating your preferences then. Very few nurses know exactly where they want to work or in what specialty before they even start the nursing program. Their preferences sort of develop as they gain experience during school.Good luck.
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