What happens If you have No immune system

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If someone doesn’t have an immune system, then they can’t be protected against diseases like pathogens and tumor cells. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-you-have-no-immune-system ]
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What if there was no immune system:
We would probably will die in a matter of minutes. Think about this when someone dies, their immune system stops functioning immediately and the dead body comes under the attack of bacteria, parasites instantly, if the body is left in open …
Is it possible to no have an immune system?
If she had no immune system she would be dead. Just think of how many germs we come into contact with every minute of everyday. Even your own bed is teaming with germs. (not that you are nasty, that is just the way it is) Without an immune …
What is the Life expectancy with babies born with no immune syste…?
it would die very soon right after birth because the immune system supports the heart and if there is no immune system, there is no support

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Is this signs of a good immune system?
Q: I have never had a day off school throughout my whole secondary school life and haven’t had a sickness bug since i was about 9 or 10. I am a 15 year old girl, slightly overweight, very active, do lots of sports and eat fairly well but splash out every now and again.Whenever i get a cold/bug i have one day when i feel run down, no energy, headache and then the next day i wake up completly fine and are only left with a few minor symptoms if any.The reason that this has recently come to my attention is because recently my dad bought home a cold and he had it so bad that he had the whole week off last week just sitting at home having lemsips, and he is still not better now, he just about managed to get up and go to work this morning. He is 42 by the way.Anyway, he gave it to me and the whole of wednesday last week i felt really ill like he did, i had no energy, was tired and had a bad headache. And then i woke up thursday morning as right as rain, completly fine… As usual for me (this is what always happens).Now i have been left with just a blocked up nose, thats it. And my dad is still suffering with a really chesty cough and headaches.I was like Wooooo hoooooo (because this always happens now and its really cool!).Also, my brother caught it (he is 12) and he had the day off school friday just lying in bed with dizziness, headaches and no energy and he stayed like that until he woke up sunday morning and now he just has a really tickly cough.My dad said to me “damn you and your good immune system” for a joke as i always get the same thing.Is this a good sign?I think it’s great personally.Anyone else have this?
A: Yeah maybe you have a really good immune system, or you could have a very rare blood type. Everyone is different, some get over quickly and some get over slowly. Certain things can boost your immune system, like being happy and not being as stressed and its also from the environments you live in too. I know drinking two to three glasses of orange juice a day stops you from getting colds.And add royal jelly to your dietI never ever get colds, the last one I had was when I was 7 and now I’m nearly 19. I’ve not had a bug for years either. And when I had the Flu I only had it for three days, well I was feeling really ill on the first and then the following two days I felt completely better and just had a sore throat.The only thing I suffer from is Hay-fever, I’m like allergic to everything, certain stuff just makes me sneeze or make my nose stuffy and other things just give me hives.
Does a low immune system affect getting a pet?
Q: I’m back home from graduating college and still feel like a guest at my own home. After spotlessly cleaning my room, I noticed I had a rather large area available to buy a pet so I can feel more at home.I was currently looking into buying a rat (seriously, look into it, I’m surprised how clean and smart they are!). I even went to the pet store with questions and held one for a bit. I should have bought it on the spot, but instead I decided to get permission from good ‘ol mom and dad despite the fact that my pet will stay in my own room all of the time.My mom decides no, a pet rat will smell up the entire house and she has asthma. I go back to the pet store to ask if that’s a problem. The one woman looked at me in disbelief and said “I have severe, almost uncontrollable asthma and I own 9 rats!”It seems I cannot win, now my mom is claiming that since she had chemotherapy a year ago for breast cancer her immune system is still low and she has to worry about diseases they might carry or if it bites her (although I doubt biting will happen since I will be keeping it in a cage and in my own room). I feel a domesticated rat is different then what you think about a normal rat and most diseases from pets cannot be transferred to people.Any thoughts? I fear I may be petless until I move out in a few years and I don’t prefer to wait that long. I cannot even get her to budge on me keeping a beta fish in my room! What else can I say to persuade my mother? We used to have a bird, then a cat, then a dog up until about 5 years ago…why is getting my own pet for my own room a problem?
A: Rats are clean and smart, and no they are not going to carry any diseases your mom can get if it comes from a pet store, even if it does bite her. Rats have a stigma because yeah, wild rats can carry disease, usually by the fleas they carry. ie. plague This is not a problem with domestic rats bred to be pets. The smell depends on how well and how often you clean the cage. They don’t smell at all if you keep the cage clean and use a good bedding. I used to have two rats and they were cool little pets. I would get a pair of females so they can have each other’s company unless you don’t mind the appearance of the males’ large, dragging male parts. lol 🙂
Important Question. Military. Vaccine. Anthrax. Exemption.?
