What does the baby name "Alyssa" mean

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The name Alyssa comes from the name of the flower Alyssum. The flower was formerly thought to cure skin diseases. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-the-baby-name-%22alyssa%22-mean ]
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what does it mean to pick a balanced baby name?
Q: my husband and i may be pregnant (doing the 2ww game right now) but we thought that it would be fun to pick baby names out. we feel in love with the name Joshua Eric but a friend of mine said to make sure whatever we named a baby to make sure it was balanced. what does that mean exactly?? is Joshua Eric balanced? does it have to do with picking the same cultural names cause Joshua is Hebrew and Eric is Norse. I dont understand what it means but i do love the name. is that really all that matters?
A: Balance has to do with a lot of things…how it sounds, the origin of the names, the popularity of the names, etc. People on this board know a lot about balance.Yes, I think Joshua Eric is balanced =)
Does the meaning of a name affect your decision when naming your baby?
Q: My husband and I are talking about possible names for our daughter due in September. I’ve been using baby name websites for ideas and always read the origin and meaning. One of his favorite names means ‘ill-omened’ or ‘unlucky’. I like the name but am hung up on the meaning. What do you think? Is it silly to eliminate a name just because of the meaning?
A: No, the meaning of a name does not have any basis on my decision whether or not to use the name. Who gave it the meaning, anyway? And it does really mean anything-just because a name means “kind, sensitive, beautiful, loving” does not mean the person is going to have those characteristics-know what I mean?I choose names based on whether or not <I> like the name, and what meaning <I> give the name. Alice means a lot to me, for instance, because it was my grandmother’s name. I do not particularly care for the name Tim because someone with that name abused me as a child. That is all that matters.
Does anyone know of a baby name generator?
Q: My friend told me about a site where she entered her name and her boyfriend’s name and the site gave her a name that she should name her baby. Does anyone know what she was talking about?
A: theres a few, babynamegenie.com, babynamesetc.com/generate, babynamewizard.com, babyzone.com/babynames/nameinventor.asp
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