What forms STD’s

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Sexually transmitted diseases are infections that can be transferred from 1 person to another through any type of sexual contact. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-forms-std%27s ]
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Do you get immunity form STD’s?
There is NO STD”s that you can get immue to. Be careful you and your sex partner go for tests to see if either of you has any diseases and then stay loyal to each other.
Is it possible to get genital herpes/STD’s or AIDS without having…?
It’s not likely that your going to get an std like HIV?AIDS or genital with out having sex. You can be born with HIV?AIDS but herpes is not passed through genetics. Herpes can also be deadly to a new born so you if you did get herpes at b…
What’s the full form for ‘STD’, ‘ISD’ & ‘PCO’?
Friend, These terms are used for telephone booth: STD : Subscriber Trunk Dialing ISD : International Subscriber Dialing PCO: Public Call Office. I hope this helps.

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What is spotting? How long does it take for STD’s to form? Getting pregnant while on the pill?
Q: I’m on the pill, and i’ve been taking it continuously so I don’t get my period. I’ve been having unprotected sex with the same guy for a couple months now. Recently I had sex with someone else (unprotected, I know im stupid) and then the other guy a couple days later and somewhere within these 5 days noticed some changes down there. I think its spotting, very light reddish-clear liquidy disharge, not normal for me whatsoever. Can it just be my period trying to break thru? Is it spotting? What does spotting mean? Can it be an std? Can you contract an std n get symptoms like this in less than a week? How long? Possibility of a pregnancy? An uknown miscarriage? Its really bothering me and I am planning on getting a doctors appt soon I just need some help now before the morning hits I cant stop thinking about it. Help?
A: well you should always use protection no mater what, most people have stds and never show any symptoms which in turn think that they dont have any! unless they go and get tested every few months. you can alwyas get pregnant on the pill. Are you taking any other medications with the pill? If so it could decrease the effectivness of the pill working to protect against a pregnancy, as for the spotting it may be your period, or it could be implantation bleeding of the egg in the uterus. How long have you been ont he pill for? some birth control pills make you spot if you miss a few, or if you are new to them its normal to spot cause your body is still adjusting to the increase of hormones. the more sexual parnters you have the better of getting an nasty disease you get! look at it this way next time when you think about having unprotected sex. Say the guy uve been sleeping with has slept with 20 women so far. and you have unprotected sex with him, its liek you with sleeping all of the women and however many partners they’ve been with. YUCK! im sure that will make you use a condom really fast =p. pills are not 100% effective against pregnancy. Do you take themon time everyday? if not then there is a decrease of effectivness int hat area too. As for the STD’s i read that usually symptoms fdont show up for a month to 3 months/ they can not show up at all too. So i would go and get tested in a few months, or possibly at the docs when you go if they can detect that early. (imnot sure) but usually sypmtoms of an std is burning during urination, and yellow/gree discharge, and smells bad too. next time be on the safe side! and use some condoms.hopefully you will be lucky this time and not be pregnant and not have a std or hiv/aids……good luck
Testing for STD’s?
Q: What if you’ve been “gittin'” with the same person for 3 years and they get tested for all forms of STD’s. If it was a girl, and you were a guy, and the results came back that she didn’t have anything, does that mean that you, if you were a male, didn’t have anything either?assuming the person only cares about not getting the girl pregnent during those 3 years……………….
A: Not always but most likely yes because three years is a long time to not have ever passed it on to her. But it is always better to be safe then sorry.
This might sound like a stupid question, but how do STD’s actually form?
Q: This is my situation…In the past I have only had unprotected sex with one person who has never had any other partners. (The last time we had intercourse was only about two-three weeks ago). Recently, I had unprotected sex with another person (very bad choice) who was also never with any other partners. Because this is the second person I had unprotected sex with, I’m afraid I will get or give an STD. I know that STD’s occur when unprotected sex happens, but is this all of the time or only if the person switches back and forth between partners? Is the mixture of two different sperm what causes the STD? Is there any way I can get tested for an STD this early? Someone please help me!!!! Thanks alot.
A: You know I had this same situation happen to me but I was only with my child’s father and he was with another girl or girl’s and he is in college. I kept asking him if he had sex with anyone else and he lied to me. You can schedule and appointment with your doctor and tell them you want an STD test done on yourself. Explain to them the situation and they can help you. Just protect yourself and be careful!Do you know for sure they were not with anyone else? BC if that is the case then women also carry bacteria in their body and it can get out of control and lead to bacterial infections.Sperm does not cause an STD it is bacteria that causes STD’s.
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