What is a disease in which joints hurt and become stiff

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Arthritis, Bursitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis & Lupus could be possible diseases with the symptom of stiff & painful joints. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-disease-in-which-joints-hurt-and-become-stiff ]
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What is a disease in which joints hurt and become stiff
Arthritis, Bursitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis & Lupus could be possible diseases with the symptom of stiff & painful joints. ChaCha!

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Syndrome? Disease? Cancer? Aneurysm? Please help me help myself with my medical mystery!?
Q: I feel as though my “ordeal” should be featured on the television show Mystery Diagnosis (hah).Over two years ago I started having tolerable pain around/above my left scapula. The pain progressed to intolerable and has never went away. The pain is persistent and doesn’t feel better with heat, ice, tylenol, ibuprofen, massages or posture. It’s a deep, tight pain. In the last year and a half the knot of pain has spread into my left arm. My arm isn’t really in pain, but I have uncomfortable warm tingling and weakness that goes throughout my arm and into my fingers (especially the pinkie and ring finger).I went to an Orthopedic doctor and ended up getting four x-rays. When he viewed them he found bilateral “extra bone growth” on my cervical spine (point c7, to be exact). In medical terms that means I have congenital small ribs in my lower neck that aren’t supposed to be there. Also, he found that I have minor scoliosis of the upper back that bends to the left. For some reason he ordered for me to get a Bone Scan. It came back healthy and there was nothing “wrong.” Months after that I started having bluish fingernails and toe nails and stiff joints. I went to a regular doctor (who completely dismissed the pain above my left scapula and discomfort in my arm, by the way) and he ordered a complete blood panel, a test for autoimmune diseases, and a lyme disease test. He thought maybe I have lupus or something. Everything that was tested came back normal and healthy. The only thing that was a little off was that my white blood cell count was a tad higher than normal. Fierce general disappointment and anger — also from him ignoring the pain in my back and weirdness in my arm.Exactly the spot where I have constant pain (above/on left scapula) there is thing that moves around if you massage it (although it is not a superficial lump), which my right side does not have so I know this isn’t normal. The lump, like, snaps and clicks. And when I move my left arm in full circles that area clicks and sounds like it it grinding against something, whereas my right side is normal.Also, I’ve been to the ER twice from the pain and the doctors and nurses just scoff at me. One time a nurse took my blood pressure and it was 154/110. She just said, “Oh, that can’t be right,” and didn’t even bother to take it again — just walked away. That certainly shouldn’t be right, indeed! I’m a 24-year-old female of average weight and I’m a vegetarian! Anyway, they gave me an x-ray and some majorly condescending doctor just said, “Your x-ray just shows some arthritis in your shoulder. Don’t worry, you’ll live.” First of all, it’s not even my shoulder that hurts. What.So, what’s going on with me? Does anyone have any ideas, since the doctors I’ve been to are lazy and/or uncaring?Here’s the symptom list:*Mainly and most important*:.Never-ending pain above my left scapula (for 2+ years).Warm tinging and weakness in my left arm and fingers.Bluish nails.Fatigue.Muscular aches all over.On-and-off joint stiffness (with minor discoloration and swelling).Periods of mysterious bruising on my upper thighs.Left thigh pain/tightness.Increased intraocular pressure in left eye (rare for my age says the Eye M.D.).Periods of extreme vertigo, where everything in my sight seems to tilt to one side for one second. Then I become disorientated for 10 minutes afterward. Scary when it happened while I was driving..Hair began falling out much more than usual. My hair got thinner.Note: A lot of my “oddities” are on the left side of my body — left eye, left scapula, left arm, left thigh, minor scoliosis bending to the left. Hmm..All and any help appreciated! I’m desperate for opinions and/or answers! Thanks.
