What is a graft in the heart

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A CABG is ‘open-heart’ surgery to treat coronary artery disease. A CABG uses a blood vessel (called a graft) taken from your chest, leg or arm to bypass a narrowed or blocked coronary artery. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-graft-in-the-heart ]
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When Do You Need Coronary Artery Heart Bypass Graft Surgery??
Coronary artery heart bypass graft surgery is a common procedure. It is also referred to as coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) or “cabbage”. Coronary artery bypass surgery is used in emergency situations to treat heart attacks when medi…
How can a person survive 5 heart attacks, a 5 graft CABG,and colo…?
The heart develops collateral circulation as you get older which is why a 70 year old survives a heart attack better than a 42 year old. a CABG is a procedure designed to improbe coronary circlation and improve survivability. Colon Cancer c…
Is CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting) an open or closed heart…?
Hello. CABG is performed when there is narrowing in coronary arteries. It compromises blood to reach heart muscle. CABG uses vein graft to bypass the narrowing point. In that way, blood reaches the heart muscle. This is an open heart surger…

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Can you live “well” with only one artery feeding your heart?
Q: My 76 yr old dad had triple bypass surgery 18 years ago. Over the years he has had to go in and have stents put in to open several arteries. 7 months ago the dr said one of the grafts died and is now useless, well the original artery bypassed was opened up with a stent so all was well. Yesterday he had to go in for another procedure and we found out the artery that was stented was 90 percent clogged so they ballooned it and now another graft is gone. The doctor says that he now only has the one stented artery and the one graft left feeding his heart. What happens if the other graft “dies”? He says they will just continue cleaning out the artery as long as they can.
A: Our bodies have this marvelous survival mechanism called revascularization. Many believe that stints are useless as your body creates its own bypasses. The younger you are, the better. Give him cod liver oil and avoid trans fats.
What would be the best way to replace a missing tooth, especially when you have profound heart disease?
Q: I just had a molar pulled out and the site is really sore as well as the jawbone and teeth next to it, is this normal? I wanted to try to save the tooth, but since it had been crowned twice, posted and root cannaled, the dentist said it had to be pulled. It was abcess and had more decay under the crown. As a matter of fact, he found another tooth that has decay under the crown and says this one has to go too. They are the same dentists who placed the crowns originally. Shouldn’t a crown last more than 2 or 3 years? The dentist gave me options on what I can do to replace the tooth: 1st, Do Nothing, 2nd, Temporary Bridge, 3rd a permanent bridge, and lastly a tooth implant. SInce I have major bone loss I would have to have a bone graft $750.00, Implant $1975.00 and the crown would be $1525.00 for a total of $4,400.00. Does this sound reasonable? In the past I have spent approx, $3,000.00 on that same tooth. Can anyone believe a total of over $7500.00 on one lousy tooth
A: You are right, implants are very expensive. As far as replacing this tooth, you will need to determine if you want to use your teeth to chew food, or your gums. A permanent bridge is usually a great option as long as you take time to brush and floss around it well. Since you have a considerable amount of bone loss, I assume that you suffer from periodontal disease. Do you see the dental hygienist 2 to 4 times per year? Do you floss? And yes, a crown should last for 20 years… as long as it’s being taken care of by you and the hygienist. Usually it does take several days for an extraction site to heal. If it has been a while, call your dentist.I’m not trying to lecture, I just hope that you’re taking care of your teeth (brushing 2-3 times/day, flossing, etc.) If you are and are still having severe problems, maybe you should look for another dentist.Good luck!
My father had several open heart by-pass surgeries ….?
Q: My father had several open heart by-pass surgeries and following the last attempt two years ago, his rib cage won’t mend. He has been told that he will need a bone graft for the rib cage but because he is a high-risk patient it has to be done in a minimally invasive way. What would be his best option for this type of surgery? Are there any clinics which are specialized in this type of surgery for high-risk patients (preferably in Canada but alternatively in the U.S.)? Thank-you.
A: I personally don’t think you should make any decisions depending on answers over here. I was told by a counselor to not make decisions based on what’s written online because they don’t know exactly what causes what exactly, they only know how they feel most of the time, especially when it’s something serious like that you wouldn’t want any mistakes. You should look into peer-reviewed journals where information and evidence (such as stats and such) that are controlled and approved by a panel of experts. This is something serious and you wouldn’t want to make suggestions/decisions simply. Sorry didn’t help much but hope it did a little. Hope your father gets better.
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