What increases the effects of marijuana besides alcohol

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Marijuana is known to impair the immune system thus increases the risk to other infections and diseases. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-increases-the-effects-of-marijuana-besides-alcohol ]
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What increases the effects of marijuana besides alcohol
Marijuana is known to impair the immune system thus increases the risk to other infections and diseases.

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Why is adderall not prescribed to anyone?
Q: “One study found that within 1.5 hours of receiving a dose of Adderall, students with ADHD performed better on mathematics tests and behaved better and more attentively in class.”I a sure that anyone, whether they have ADHD or not, would significantly increase test scores and class attentiveness. 4 years of college has proven to me that this is true. My friend’s and myself have used adderall at one point in their college life (as well as MANY other non-drug using students) to increase their study ability and to write essays. If the drug DOES increase EVERYONE’S ability to learn then why not allow to everyone?I agree that the drug can be abused and it is often used as a recreational drug for partying late nights. However many other drugs can and are used that same way already. Ephedrine and caffeine are such drugs. What about alcohol? (I understand the reasoning for the legalization of alcohol via prohibition and politics and the effect it had on the marijuana industry)Besides, most the people I know who are prescribed to adderall do not have ADHD. Even one person I know went to the doctor and described that he had the effects of ADHD and was given a prescription.Why not allow it to be over the counter, regulated, and taxed? The price of adderall alone ($420 for 90 pills currently) would keep many people from abusing the drug, and a bigger price hike would work even better.Well perhaps I have ADHD? This week I have been working on a take home essay (36 pages min, with 1 week to do it, ass) everyday. I had about 3-6 pages written. Today alone (with adderall) I have completed 2 full questions (21 pages) and my understanding of the subject is MUCH better than it was at the beginning of the week (i am doing different questions – of which are much harder than the other 2 I previously worked on.I have read that adderall can help to fight severe cases of depression. I have been fighting depression off and on since high school along with high anxiety. Perhaps adderall is my answer and not lexapro? The symptoms seem about the same. I can’t concentrate on anything b/c of no desire to do so. I have no motivation or energy, both helped by adderall.
A: IT causes dangerous adverse reactions, especially in people who are not ADHD. Anorexia, dysrhythmia, insomnia, angina, mania, and so on. It’s a dangerous medication and should not be taken lightly. Of course, your argument works for just about everything, not just adderall. There is something to be said for loosening prescription requirements, but personally I don’t agree with that notion for most things.
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