Q: Here is the deal. When I joined the Air Force, I was not aware that I would have to be vaccinated against Anthrax. If I was told I would not have even joined. Besides the fact that anthrax has never been used as a weapon large scale, —they still make it mandatory. REQUIRED!! Anthrax is not contagious. This vaccine is dangerous. If I refuse it I will not be contagious to other troops.I am planning to refuse this vaccine. Alot of military members do but they wait to after the order is given to go get the shot. And if they refuse they face Court Martial for refusing a direct order. I am going to talk to the JAG lawyer and see what my options are. If I tell them that before the order to get vaccinated comes that I am against this vaccine than, if they order me anyway, they will in a way be making me break their own law. If I have to I will write my Congressman. I will fight this.Please offer your opinion on this. Any help advice anything… its appreciated.I love my country. I love my fellow troops. I just can’t take any more vaccines. It’s unnatural and disgusting. Plus vaccines have animal tissues and proteins in them. Aborted human stem cells, chemicals. You may think I am weird for questioning what you so long have been TAUGHT to be true, but of course I don’t expect you to find out on your own. Just let them put stuff in you with syringes and tell you its good for you. Tell your kids its good for them. Lie to them because you don’t no **** about the contents of the syringe. Whatever happened to our own immune system. Healthy eating and exercise anyone?? Stay fit to stay healthy is the other option. The government always has your back. They always have your best interest in mind. ( Sarcasm Intended)TO THOSE WHO SAID JUST MAN UP. FUCK YOU. YEAH JUST MAN UP AND PUT SHIT IN YOURSELF THAT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE. THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT OWN ME BITCH. I HAVE THE CONSTITUTION
A: Hello,Congrats on joining the Air Force!First, if you are really taking advice from Army personnel, please understand that it is in their nature to obey commands without thinking (guess whose job it is to run TOWARD enemy fire, yup, the Army) Also, thanks to the Medical Personnel who put out that info on exemptions! If your best defense is “MAN UP” you should really just keep quiet. Everyone has the right to make an informed decision. If he decides that he does not want to take the injections, he has to deal with the consequences. However, telling him to blindly obey every order someone puts in from of him violates the very fabric of a NCO’s duty to his subordinate. NCO’s are charged with deciding if a order is lawful or not. (or maybe the Army does not have this idea… which would be why the Army has so many LOAC violations… ahem alleged)Anthrax has not been used in a wartime scenario since WWI… because it’s a pain in the butt to effectively use. The most recent case was in New York, and it effected FOUR people… oooo big scary weapon. The Columbine kids with pipe bombs killed more people than Anthrax in the last decade. So, as far as your squad mates being infected by having to care for you if an attack ever occurs, that is a load of crap. It is not contagious. Now, what you really want to know… Anthrax vaccine hurts and swells up. Very few people have actually died from this vaccine, most just get a sore arm or some minor reaction. I have had 8 shots now and haven’t died… as far as I know… I do feel achy and run down for a few days afterwards.As of right now, Congress has flopped back to the “yes, it is mandatory” stance. Yes, it is considered disobeying a lawful order if you have no pre-existing condition that would preclude you from receiving the vaccine. As for the Army person who regurgitated the DoD talking points on the Anthrax vaccine, do a little research before you open your trap… A summary of problems are located here: http://www.military-biodefensevaccines.org/problems.htmFirst, the Anthrax vaccine is still “investigational” This means that there have never been fully and correctly undergone human trials, according to the federal courts… this is why it was stopped in 2005. The vaccine’s efficacy is unproven (efficacy must be proven for the order to be legal) (Army definition: efficacy = how well it works) (See the The Brachman Study for more information on this)Also, a Congressional report by the House Committee on Government Reform found that the “the current anthrax vaccine for force protection against biological warfare should be considered experimental.”(WE ARE BEING EXPERIMENTED ON!) (and no, they didn’t put salt peter in the water at basic :o) )The anthrax vaccine is not proven to be safe (safety must be proven as well): * Congressional General Accounting Office (GAO) Findings on the Safety and Efficacy of the Anthrax Vaccine. NSIAD-00-54R — Abstract — “The long-term safety of the vaccine has not been studied” * An Institute of Medicine Letter Report on the anthrax vaccine admits: “There is a paucity of published peer-reviewed literature on the safety of the anthrax vaccine.” v Another GAO Report, Anthrax Vaccine: GAO’s Survey of Guard and Reserve Pilot * Another GAO Report, Anthrax Vaccine: GAO’s Survey of Guard and Reserve Pilots and Aircrew (GAO-02-445 — Abstract) confirmed that “systemic reaction rate reported through the survey represents a level more than a hundred times higher than the 0.2 percent published in the product insert.”The anthrax vaccine was illegally altered (all doses used from illegally altered stock): * GAO — Anthrax Vaccine: Changes to the Manufacturing Process. GAO-02-181T — Abstract — “Michigan did not notify FDA of several changes to the manufacturing process in the early 1990s, and no specific studies were done to confirm that vaccine quality was not affected.”# The anthrax vaccine is a possible cause of Gulf War Illness as a matter of public law [Public Law 105-277, title XVI, sec. 1603(d)]: * Comments on the Institute of Medicine’s 2002 report on the safety of anthrax vaccine: “Institute of Medicine ignored evidence of several recent research studies from three different nations that have implicated vaccines, often including anthrax vaccine, in the epidemiology of Gulf War illnesses.” * K-STATE RESEARCHERS FIND ‘SIGNIFICANT’ ASSOCIATION BETWEEN ANTHRAX VACCINATION, MEDICATION AND HEALTH PROBLEMS OF GULF WAR VETERANS — Kansas State University.A little history lesson. # “AVA is an investigational drug and a drug being used for an unapproved purpose. As a result of this status, the DoD is in violation of 10 USC 1107, Executive Order 13139, and DoD Directive 6200.2.”# 2003-04: Court rulings confirm illegality of mandatory anthrax inoculations: In December 2003 and October 2004 the F
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