What health problems do pitbull dogs have

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Pit bulls are a generally healthy breed; some are prone to hip dysplasia, hereditary cataracts, allergies grass &heart disease. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-health-problems-do-pitbull-dogs-have ]
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What health problems do pitbull dogs have
Pit bulls are a generally healthy breed; some are prone to hip dysplasia, hereditary cataracts, allergies grass &heart disease.

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Please read this.. another low life selling a pitbull?
Q: No, I am not buying a pitbull. I read in my local paper today and came across the classified to find that 2 seperate people were have a ” christmas special” on pitbull puppies. One was selling them for $50 the other ad was for $150. I called the one for $50 and asked them about the pups just because the ad made me angry. The lady says they are 100% pure bred pitbulls. I asked, are they APBT’s? She said no, it’s a pitbull but I don’t have any papers. I then asked, well are they the Am. staff terriers or the staffordshire bull terriers?? She said they are none on those, they are 100% pitbulls. She went on to say they will be huge and stocky and ripped and they have the best bloodlines out there. Wow! Because I hardly ever come across a pup this great for 50 bucks. Who on earth would take this lady serious?? Does this upset anyone else?? No wonder these breeds have bad names. Uneducated low lifes are breeding these dogs not even caring if these dogs turn out aggressive because I am sure the parents weren’t bred for temperment and these pups certainly weren’t either. Plus I am sure they will have other health problems. They are 11 weeks old and full of worms because of the snowstorm she hasn’t been able to take them to the vet for deworming or first shots. Hey! What a bargain… I’m sure people are lined at her door for theseIf they were going to be so big and have ripped muscles and excellent bloodlines then why is she selling them for 50 bucks and no papers to prove the pedigree??I wouldn’t buy these pups. I love animals and would do anything to save one but what do I do, buy a litter of puppies that I can’t care for?? Now I’m the one who’s an irresponsible dog owner. I have a dog and 2 small children and do not need a litter of puppies. I will however call animal control so they can check the condition of the pups. This doesn’t make me an animal hater just a smart person that knows I can’t afford 7 puppies that need some vet care asap.
A: “Please just buy them! They are too big and too hyper for me to handle anymore.” “I will tell you ANYTHING to get them out of here!”………….In BYB-speak. I wasn’t saying for you to buy them. I was quoting what her “best bloodlines, ripped muscles” speech was code language for with BYB’s.Don’t buy them. Reporting is the right thing to do. I would imagine that if you bought them then you would just be freeing her up to breed another litter…so that really wouldn’t be solving a problem at all.
Whats the right dog for ME?
Q: I’ve compressed my other question, also because I didn’t get the answers I needed. Refer to —-http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20091003061803AAaZ0Td&r=w for extensive details i wrote in the other thread. Here’s a summary. I know what I want in a dog, I just need help from people that know dogs, to tell me what dog best describes what details I want that dog breed to have. Details are as follows from MOST important to LEAST. (all are still important to me)- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Can live in an apartment (two bedroom, 750-1100 square feet – will get lots of walks and playtime)- Loyal to the death/Will never turn on me (I will never abuse, mistreat, or neglect the dog, so don’t consider these circumstances)- Will be absolutely devoted to me above anyone else.I want a dog that will get along with my friends, but be MY dog.- Will be my solo companion, and be happy with just being around me for periods of time.( When you think of mans best friend, in movies, the dog that stays by the mans side and is like a best friend, almost human like )- Strong and Masculine looking – A mans dog (that doesn’t look frightening or dangerous like a rot or a razors edge pitbull, can look loving and gentle, but fierce when protecting me)- Can/Will protect me from attackers if walking at night.(I want a dog I can walk with at night, knowing the dog will fight the attacker if I’m attacked)- Unique looking/all dogs look different from each other.(some breeds all of them look too similar, some breeds all dogs are distinct and unique from one another – the latter being what I want.)