What happens when you have a high cholesterol

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High cholesterol causes narrowing and hardening of the arteries. Common effects of high cholesterol include angina (sever, constricting pain), coronary heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-when-you-have-a-high-cholesterol ]
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What Happens When Cholesterol Is Too High?
The organ system most affected by high cholesterol is the circulatory system, or your blood vessels. When there is too much cholesterol in the blood, deposits can start to form inside the arteries. This is a serious problem, because over ti…
Is it danger if cholesterol level is high ? what can be happen??
cholesterol is the name for when the saturated fats in you blood stream start to block you arteries. the higher the cholesterol level you have means the more fats clogging up your arteries. this can lead to a heart attack very very easily. …
What Happens If High Cholesterol Isn’t Controlled??
The higher your LDL and triglyceride levels, the higher your risk of heart attack, stroke, and worsened PAD. Even if your LDL is normal, a low HDL puts you at risk of all types of vascular disease.

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What happens when you have high protien in your system?
Q: im a hypothyroidism person with high cholesterol its under control with meds. I just got my results and the main concern is that im anemic and i have high protien that is being tested further what is the outcome of this does any one know?
A: The protein re-builds your muscles after working out and strengthens your immune system. I don’t think its a bad thing to have excess protein.
When you can foods high in cholesterol, does the cholesterol become oxidized?
Q: Hello,I’ve heard that cooking egg yolks through boiling, scrambling & other forms of cooking causes them to oxidize, causing inflammation and artherschelorisis. What exactly happens when you can foods, when they have an already high content of cholesterol before canning? Is there something people should worry about when consuming canned products that are high in cholesterol?Thanks very much,Av
A: What has your weight to do with this question? Except that obsessively worrying about foods might be an excuse not to eat them.The question is about food composition.It is about food values.Cholesterol is a molecule with a double bond in its structure and is therefore susceptible to oxidation leading to the formation of oxysterols.The main source of oxysterols in meats (from bovine, poultry and porcine origin) is heat processing, mainly over-heating. Fresh meat and fresh meat products contain 0 or trace amounts of cholesterol oxides. Oxysterols contained in cooked meat range from 180-1900 ug/g In light of the potentially dangerous effects of oxysterols for human health, efforts to prevent or to reduce oxysterol consumption are now currently begin made. As processed foods of animal origin are the main dietary sources of oxysterols, prevention of its formation during manufacture, processing, storage, or culinary preparation, is of importance. Are you likely to be eating canned meat or soups? They probably contain bad cholesterol. There is plenty of advice online.Check labels for the presence of saturated fat, add up the amount of trans fat and saturated fat in the food. The lower, the better, since both of these fats can raise the risk for heart disease. Look for the words “trans fat free” or “non-hydrogenated” on food products. This means that the food has virtually no trans fat.Avoid buying foods that contain “partially hydrogenated vegetable oils” – this term is a clue that there are trans fats in the food.As for eggs, egg powder is, I think, the worst culprit. Research shows that humans do not increase blood cholesterol levels by eating cholesterol. Rather, we increase cholesterol by eating refined processed flour, sugars and fats. Based on these findings, we should eat eggs to help reduce cholesterol because of the lecithin content and avoid the processed and dead foods that are the real cause of cholesterol.High quality eggs are rich in vitamins A and D, as well as choline for mental acuity in adults. Like the B vitamins, choline is a coenzyme needed for metabolism. Choline exists in all living cells, but is probably best known as a major part of lecithin–the emulsifier that keeps fats and cholesterol from clumping together in the bloodSo enjoy your eggs and read those labels. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, they contain antioxidants.
How to write a conclusion paragraph?
Q: Increasing deaths due to Cardiovascular Diseases in AmericaWe live in this changing world of 21s and number of deaths has been touched the sky. Have you ever counted how many ambulances you see every week? A person in the ambulance is hanging between life and death and we just say, “It’s just an ambulance going in hurry with loud and awaking sirens and big flashing lights with causing traffic on the road”. How many of them might be dying because of a disease, a heart disease? Every person in America knows at least one person in his life who has Cardiovascular Disease. You may know how it feels when your friend or relative is in that big ambulance and wanting treatment as fast as possible in hospital. When those circumstances arrive than we cannot see anything except the friend who is in dying position and needs good treatment in hospital. Sadly, millions of people in America face a death of their family members somehow, because of the heart disease. The Cardiovascular Disease is increasing in this world causing huge amounts of deaths and it can be reduced by controlling on overweight or obesity, smoking, physical inactivity, diabetes, higher blood pressure and cholesterol levels, gender, heredity, and age. One and may be the first of the major reasons that causes those diseases is smoking. Everyone wants to breathe in clean air but do they even know how much they smoke. Is there any day in your life in which you haven’t seen anybody smoking? Whenever people go somewhere, they are in hurry or just chilling, but, about half of them are smoking and driving at the same time. An estimated 26.2 million men and 20.9 women are smokers and age of 18 and older than 18 in the United States by 2005. And this number mainly leads to having heart disease in those people and turns into deaths. Today, people buy cigarette box first even though they don’t even have enough money to have one healthy meal during lunch. And this finally makes them addicted and causes heart disease. What if they think that if they use one less cigarette every day, than they use right now? What if the government would pass the law against smoking? To make that happen we might can write letter to the government about it. What if smokers would join the health club to reduce their smoking? Would these make difference? Yes, it would defiantly bring change. Another reason for people to have heart disease is obesity or overweight. Everyone wants to be slim and thin to look good, but every 10 out of 25 people in America are overweight. You can see millions of fat and over weighted people in the world around you. Lots of them are suffering lots diseases like high blood pressure level, high cholesterol level, diabetes and so on. About 280,000 adults die in United States and you might know few of them. It also increases risk of coronary artery disease. Physical inactivity, over eating, carelessness might be able to cause the obesity, but only one of these factors cannot cause obesity. Today, people eat because they feel like it, they were bored, it’s a time to eat and their friends are eating and so many other excuses. Have you ever focused on what you are eating and asked a question to yourself that weather you are really hungry or not. Have you ever noticed how much physical activity do you do over the day? Is walking, driving and other housework really good workout for your 190 lbs of body? What if we care, start training and think about our body with having healthy balanced meal every day? Most importantly, heredity and gender also cause people to have Cardiovascular Diseases. Men have very higher risks to have heart disease than women, but after women reach the age of 65 they have about same risks as men do. You have gotten lots of traits from your parents. Due to that, there are more chances to get a heart disease from your parents if your parents have heart disease than someone who doesn’t have anybody with heart disease in his family history. Older age also leads having heart disease. About 4 of every 5 deaths are caused by heart disease in people older than 65. We cannot have any control over heredity, gender or an age, but we can have control over risk factors that increase the chances to get more likely heart disease. Stress, alcohol, birth control pills and sex hormones increases the chances to get heart disease more likely. The way you live, emotional stress, behavior habits, socioeconomic status and other family problems might be able to have stress and stress is not good for the health. Why would people drink alcohol and is there any real acceptable reason for it? Lots of people start drinking at their teenage lives. But, you can avoid it by joining health club or controlling on yourselves. ******NOW****** I don’t understand how to complete the fifth paragraph… pls help me out…Thank You!!! 🙂
A: Restate the thesis, give a short summary of all the paragraphs, and leave a final statement that makes people think about what they read.
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