What happens if iron level is too high

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Hemochromatosis causes the body to cause too much iron. It leads to pancreas damage, liver and heart disease. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-iron-level-is-too-high ]
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What happens if iron level is too high
Hemochromatosis causes the body to cause too much iron. It leads to pancreas damage, liver and heart disease. ChaCha!
Is my iron level too high?
u must get ur serum ferritin levels done and if they are raised u must consult ur family physician because high iron reseves may lead to….. http://internalmedicine66.blogspot.com/2009/10/diabetes-mellitus.html
What If The Iron Level In Your Body Is Too High??
This is very rare unless you are exposed to things like lead paint which means, place is contaminated. If your levels are high, may be due to where you live more than what you consume. If this is the case, you may have quite the lawsuit ove…

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high iron level?
Q: what happens if you take a blood test adn it comes back saying your iron is way too high?
A: normally once iron is taken into the body it does not get removed .. there is no mechanism in the body which could break down iron, it is stored in the blood and very tiny amounts can be released in sweat however, most of it stays in blood .. if you have high iron levels, this can be posionious .. and normally u’ll be prescribed with drugs which bind to iron and remove them through urine .. am not sure what ur doctor/pathologist told u but i would avoid iron rich foods for some time .. usually most cases are people complaining about low iron levels not so many with high levels .. here is some possible causes of high iron levels in blood:1) sediroblastic anaemia2)excessive alcohol intake3) liver problems (due to excessive alcohol)4) heridetary (genetic disorders)5) as i mentioned dietary intake (too much iron in food)speak to ur doctor see what caused the levels to rise .. it might be just due to dietary intake.
Need advice (older folks please read)?
Q: I’m a 31 yo female who happens to be really sad. In January I got together with an old flame, we hadn’t seen eachother in 2 years. We kept in touch every day over those 2 years and he couldn’t wait for me to move back home so we could try to date again. we only broke up 2 years ago because I had no choice but to move over 1k miles away with my company, otherwise I would have been out of work for a long time. Anyway, I moved back a few months ago, and we got together in January for the 1st time. It went very well. He was so excited and so was I, afterwards. He called me the next day and kept talking futuristic stuff for us this spring, how he had been thinking of me all day, etc. And then a few days later he finds out he has a very high iron level, which has been making deposits in his liver, causing eary stages of cirrhosis. Now, he wants NOTHING to do with me. He says he’s too old for me (he’s 45, I’m 31), how when I’m 55, he’ll be 70, how he is happy being alone cuz he’s used to it…and then how mad he is at me for moving away 2 years ago. I don’t get it. None of this was ever an issue before. I kept thinking “this too shall pass” but it’s been several weeks now and he still says the same thing…”I’m messed up in the head, I need time to heal” I even asked him to go to Hawaii with me (this summer) and he isn’t returning my call. I don’t get the whole “I’m messed up in the head” thing either. He is a brilliant man. I backed off and didn’t call him for a week and when I finally did, I told him how much I missed talking to him and how I want to see him again, he said he has missed talking to me too. What do I do? I basically moved back to be with him. I have a nice job here, but I can always go back to my old company in that town 1k miles away, and quite frankly, I liked that town better. I liked it better because I had my friends/coworkers to be with, but here, I don’t have anyone except him. I love him a lot and want nothing more than to be with him, and I hate to move away again, but if it isn’t going to work, I can’t stay here. I have to make up my mind by May if I want my old job back.
A: Darlin’…This man is dealing with..what amounts to…in his opinion…a death sentence…and, he is giving you every single opportunity to “opt out” at this point… because, it seems to me, he doesn’t want to have you dealing with this “trauma” as well… a sign in itself that he cares a great deal for you….Here’s the deal… YOU are going to have to come to grips with… whether or not YOU are willing and able to deal with it all as well…. and, if you are thinking that the “love” that you have for this man is strong enough to deal with whatever may come because of it all… then, I would stand my ground if I were you … and inform him that it is not going to deter your caring and willingness to “work through it” with him at all….Show some “understanding” here as well… of the absolute trauma that he must be experiencing at this point….knowing that he has a condition that damn well may kill him…. long before a great bit of his hopes and dreams are realized…..The Best to you both… in whatever roads you take…Give love a chance to work its miracles…. it could be that it will give you both some genuine joys to comfort and enhance you … in spite of the hardships or problems that life is throwing your way !!☼ ////
Am I iron deficient or what?
Q: This is kind of a silly question. I think I may be iron deficient because- I regularly try to donate blood because I have a rare blood type, but constantly get rejected due to the “finger” test (they check for your iron levels). Mine are often not high enough despite the fact that I take a daily vitamin that supposedly has 100% iron content and eat a full healthy meal. The nurses have asked if I have been dieting (I have not been).- I’m Asian so my hair should be black/dark brown. My whole life people would ask me if I’d dyed my hair because there would be streaks of light brown. I never thought much of this until one day on a health site I randomly stumbled upon a woman asking a question about her iron deficiency, she said her hair turned lighter.- This same woman said her hair has begun falling out. Mine is doing the same. 🙁 It sometimes comes out in handfuls when I shower.- I’m cold a lot, but I never considered that to be out of the norm. And I suppose I get tired easily, but I wouldn’t say considerably so…- I bite my nails. Supposedly that’s a symptom too, and my nails and hair are pretty brittle.- I have been “seeing stars” my whole life. Sometimes multiple times a day. I didn’t know this was out of the norm until I saw someone write how this happened to them twice in a month and they were freaking out. I didn’t know it was such a big deal.Lol okay after writing this list I’ve decided I should probably see a doctor. =) So I will do that, but maybe you guys can tell me if it might be some other health problem I should look into, or if I am spot-on, etc.For the record, I eat pretty healthy, and I work out, and I am a healthy weight yadayadayada….
A: I would get yourself to the doctor!
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