What four diseases are caused by air pollution

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There are many diseases caused by, or made worse by, air pollution including asthma, COPD,lung cancer,and coronary artery disease. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-four-diseases-are-caused-by-air-pollution ]
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What are 4 diseases that can be caused by air pollution?
Air pollution causes asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and lung and heart diseases. ChaCha!

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What immediate action that HongKong government should take to improve the air quality,do it but not saying it?
Q: I think it has been a matter of public concern on air pollution of Hong Kong that caused a lot of health problem regardless what they ignored the WHO criticized that Hong Kong government didn’t do anything to pin point the air pollution. I would like to post the real-time website prepared by A. Hedley, a well-known professor in (incumbent department head) Faculty of Medicine, university of Hong Kong. Those relevant data including the particulates of air in Hong Kong exceeded four times of the WHO’s guidelines and there were recorded with 7 million visits for the treatments of air pollution caused diseases in 2007, such as asthma, lungs and heart etc. There is another excellent Y/A answer by Afonse.R described the Hong Kong polluted air is unacceptable with many quoted facts about the worst Hong Kong environment for pursuing the green living is impossible. I think Hong Kong government must try to do something pertaining to the European Kyoto Protocol satandard. However, Hong Kong government want the public to pay for it as what the South China Morning Post published articles regarding there are 100,000 are involved the living cage life style. http://www.scmp.com/portal/site/SCMP/According to the social services department latest information there are two millions out of the total seven millions population are living under the poverty line, and 200,000 are living as described as a dog’s life. How can they live in a windowless 60 sq ft room with room temperature recorded as 37.4 degree inside. I think (many scholars and economists suggested) before the HK government start any action to solve the air pollution problem that cost a hell lot of money must take a more reasonable economic wise step first to trim the oversized civic body as well as axe the overall overpaid civil servants salaries by at least from 6% to as much as 60%. For instance, the newly appointed Hong Kong Monetary Authority chief Norman Chan is boasted that his salary is axed 32% in comparison to the former chief (still incumbent till October this year) Joseph Yam who made HK $10.3 million per year. He is still the highest pay banker in this world, and will be making HK $7.5 millions each year for five consecutive years. Alan Greenspan, the greatest banker in the US was making equivalent to HK $1.38 millions each year, Timothy Geitherin (incumbent financial chief of the US Treasury) is making less than equivalent to HK $2.5 millions per year. It is rumoured that those few appear on TV weather report officers for HK government is making more than the US president, Barack Obama because of their extra high housing allowance and civil servant benefits. It is better to do the Hong Kong civil servants cleansing and save some money before to do improve the air quality.
A: There are countries who will never sign the agreement, China is one, and the largest polluter too.They are building new coal-fired electric plants at an alarming rate, and the plants are big polluters.I doubt India will sign. India is also a major polluter. And when more countries find out what it will cost, they won’t either.It’s wrong, I know, but true.
Fire safety cigarettes are poison?
Q: I’ve been smoking 30 years. I live in Arizona where we just started getting Fire Safety Cigarettes. For three weeks I was constantly getting ill, and having never heard of fire safe cigs, had no idea why. I immediately noticed my cigs (Marlboro reds) kept going out, not in a few minutes, more like every 30 seconds, Very annoying. My dad a 50 year smoker called me one day to say his cigarettes, (Marlboro Light 100’s), kept going out, and tasted awful. So I e-mailed Phillip Morris asking “What’s going on”?. I googled, ‘Marlboros keep burning themselves out’. I was appalled at what I saw. Web sites, blogs, and forums abounded with smokers complaining about getting sick from smoking these FSC cigarettes. I couldn’t believe our government would force a product on its citizens that were making smokers across the country sick. Didn’t anyone bother too do some research on the health impact of these new ‘safer’ (not) cigarettes? I immediately went to my vendor, and after searching there inventory found and bought five cartons of regular not FSC cigarettes, (labeled above the bar code). Within two days of smoking regular Marlboro’s my illnesses subsided, and after a week I felt like my old self again. Now I will have to start buying them online from companies in North Carolina, a state that still offers regular cigarettes that don’t make me sick. After that I will buy them from Russia if I have too, or search out a black market, as I’m sure they will be popping up real soon. Fire prevention agencies claim it will save 700 to 1,000 lives per year. New York Department of State did a study in New York State, a state which has mandated FSC for four years now, and found that deaths did drop from 31 deaths to 22 deaths in 2004. Harvard School of medicine said that five compounds in the FSC cigarettes had increased in toxicity, but there was no evidence that these increases affect the already toxic nature of cigarette smoke. OH REALLY, then why am I finding smokers all over the internet complaining they’re getting sick? , I know they made me sick. Those entities that are pushing this garbage on us didn’t even have the courtesy to tell us smokers what they were doing. These ‘speed bump rings’ that are incorporated into the paper, has increased amounts of a glue produced by DuPont used to adhere carpet, and is very toxic, (Adhesive ethylene vinyl acetate). First our government unjustly targets smokers with a huge tax burden of 500% the past ten to fifteen years, now there going to poison us. Did I mention the taste? These RSC taste terrible, another factor I’m reading from smokers across the country online. The amber or (cherry) at the end of the cigarette doesn’t burn the same and allows too much air to mix with the smoke, and you can’t get enough taste. So you end up drawing on them repeatedly trying to get a good full drag. You end up with uneven burning and ambers falling all over the place. Seems to me this is going to cause ‘More Fire Hazard’. Also the constant relighting causes the paper to ignite into a real flame, and has even blown up in my face, and I only smoked a few packs of them. New York States 2004 study claims nine lives were saved. Nation wide that would be 450 lives per year, less than the number of people a ‘month’ who die from tripping and falling down. But it’s okay to make thousands of smokers’ nationwide sick. How many smokers a year will die now from the higher toxicity in the paper, only time will tell… If we allow these non smoking advocates to ‘dictate’ what we consume, were will it end? There’s still as many non smokers dying each year of lung cancer and heart disease as smokers, considering the high levels of pollution in our cities nationwide. Maybe next they’ll blame smokers for that too. James Whitehorne Phoenix Az. May 29, 2009 [email protected]
A: I’m sorry, but I ill have to agree with Harvard that there is no proven effect that it’s more harmful than the other chemicals in it. Yes it may make it taste different, but that is just one of the side effects of it.As to why there are hundereds of sick smokers complaining online, it is well proven medical fact, as well as both common knowledge and common sense, that smoking is bad for you. It can cause so many conditions I couldn’t list them all here.However, unless we have more information about what you mean by being “ill” I’m afraid we can’t really give a proper diagnosis.
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