A: I may be able to tell you what could be on with some of your symptoms. As for the pain, have you had an MRI to possibly diagnose a disc injury? If not an x-ray may or may not show one cause it doesn’t always show the soft tissue like the discs. I went to an orthopedic shoulder dr. who said the x-ray was normal and the chiropractor told me he thought I needed an MRI for possible disc injury. I did go for the MRI that showed a herniated disc and when I went back to the orthopedic shoulder dr. he just put it on my chart. He never said Oh so you went behind me and got an MRI anyway? I guess he was surprised like me and because he didn’t specialize in the neck maybe that’s why he overlooked it. My fingers also had some numbness. I also had possible Raynaud’s syndrome from cold hands but they never changed to the color blue. You may have many different problems but instead of focusing on one to get that taken care of and then the next it may be more difficult for a dr. to diagnose all of them. I had at one time been getting treatment for the disc injury, sleep disorder, adrenal gland shutting down (from to many epidural injections in a year to treat pain) which caused me to need steroids or I could have died on the table when I had my neck surgery to remove the disc and fuse the spine and saw at least four dr’s for the problems. You can start out by going to a specialist for each thing to see if someone can come up with something. An E.R. dr. may not be specializing in a specific problem and you’d be better off seeing a dr. that specializing in that particular area. I also saw a neurologist who told me that my pain wasn’t coming from my neck and he didn’t know where it was coming from. By the time I had neck surgery two years later the surgeon was surprised that the disc ruptured and leaked disc gel in my spinal canal. Also the neurologist lied to me telling me the nerve test were normal and I then got the medical reports saying the EMG showed radiculopathy. If I had a myleogram before my neck surgery it would have shown that I had a disc leaking in my spinal canal. The last orthopedic dr. I saw after my neck surgery to remove the disc because I was still in pain was surprised that I didn’t have a ct scan with contrast (myelogram). Basically my pain mgt. dr. told me that meant something was going on with the nerves. I was also diagnosed with RSD/CRPS regional pain syndrome/chronic reginal pain syndrome when the ct scan with contrast came back o.k. I did receive a particiular type of injection to see if the RSD/CRPS would get better or be cured permanetly. After it came back one summer while I was on vacation the dr. decided that he didn’t want to treat me anymore cause he thought I just wanted pain meds. I kept fighting and finally found a pain mgt. dr. who implanted spinal cord stimulators if all other treatments failed. I was told that the spinal cord stimulator was indicated for patients with RSD/CRPS. I also have a mild case of scoliosis in my thoracic area that was found after I complained of enough pain in the scapular area that may or may not be related to the pain I occasionally have in my right upper arm behind my back area. Since my last surgery for the spinal cord stimulator implant I haven’t really noticed any pain in the scapular area at all. The first implant has a wire going from my left hip area up to inside my neck and the second implant leaves me with two wires on each side of my arm going from the center of my back out and the battery is on the left side of my chest wall above the bone. I use a patient controlled programmer to turn it on, off, increase, and decrease if needed for pain control. There aren’t any drugs in the implant since it’s a nerve stimulator. Please feel free to email me and keep in touch because I fought for six years and got every type of treatment that my doctor could do before I looked in to finding one who specialized in spinal cord stimulators for pain. Pain isn’t something that we should be just told to live with. It’s possible you could be pain free from whatever is causing you pain now. If you also have other issues get them taken care of by the dr. that specializes in that area for example glaucoma opthomologist. I’ll see if I can come up with some other ideas but feel free to email me by clicking on my contact link. Maybe the lumpy area could be muscle spasms? I’ve had one area on the top of my right shoulder that’s always tight and the massage therapist tell me it’s a muscle spasm. If you take Advil or other blood thinners for pain that could cause you to bruise easier. Oh and everything inside me hurt and effected the way I walked, sat, and slept because I was just trying a new position to get out of pain. The weakness in your arm and fingers could also be related to a disc injury. I tried everything else before the spinal cord stimulator was put in and the treatments I had were the following…Chiropractic careEpidural injectionsTrigger point injectionsAcupunctureSurgery to remove the disc causing the pain and numbness in fingersBotox injection in the spasmed areaPhysical therapy at least five times through the years with no successDrugs to fight pain including percocet, Duragesic (Fentanyl) patches, Sat in a spa which did help during the time I was in it but pain never went awayIMPORTANT LINK FOR YOU: Go to www.tamethepain.com to get information on all types of treatments for pain to see what options you have if you’ve been diagnosed with a disc or possible disc injury. Unfortunately there are dr’s that are old school who say “you’re to young for surgery” which is what my neurologist said to me but I was willing to have my surgeon fix me or kill me because the pain was so severe that I couldn’t get on with my daily activities and raise a family. Don’t stop looking for answers cause it took me over six years to find my miracle dr. that saved my life.P.S. I noticed you don’t allow anyone to contact you through email. If you want to enable that yahoo does a great job of keeping everyone’s email private. Clicking on my contact link will not mean that I can see your email and we can communicate by sending messages that way without me or you ever giving out our email. I will however give you my email through the contact site in the mesage area so if you want to use a different email to get in touch with me you can. Hang in there and I’ll keep you in my prayers.
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