What happens when a dogs eyes are red More

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It may also occur with inflammation of the structures inside the eye, with glaucoma or certain diseases of the orbit (eye socket). [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-when-a-dogs-eyes-are-red-more ]
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What happens when a dogs eyes are red More
It may also occur with inflammation of the structures inside the eye, with glaucoma or certain diseases of the orbit (eye socket).

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This man was kicking and hting and swearing at his dogs a few blocks away! what shall i do,call?red ringon eye?
Q: OMGI was coming from school then this bum (literally – his clothes were horrible and ragged – looois like he excaped from some mental hospital)he tyed his dogs to the gate of his house and kicked them and swore at them saying:”WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU DOING!! WHY THE F*** ARE YOU SMELLING THE GRASS MAN, GET HERE MAN, (THEN KICKS THEM BOTH), GET HERE MAN!!” I mean wth they dont even understand english language they only understand what a human is meaningfor gods sake hje acts like they are childrenif thats what he does publicly i have no idea what he does to them inside closed doorsplz help me i dont know him but he looks mentaly illomg please first time i saw him do thatfirst time i sawe himalso i kniw where he lives and when my mums car stopped he saw us because the engine closed (OMG WRONJG TIME!!) and then he saw us and then was quite…plz i feel extremly sad for themtheior eyes were red and everything!! ANY NUKMBERS TO CALL RESCUE NCENTRES??? what shall i doimaybe tomorow thyey will be huirt even more lose a leg ear i have no idea what this freak is going to do!!! plkllzzzzzthanks xxxxx ont he dogs behal;f!Sorry for the spelling but i don’t want anything to happen (anything else) to these poor defenseless dogs…they look like the dog of babe pig in the city who has kids with the poodle then the poodle runs away woith another dog and is left woith the kidsxxx
A: Call your local non emergency number This monster needs to be reported. No one should get away with abusing animals.
Am I the only one who think the Red Sox are screwed?
Q: I think they completely messed up dealing with the Manny Situation. You can say Manny was a distraction, he probably was a huge one, but it’s not like this hasn’t happened every other year near the trade deadline. Manny has asked for trades and pulled himself out of the line-up on many other occasions, and no one has got up in arms about it. When you examine the deal, the Red Sox lost out as well. Jason Bay for Manny alone isn’t that great a deal, Manny has similar stats, except he’s batting about 18 points higher. Manny knows what it is like to play in pressure situations, and he has played his entire career in the American League. Jason Bay, on the other hand, has played his entire career in the NL, virtually all of it with Pittsburgh. He isn’t used to playing in front of more than a few thousand people. Now, he has the eyes of the ENTIRE red sox fan base on him. People expect him to succeed right away, and if he doesn’t, he will be thrown to the dogs. I am a redsox fan, live in Boston, and know what it is like for players who aren’t hitting. Edgar Renterria was literally drove out of Boston by the fans. Todd Walker, Mark Bellhorn, and even Coco Crisp and J.D. Drew have been subjects of ridicule in Boston Media, along with many other players.Then you throw in the two players they gave up, Brandon Moss and Craig Hanson, in the deal. Both are young, talented ball players with some potential. Moss was a great player off the bench, and would do anything you asked him to. Hansen has been somewhat of a dissapointment, but still had market value on his own. He could have been dealt by himself in another deal.My point is, even with the huge distraction Manny caused, I still don’t think the deal was for the better. You gave up three talented ball players for one who has played his entire career in the NL and in one of the lowest pressure situations in baseball. More than one talented baseball player has failed in Boston. I think Manny and the sox would have gotten past there spat, eventually.There are a few things I need to adress. Yes, Manny is not as good of a hitter as he was. I still think he is a better hitter than Bay, his numbers are identical in HR’s and RBI’s, but Manny can hit better with RISP. He can also play the monster better than anyone else to play the game of baseball. Manny knows what its like to play in Boston, Bay doesn’t.Yes, I didn’t mention anything about the Sox having to pay Mannys salary. I, personally, don’t see the problem here. The Red Sox are paying it, not me. The owners aren’t going to be out anything and it won’t effect them going after other players with large contracts. The Red Sox are one of the highest grossing sports franchises, and paying mannys salary this year is change to them. I don’t see why Red Sox fans get all mad about money, the Sox are willing to spend it, it doesn’t effect you, so whats the problem!?I think the red sox are screwed because they have no bullpen except for Pap, and they aren’t getting any runs.Plus, now no sane pitcher will pitch to Papi, they have no reason.
A: I not only think the Red Sox got screwed, but so did the Dodgers. They gave up a player so that they could get one for two months and then try and convince him to play for $20m? The Pirates are the ones that made out in this deal. The Sox came in 2nd simply because they’ll have Bay next season at a fraction of Manny Money and the Dodgers come in dead last (but not by much) as they will have nothing to show for it after September ends.
Waking up to hallucinations?
Q: I’m not sure if I can call them hallucinations, its been happening lately, its really odd. I’ll wake up, and everything will feel kind of disorientated, it happens pretty quickly after opening my eyes.The first time it was this really scary dogs face that popped up. It kind of reminds me of an Anubis dog head kind of thing, it had the pointy ears, they eyes were red. It wasn’t solidly there though…it was like an odd sketch or drawing or something of some sort, its very dark. It only lasts in my sight for a fraction of a second then disappears. Upon seeing them I usually get scared and scream, then lay my head back down and catch my breath, relieved that its over.Another night I awoke groggily to see what seemed to be a few cats running by. Not on any surface or anything, just run across my line of vision, which happened to be me staring at my TV in my room, there wasn’t really anything for them to be running on but…idk they just sort of ran by…also scared the living hell out of me.Sometimes I start to panic when I wake up now, in fear of it happening again. So I look around and hopefully nothing will be there, or the movement will prevent them from appearing and wake me up a little more.One time while looking around I swore I saw a cat sitting on my floor and then another time two men in my room, but they were made crudely and not as detailed as the others, it wasn’t as startling.I looked up a few things like this and found hypnopompic hallucination, I’m not sure if this is what I’m going through though. Seeing as I’m skeptical of what it could possibly be, and I’m not sure if I can solidly label it as that.I’m not sure what to make of it, and if anyone has any ideas I’d be happy to hear them. I’ll continue to update on new occurrences if possible. Thanks for reading. = )<3Joe
A: Its most likely caused by a “lucid dream”. That is to say that you’ve woken up, but your brain lags behind, so you’re still dreaming. I’ve had it happen before and I thought I was going crazy for a while.I hope this helps =)
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