What is a good name for a new nerve disease

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Diabetic Neuropathy has been one of the newest nerve diseases. They fount this out with Diabetes. ChaCha for now! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-good-name-for-a-new-nerve-disease ]
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Will Nerve Growth Factors Lead to New Therapies for Brain Disease…?
This is Science Today. While there’s been a lot of research and public awareness about mold growth in damp buildings and its impact on respiratory health, there hasn’t been a lot of documentation on the health benefits of mold remediation…

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people who understand scientific methods 10 points!?
Q: The Strange Case of BeriBeriIn 1887 a strange nerve disease attacked the people in the Dutch East Indies. The disease was beriberi. Symptoms of the disease included weakness and loss of appetite, victims often died of heart failure. Scientists thought the disease might be caused by bacteria. They injected chickens with bacteria from the blood of patients with beriberi. The injected chickens became sick. However, so did a group of chickens that were not injected with bacteria.One of the scientists, Dr. Eijkman, noticed something. Before the experiment, all the chickens had eaten whole-grain rice, but during the experiment, the chickens were fed polished rice. Dr. Eijkman researched this interesting case. he found that polished rice lacked thiamine, a vitamin necessary for good health. 1. State the Problem 2. What was the hypothesis?3. How was the hypothesis tested?4. Should the hypothesis be supported or rejected based on the experiment?5. What should be the new hypothesis?6.name at least one variable thatshould have been controlled?
A: I’ll give you a break on this since it’s the start of the year and it’s hard to get back into the swing of things. Next time though you should try just asking for help with the ones you’re super stuck on and explain what your thoughts about the answers are. 1. The scientists were trying to find out what caused beriberi2. They thought it was bacteria3. They injected the chickens with bacteria.4. Rejected because the control group and tested group both came down with illness.5. Does a lack of thiamine cause illness in chickens?6. They should have kept the chickens’ diets constant.
Is this a good Autobiography about myself?
Q: This took me about 2 days and im year 10It was August 2008 and Bayswater Morley districts asked me to come to their tryouts, it was at Revolution Sports. This was my first time trying out for Districts, I had only played club cricket before and I was pretty nervous because i had sore knees from Osgood Slatter Disease and i didn’t think i could bowl as fast as i did normally .My dad drove me to Revolution Sports, we were abit late so I had to rush straight in and meet up with everyone , as I went in I saw so many people and I imidiently thought I had no chance of getting into the team against all off these people , I went into where everyone else was, got a name tag then we were given some sheets of paper asking where we lived and thing’s like that then we were put into groups , I was bowling in the pace bowlers net along with AJ ( I knew he could bowl fast ) and 3 other guys ( which I soon figured out wernt that quick ) so that got me little bit more confident . My first ball was a wicket, bowled off stump; my next ball was also a wicket, bowled leg stump. Then for my hatrick ball I bowled a wide ball down leg side, I think I tried to bowl to fast that ball. After quite a few more overs of bowling it was time for me to bat but I thought I was only bowling so I left my cricket gear at home, I had to use my dads gear and it is pretty bad , his bat weighs around 2 pound 4 and my bat weighs 2 pound 9, his pads were in horrible shape , he had no helmet and I didn’t wear jocks so I couldn’t wear a box , it wasn’t looking to good for me at that time but I just laughed .The first ball I faced was a slower ball and I spooned it straight back to the bowler , I was pretty embarrassed because usually I would drive it pretty well but my nerves got the best of me . Next ball was a short pitched ball and I stepped back and pulled it from off stump , it was a pretty nice shot so I felt a little bit better from it and then I got into a good rythem , I was moving my feet and wasn’t trying to hit the ball to hard I was going great , until I went into the spinners net the slower pace was harder to face and one of the bowlers kept bowling me wrong’uns and I couldn’t pick them so I basicly kept getting out to him but to the other spinners I was a little bit better then it was my last ball so I just swung at it and I almost took out the bowler .After that I just bowled a few more then it was time to leave.It was a few months later on a monday morning before school when I got