What does it mean when it hurts to chew with a tooth

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Your tooth may hurt while you chew due to a cracked tooth, cavity, exposed root, or gum disease. If the pain persists, contact a dentist to check out the pain. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-it-hurts-to-chew-with-a-tooth ]
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What does it mean when it hurts to chew with a tooth
Your tooth may hurt while you chew due to a cracked tooth, cavity, exposed root, or gum disease. If the pain persists, contact a dentist to check out the pain.

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Does pain in a tooth with a root canal necessarily mean the procedure has failed?
Q: I had a root canal ten with a metal crown on my upper left premolar (molar was removed) ten years ago, and it has been fine up to this point. As of yesterday, it was sore when I put pressure on it to chew. This problem appeared suddenly. I’m wondering if maybe it’s just sore from my retainer – I had braces off last year. Perhaps this is wishful thinking. The crown looks fine, and the root is supposed to be dead, right? There are no emergency dental services in my rural area, it’s Friday evening, and I can’t get to a dentist until next week. What can I do so I can eat in the meantime? It hurts for my tooth to even touch the bottom tooth beneath it, much less chew, even on the other side. Do you think my root canal has failed? I would appreciate answers from those with specific training in dentistry or who have dealt with this experience. General know-it-alls, please direct your talents elsewhere.I meant to say “I had a root canal ten years ago…” Sorry if that’s confusing.Thanks, Dr. G. I didn’t mention that I am a notorious clencher/grinder, which complicates my retainer situation. That could be putting pressure on it. I’ll take the ibuprofen! It does lessen my anxiety a lot to know what I might be dealing with on Monday. Thanks for all you do.
A: It’s hard to say without seeing an xray, but it sounds like there may be a problem with the root canal. If it is that sore, if it persists until next week (when you can see a dentist), you definitely need to get it checked.In the meanwhile, ibuprofen is a good pain medication to take. As for the root canal or pain, there are several possibilities.Hopefully you don’t have a vertical root fracture. This is when the root fractures vertically (along the length of the tooth) and is more common in teeth that have had root canals. If this happens, the tooth will need to be extracted.As for root canals themselves, if there is a problem with the root canal, it may need to be retreated or you may need some kind of endodontic surgery.It doesn’t sound like your retainer, but you never know.On the other hand, it could also be from something like grinding your teeth, getting something stuck under your gum, trauma, or even another tooth. It is very common to have pain referred from one tooth to a completely different area. I know it sounds illogical, but it happens all the time.Yes, this is all speculation because it’s almost impossible to tell without a full examination, but if it does persis through the weekend; definitely get it checked asap.Good luck.
my tooth hurts?
Q: So I had a root canal on the last tooth on the upper left side a month ago, since then I have had the filling put on three times because it kept coming off, I’m supposed to get the cap to go on it the 23rd of this month. The last time I went to the dentist it was over 2 weeks ago and for the last 4 days the left side of my mouth hurts when I close it, I mean, the SLIGHTEST pressure hurts. And I can’t tell which tooth hurts.The wierd thing is that it didn’t hurt at all yesterday but the 3 days before it did and now today. Could this be bad? I can deal with the pain when I eat if I chew on the right side. I will go to the dentist tomorrow, maybe. But what could it be?yes it feels like there’s pressure. Should I take Niacin for now? Since I don’t know which tooth it is and can’t see if puss comes out.I took penicillin and a vicoden. I will not be going back to Western Dental because I had to go back just for a filling on the root canal so many times and they couldn’t even seem to get my x-rays taken right. thanks everyone
A: Pain in the tooth after root canal treatment is normally observed due to various reasons. It may be due to the unresolved pus beneath the root tip in the bone that may be causing the pain. Normally, after a root canal the tooth hurts for about 2-3 days. Another reason for pain is the over-extension of the root filling beyond the root into the bone. In this case the pain may resolve after a few days or require a different procedure to correct it. The worst one being incomplete treatment. If the treatment is not properly done the tooth may get reinfected and the pain starts again. May be you can take a second opinion (I said that because you mentioned about the filling coming off!) with a better dentist.As of now you can take a painkiller available over the counter.
I can chew, but not swallow because of tooth pain??
Q: I’m having trouble eating or drinking anything because of severe pain in a tooth, but it’s odd to me — the pain doesn’t come from chewing, or any direct contact with the tooth, it doesn’t hurt one bit…However, when I swallow, or go to spit while brushing my teeth or using my mouth rinse, it feels as if that tooth is being ripped right out of my jaw, I mean it seriously hurts…I’ve had dental work in the past, I’ve had all sorts of dental problems, but NEVER a pain this horrible, I’m wondering if it could even be broken, I broke it in the past and didn’t know about it…Any clue what could be causing the pain, and maybe what kind of treatment I can expect? I’ve had all sorts of dental work done, like I said, but I’ve never experienced pain like this, and especially not with this type of cause (swallowing and spitting)…
A: The pressure from the sucking on the roof of your mouth could be causing the pain eruption. Try using a straw & see if that helps any. It sounds like you have an infection rather than a tooth issue but it’s possibly both. If you develop a fever I would be on the phone with the dentist for an emergency check up because very bad things could happen & an emergency room would not be able to help as well or as quickly. Good luck & feel better.
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