- Low Maintenance / Uncommon/Low health issues / Doesn’t cover the apartment in hair( a dog that I can live with, without having to be taking him to the groomer every single day, I’m also trying to avoid breeds that are prone to health problems like joints going bad, I want a dog that will be healthy till the day he dies, assuming normal dog problems, and any injuries.)- Not very difficult to train( I am NOT a professional dog trainer, and do not want to have to be to train my dog)(dogs I’ve seen that interest me – Rhodasian Ridgeback.. Pit bull.. German Pincher… Lab… )!!!!!!!!!!!Please give suggestions of breed, putting your favorite choice, and other close choices you would also recommend !!!!!!!!!!I WILL write back frequently, commenting on answers and clarifying any questions.Compressed list – Most important to least- Can live in an apartment – Loyal to the death/Will never turn on me – Will be absolutely devoted to me above anyone else.- Will be my solo companion, and be happy with just being around me for periods of time.- Strong and Masculine looking- Can/Will protect me from attackers if walking at night.- Unique looking/all dogs look different from each other.- Low Maintenance / Uncommon/Low health issues / Doesn’t cover the apartment in hair- Not very difficult to trainRESPONSE:The classic Pit Bull Terrier. Attached are two images of dogs that look how I would want them to – one is a pit bull, the other a rhodasian ridgebackhttp://www.breederretriever.com/photopost/data/555/medium/rhody.jpghttp://cdn-www.dailypuppy.com/media/dogs/anonymous/2055/2008040915659_vacation4_002.jpg_w450.jpghttp://apbt.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/med_blue_pit_bull.jpg
A: You’ve got a tall order to fill there–sounds like several breeds of gun dog would be right–except for the apartment thing–they need room.People do have them in apartments but they spend alot of time outside walking their dogs. Go to Animal Planets website and take their dog breed selector–it’ll help—sound like a Whippet or Italian Greyhound maybe your best bet although they aren’t very masculine looking
American pitbull terrier vs Golden Retriever?
Q: After spending 2 years learning about dog psychology, becoming the pack leader, health issues, the money needed on a dog, the different characteristics of breeds and what different breeds were meant to do, I think we are ready for a dog. I narrowed the decision down to a golden retriever or a pitbull terrier. This will be our first dog. Youngest child in our family is 8 years old. People think pitbulls are not good for novice owners, however, I do not think I am a novice owner. Novice owners are people who do not understand that all dogs live in a pack, and other things they still carry from their ancestors, the wolves. Anyways, this dog is going to be 100% our family dog. The puppy will be socialized from day 1 around kids, strangers and other dogs. In the summer, we want to go to the beach. No more training after basic obedience is over. There is a nearby school park close to my home where we will take the dog everyday after walks to play with. We would like it if the kids could also play with the dog. We don’t want too much shedding, however, moderate shedding is ok. We would like it if the dog were to have a few medical problems. What do you guys think? Can american pitbull terriers be safe and reliable around kids? Even though I know the answer is yes, because pitbulls were bred to be people friendly, I just need someone to reinforce this since there is a lot of media saying pitbulls are bad. Also, can pitbulls co-exist with other dogs at the park and at the beach like a golden retriever can? Thank You.
A: I adore pitbulls. I’ve met some incredibly gentle ones too. The media’s portrayal of them is completely unfair. A dog’s behavior and personality has a LOT to do with its owners and it sounds like you’re definitely ready to put the time in to make him a good family pet. In terms of shedding, in my experience, retrievers tend to shed a little more. In terms of bringing him/her to a dog park, it all depends on you. It’s all about socializing him/her at a young age to be good with kids and other dogs. I’m really hoping you’ll consider getting your dog through a shelter or rescue. These dogs will have been thoroughly assessed by either the shelter workers or the foster parents. The rescue or shelter can help you find the perfect dog for you. You can look online for shelters/rescues around your area. They do often have puppies, if you’re set on a puppy (understandable) but you could also consider adopting a full grown dog. They will be able to tell you how it is with other dogs/children (rescues are especially good for this). Just give it a thought 🙂 www.petfinder.com is wonderful. There are so many homeless dogs just waiting for a family to love. Good luck! :)ps. it sounds like you’re going to be a wonderful dog owner. Very refreshing 🙂
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