a letter from the WACA telling me I was in the North East Zones Squad and was straight into the carnival . I was speechless i couldn’t believe it , I was stunned and I had no idea how I got in I wasn’t making that many runs or taking a lot of wickets , I guess I just got lucky and they saw something that I didnt?To get into the Zones Squad ment a lot to me because it proved that I was improving and people were noticing even though I was going through a rough season . This made me try even harder and the next few games I took a few more wickets and made a few more runs , 39* and 45 , too bad I couldnt go on with those starts. We had a training session for zones and I had just rocked up there ( this time I had my gear not like at Bayswater tryouts ) and I was sitting with Ridhaa, AJ and a few others when a Zones officer came up to me and gave me an Emerging Warriors shirt and cap , imidiently the biggest smile came to my face, he told me to put it straight on and I didn’t argue . We were told our game plans , what we were going to do it and how we were going to do it , we then did a bowling and batting session then a short sharp fielding excersise. I pushed myself that training session because I was the new guy and I wanted to prove to everyone that I could bowl decent pace , bat and be like a “Michael Clarke” while fielding.The first of the three Zones matches were on, they were all at Fremantle which is an hour and a half drive from my house so I had to wake up pretty early so I could get there on time . For the first match we bowled first and we did a pretty decent job but it was our batting was pretty ordanary and that let us down big time the biggest partnership was 44 by Ridhaa and Steven . We ended up losing in the end and our Zones officers wernt to happy about our batting so we talking about what we were doing wrong and how we were going to fix it. So next game we took batting a lot more seriously and made a pretty decent total of 270 odd with a few guys making 50’s and 60’s .Again this time we messed up but in our bowling , we started off so well having them 3 for 3 but then we either bowled too short or too full and it showed with a few of the opposition players making quick 70’s and 80’s . They made our score easily and had about 15 overs of just messing with us , they made us pay for our bad bowling by making us chase leather for those 15 odd overs . Again our Zones officers were pretty annoyed about ou
A: Well, it’s not an autobiography, it’s an account of a couple of particular events in your life.Not bad at all. You need to spellcheck as there are some silly typos in there, and depending on who this is being written for you may want to take out some of the “in” references. For instance, I’m English and I’ve no idea what a “Michael Clarke” is. Someone who doesn’t follow cricket closely enough to read newspaper reports may not know that * means not out. And so on. Maybe you should get a non-cricket fan to read it and tell you what they don’t understand.
Does this sound like MS. Neuro thinks it is but I have conflicting test results.?
Q: I am a 34 yr old female and have been suffering from many different aliments for a number of years now. I have been to a varitey of specialists, rhemotologists, GI dr (I also have celiac disease…gluten intolerence), and neurologists to name a few as well as had enough blood work done to keep a group of vampires fed for a year. I have symptoms that come and go. Different things will come at different times and I am currently on 11 different persricption meds to try and control the various problems…nothing has helped. I take provigil (stimulant) because I suffer from debilitating fatigue. Loratab to help with the pain in my joints as well as the discomfort that comes from twitching and muscle spasms. Baclofen, a muscle relaxant, also to help with spasms and twitches, mirapex to control my leg movements…the list goes on and on. The main problems are fatigue, joint pain, especially in my hips, unconrolable muscle spams in my left calf (much like restless leg) and in my neck, pressure pain ( can not stand the pain of my own body weight laying on itself. for instance when I am sleeping I will wake up multiple times because my shoulder, hip, arm ect that I am laying on will feel as though it is bruised and if my knees or elbows lay on each other while I sleep it feels like the bones are rubbing against each other and bruising), I had drop foot (when you lose the ability to raise your toes up from the ground) but it has since passed which I am told is incredibly rare. I get moody (although lexapro has helped alot with that) and I have realized that I am no longer able to multi task or even change my focus from one task to another easily.I have a three year old daughter who wants to play and run and it kills me to have to sleep all the time or hear her asking my husband if, “mommy is sleeping again? Is she sick?” or to see