What is a pooping disease

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Crohn’s disease is an ongoing disorder that causes inflammation of the digestive tract, and causes regular bouts of diarrhea. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-pooping-disease ]
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Is pooping your pants some what a disease
Encopresis is a condition which they have a problem with their bowels that dulls the normal urge to go to the bathroom. ChaCha on!
Can cat litter with poop transmit any disease?
Exposure to cat feces can cause the disease toxoplasmosis. However, this disease is extremely rare among indoors-only cats. Unless your cat is an outdoors cat, you don’t need to worry about this.
Can my dog get a disease from eating poop?
Yes, its very dangerous. Are you stopping her from eating it? I sure hope you are. They can contract diseases from the poop and maybe even get worms by eating it.

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Strange poop feces – disease or what?
Q: For the past few weeks, whenever I poop (feces), it looks normal (medium brown, lumpy) but it has these strange fluffy fibrous looking, very pale beige-yellow-pinkish fibrous long chunks connected on the sides and in between the regular brown chunks. I’m concerned, since I’ve never seen this before. Usually I will feel like I have to go diarrhea, but then these fibrous pale whitish-yellow-pinkish things will come out in large loosely connected fibrous pale white-yellow-pink chunks first, then the rest of the regular brown (non-diarrhea) poop comes out. I am wondering if this is normal or a sign of cancer, tapeworm or another disease? I may go see a doctor, but wanted to get opinions first, on what this may be.
A: You poop rainbows? uh oh time for the doctor.
My cat has Kidney disease and she is pooping blood! What does this mean?
Q: My cat is 18 years old, and she was diagnose with Thyroid disease in the begging of January. On February 19 we took her to the vet for a blood draw for a check up, for the Thyroid but now the Thyroid is too low, and she has Kidney Disease. Today she pooped blood, and I’m very worried! Can any one tell me what this means please. Also are animal hospital is closed today and tomorrow. We are going to bring her in on Monday. I just want to know what this could be and if we should bring her in to the emergency vet tonight. Thanks
A: ok..if i have this correct..the cat is on thyroid medicine for a high thyroid and it went to low?…easy fix..cut the meds back which i am assuming you did, This is a fixable issue and very easily done. Almost all cats by the age of 18 will have some kidney disease..you MUST find out how far along and if you can give fluids under the skin at home to help>>>(i’ve been doing this for 3 yrs now and it sounds much worse then it is…it keeps the kidneys working and is very easy for you to learn how to do) this is treatable also. The pooping blood can be something like irritable bowel or colitis. Some cats get upset stomachs and irritation and the blood comes out in the poop…slimy. It will be a sort of slimy runny blood. This could be from ..change of food…stress or anything that could have upset the cats stomach. You have a few different things going on here and you just have to address one at a time. These are ALL treatable issues. Please let me know how your cat is doing.
I am doing a research paper on rodents and birds in barns, what are some diseases that they tramsit to horses?
Q: I know rats can trasmit Lepto but I am not sure what else I should add to my paper. I know there is a disease from bird poop that if a horse eats it through there hay they can get really sick but I am lost to what the actual disease is
A: Opposums can carry and transmit EPM in their feces and urine- that’s why it’s important that horses NOT be allowed to come into contact with these animals. EPM is a protozoal disease which attacks the spinal cord and brain of an infected horse, causing seizures, weakness, staggering, tremors, and finally, coma and death if untreated. One of the most famous horses in the world, a dressage horse named Gifted, DIED after contracting EPM- he’d eaten some hay which was contaminated with possum droppings and urine, and no one knew this until it was too late. All of the other rodents, from coons to possums to rats to skunks, are potential carriers of the rabies virus, which is why EVERY HORSE, no matter where it lives, needs to have a RABIES SHOT EVERY YEAR. Other diseases transmitted by rodents and birds include West Nile Virus and the flu, which ALL birds serve as a natural reservoir for. ( It’s believed by many historians and researchers that the 1918 flu pandemic may have actually originated in domestic or wild birds,because birds are known carriers of the virus, regardless of the time of year or the season. The current Avian flu, which is being watched closely because of fears it may mutate into something which is lethal to people, is also transmitted by birds naturally. )Does this help you?
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