What is a disease that makes it look like someone has no eyebrows

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Alopecia universalis is a disease in which an individual loses all body hair, including from one’s eyebrows (giving the appearance that the person has no eyebrows). NBA player Charlie Villanueva has this disease. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-disease-that-makes-it-look-like-someone-has-no-eyebrows ]
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What is a disease that makes it look like someone has no eyebrows?
Alopecia universalis is a disease in which an individual loses all body hair, including from one’s eyebrows (giving the appearance that the person has no eyebrows). NBA player Charlie Villanueva has this disease.

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Someone please help I am suffering from depression over….EYEBROWS!?
Q: I know this sounds crazy but its a long story, do not read if you will just post and make fun of me. I warn you this is very long I really only want people who can try to help please. Over the past few years I was diagnosed with t1 diabetes, lost my father, and almost went blind due to a rare eye disease. Before I had my surgeries to fix my eyes I got very nervous (everything turned out okay btw with the eyes). All my life I have had ocd but for some reason before the second surgery I got so nervous that I started to pull my eyebrows out. I don’t know why but I would look in the mirror and every hair that didn’t look perfect to me I would pull out. I would sit there for long periods of time in front of the mirror doing this. There were many many months in which I had few eyebrow hairs. This caused me so much distress, I was anti social, lost a few friends even. I would wear a hat everywhere. I hated life (still do) because I am in college and I see all these students who have the perfect life and are enjoying college and then theres me who is suffering from things that I would have never dreamed(nightmare) of.Anyway I pulled my eyebrows out in around august to september of 2008. It was very hard but I forced myself to stop. I stayed away from mirrors, focused on school work, etc. By about March of 2009 my eyebrows were almost back, however they have not grown back correctly. It is very hard to explain so I have found a picture that sort of resembles what I am talking about.http://hairtransplant.com/month/patient2.htmFirst off this is a picture of someone who had an eyebrow transplant. The pictures I am referring to are the after pictures (top right and bottom right) Now there are several problems which drive me NUTS! At first sight everything might seem decent about them, but they are not. First off do you notice the very large gap between them? How ugly is that? The gap alone kills my self confidence because whenever someone looks at me I feel all they see is the huge gap between my eyebrows and are laughing on the inside. If you look at the pic on the bottom right very closely, you will see that all the hairs point in weird directions, and many point straight outward forming a 90 degree angle with the skin. Here is my biggest problem. When I squint or scrunch up my nose those hairs that point outward move like crazy. The individual hairs move, not the general shape of the eyebrow. I don’t know why this bothers me so much but it just does. I will stay in front of the mirror squinting just to see the little hairs move up and down, up and down and I get so angry. I have tried plucking these hairs that move but they will just grow back in time. It is like an itch that I can’t scratch its the worst feeling in the world. I have tried everything, trimming my eyebrows, using eyebrow hair gel, which has been recommended by yahoo answers people, but they just won’t stay still. My last hope is a hair gel I have ordered off the internet called Ice Spike which is supposed to be the strongest hair gel out there and it is like glue. It will get here in a few days so we will see :/Anyway I have even tried going days without changing facial expressions, keeping a straight face, just so this doesn’t happen. I wonder what happens when somebody notices. I will never have the confidence to talk to pretty girls because what if a girl sees my disgusting eyebrows and sees the little hairs move or change positions, she would be so freaked out and that would probably be the end of our conversation.Because of this mistake I made for about a month or two in my life, my entire life has been affected. I honestly never see myself having a girlfriend, getting married, having kids, things I always wanted to do. Girls used to say i was good looking, well those days are over and I feel like I will be alone all my life. You have no idea how such a small feature on my face has affected my whole life. I worked so hard to get into this college and now that I am in I feel like I would rather have been rejected and had my old health and life back. I am always angry and always snap at people. I don’t even recognize myself anymore. The only thing I look forward to everyday is sleeping because that is the only time I can relax from this horrible mess of a life.
A: okay I actually took the time to read everything. And it is very sad to let something take over your life! I really think its an emotional problem you have or something else that’s causing you to obsess over them. After reading everything I really do think you need guidance and help. Someone to show you the light, what to do and how to stop focusing on a small feature, that probably seems like nothing to other people. The biggest critic is ourselves. I can tell that your depressed and need some assistance right away. Find out whats causing all this stress. Talk to someone before matters get worse. I’m pretty sure that your a fine young man, that everyone sees, but its you who is blocking yourself from seeing that. Instead try focusing more on your other features, your beautiful eyes, lips and nose, Now those are the features that others probably see, not your eyebrows. Please, seek help. It will benefit you some good, it helped me with my emotional problems.Mister, even if you had a physical feature that you have a problem with, don’t let it control you. Obsessing over something multiple times will only make things worse. I’ve been there and I’m still unhappy, even after fixing every flaw that I find is ugly, with make up. Someone taught me that theirs more to life than just appearance. Its about accomplishing and succeeding. Getting into college, and completing high school? isn’t that something your proud of? Your eyebrows didn’t get you there. YOU DID. You can do so much more, without this obsession. I know it probably is a hard addiction, but that’s why I said to seek help. Don’t just read this answer, and ignore it. I care about this story of yours and I want to at least put some of my words into your brain. That is why psychiatrists are there , to listen and help. Most of all you need to be strong and help yourself.Be a strong person, Hold your head up high, because nothing is more sexier than confidence, and laughing everything off, at what life gives you. There is a lot of assholes in the world but you just have to learn to shrug it off, and no amount of plastic surgery, or perfect eyebrows can make you feel more empowered and happier than that.P.s NO one and I mean NO ONE has a perfect life. Everyone has their struggles and De functions Most people tend to focus on the negatives, than the positives, and thats something we ALL need to work on. People in Africa, who hunger ever day, trying to live and take care of their siblings alone, and yet they are still thankful for what they have. If they can do that, than why is it so hard to make ourselves see the light, when we are much much more fortunate than them.
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