her moving her head in weird unatural ways (because she sees me doing it and does not realize it is not normal).Through the various tests my neurologist has performed over the last year he has discovered I have 4 or 5 brain lesions (no idea why) and that my nerve studies where good. My Lumbar puncture was not positive for MS but he has told me that that does not rule it out either. I have now been refered to UCLA for a 2nd opinion but I am lost.I do not know how I can get a second opinion when I have not even recieved a diagnosis and I am frustrated that it has taken this long for the tests ect to be run and that in the end we still have no answers.In all I have had MRI’s of my lumbar,cervical and thoraxic spine as well as of my brain, all with and without contrast. I also had a T3 MRI of the brain. All of which showed nothing but the brain lesions, spine was clean. A transcranial doppler ultra sound with and without a bubble, both showed good flow through the brain. Nerve conduction tests (2 types, do not remember what they were called) on legs and arms and they were all good. Blood work for everything you can imagine, it got to the point they were even testing for out there things like herpes…nothing came back positive. All my vits and minerals are good and nothing has raised any alarms. They thought I had lupus, it runs in my family, I have “the mask” and it would account for many of my problems but that came back neg also.Meanwhile, I have new meds added all the time and nothing has really worked. Well, lexapro has definetly helped with the mood swings, I was horrified when I found myself getting snipey with my daughter and husband and it has definetly helped to bring the normal me back but the provigil does not even take the edge off the fatigue (I can take it at 6:30am and I am back asleep when I walk in the door at 8am after dropping my daughter at preschool and take the second one at 10:45am and again fall back asleep when I get home from picking her up around 12:15. My neck and leg both twitch so much that I end up with muscle strain from the constant flexing and my chiropractor is the only person who can offer any relief when my neck is acting up. This time around it is so bad that he was not even able to get the bones to move because the muscles where spasmed so tightly around them.All of these issues come and go. There will be weeks where I have a normal amount of energy and very little pain or times when I barley twitch. The pressure pain comes on gradually, reaches the point where I think I am going to start screaming (over about 2 weeks) then slowly pass.It is the same with all the symptoms and it is unbelievably frustrating. I want to know what is wrong with me…whatever it is…so that we can start a plan of action to either treat, cure, or slow the progression and hopefully stop the never ending roller coaster my life is becoming.Any ideas?? Does this sound like MS? Has anyone else had similar expereinces? If so have you been able to get a definitive diagnosis? Any suggestions for alleviating some of the symp
A: I know a lot about how you feel, in fact, I am a Celiac myself, so I know what you must have gone through before being diagnosed with it! Since being diagnosed I have read every medical journal I have laid my hands on and online about Celiac and it’s relationship to other diseases. Did you know there are a total of 250 symptoms and diseases related to Celiac Disease! Once you have an autoimmune disorder (Celiac is an autoimmune disorder) you are much more likely to develop one or more other autoimmune disorders and Celiac is no exception. Celiac has been linked to Autoimmune thyroid disease, lupus, MS, Rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes (autoimmune diabetes), autism, etc. There HAVE been studies that suggest that Celiac is linked to MS or in other cases where MS is NOT present, there have been people who have presented with unexplained brain lesions, yes, all from Celiac. Please read this article, if you show this to your doctor he will not be able to say it’s fake because it’s from the NCBI or National Center for Biotechnology Information: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11483831Other thing would be Lupus that would come to my mind, I know you said you were tested, but which tests were administered? There are a total of 11 different tests for lupus, many antibody tests, etc. I have also a lot of the symptoms that you mention, unfortunately no doctor wants to test me for anything or do an MRI, it’s very very frustrating, my pain is not as bad as yours but it’s still there and so is the fatigue, muscle tightness, back, neck, arm, shoulder and hand pain, waking up at night and cant straighten my arm from the pain… well, feel free to contact me, its always good to have support from someone that knows how you feel 😉 my email is [email protected]
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