What does "the clap" in the negative sense mean

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The clap in a negative sense usually refers to the sexually transmitted disease Chlamydia. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-%22the-clap%22-in-the-negative-sense-mean ]
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What does playstation error 8001050F mean
The error 8001050F on PlayStation means that the network is down. They are working on addressing the problem. ChaCha!
What does your bag say about you?
Daphne Guinness slings the latest trends over her shoulder and finds out what your style reveals about you. A bag is a bag is a bag, right? Except the bag a woman carries says more about her than any other item. If it’s flashy with lots …
What does gop stand for?
In politics, GOP stands for Grand Old Party. It’s the name associated with the Republican Party. If you’re curious about symbols the GOP’s is an elephant. To give equal time, the Democratic Party symbol is a donkey.

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What does it mean when inputs share a common shield connection?
Q: Also what does “attenuating probes” and “load resistance” mean in a oscilloscope?
A: The “shield” is usually a “ground” or “earth” connection which is in the form of a coaxial faraday cage to prevent external spurious signals from interfering with the signal you are trying to measure. “common shield” means that the shield for more than one input is connected to the same point (same ground).”Attenuating probes” reduce the amplitude of the measured signal by some factor, typically 10 or 100. That means for example, if you were measuring a 100Vp-p signal with a 10:1 attenuating probe, the actual voltage at the oscilloscope input would be 10Vp-p (100/10).”load resistance” probably means “input impedence” which is the resistance from the input of the oscilloscope to ground, typically 1 megohm.
What does American Apparel look for in an application?
Q: For any managers at AA, or anyone else of that manner,what do you look for in an application? Because ive applied many times,and ive added things to my resume each time just to make it a little more unique. But theyve never gotten back to me. So are there any tips you can give me to make my chances better at getting this job? Because its always been a dream of mine. Thanks in advance!
A: Proper grammar always helps. They look for experience. They usually will take someone with that and good references over someone without. Try to be concise and to the point also. Stay away from saying, I did this, and I did that. Do not use the pronoun I at all. Just keep trying. Good Luck!
What types of insurance does an event planner need?
Q: I am interested in starting my own business from home as an event planner (no employees, just me). However, I am unsure about the insurance aspect of things. I will possibly be organising events for a large company and they have told me that I am required to take out Public & Products Liability insurance and Personal Accident cover before I can start working on any of their events. Will the Personal Accident insurance cover my hospital bills if I injure myself? If not, what insurance does? Could you please advise what type of insurance is required for a home-based event planner.If there are any event planners out there could you please let me know what insurance you have?? Thanks!
A: Call an insurance agent. They will know what insurance you need and how much it will cost. The insurance is to cover the people and items at the events you coordinate, not you personally.
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