What is an itchy belly a symptom of

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A symptom of itchy skin could be caused by dry skin, a rash, eczema, psoriasis, chicken pox or a few other diseases. If it a few days and if it doesn’t go away call, your doctor. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-an-itchy-belly-a-symptom-of ]
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What is an itchy belly a symptom of
A symptom of itchy skin could be caused by dry skin, a rash, eczema, psoriasis, chicken pox or a few other diseases. If it a few days and if it doesn’t go away call, your doctor. ChaCha!
Are little itchy bumps on your belly a symptom of pregnancy??
It’s not a symptom of pregnancy. It is a symptom of scabies though. You should go see your doctor about that.

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My child has an itchy rash with no fever or other symptoms?
Q: My 20 month old has a pink raised bumpy rash nearly all over his body. It’s concentrated on the belly, chest, and back, the worst looking splotches are near his armpits. He has these bumps on his face (eyelids), behind his ears, nape of his neck, and a few on his thighs. They differ in size from pinhead to maybe a centimeter. The pediatrician said it’s viral (similar to Fifth’s Disease or Roseola but neither of those), he’s unsure of the exact virus though. We were instructed to just treat the itching unless other symptoms develop. My mom’s neighbor who just got back from Kissimmee, FL (we live in KY) saw it and said there were all kinds of people in the clinic down there with it.So two questions — has your child had anything that sounds like this, and did you get a different diagnosis? Any idea of a place on the web where I might be able to find a “What’s going around” article for central FL?
A: My children have had this a few times. They call it a non specific viral rash. Nothing to get to worked up about. It is very contagious and you can give them benadryl to deal with the itchiness.I know it is hard not to panic when it is your first child. But I have been through this with two kids and it isn’t as big a deal as it seems.
i have every symptom of pregnancy…but no positive test and period?
Q: i am having EVERY symptom i had with all 3 of my pregnancies. ive had 2 faint positive tests followed by about 20 negs…lol… lower back pain on the lower left side. vomitting. clammy. gassy. i can smell anything a mile away. sore breasts, itchy belly. pain in the lower abdomen. anyone else have or is having this problem? what else could this be?i mean i know this could just be af symptoms….but THIS bad?i noticed my question might be a little misleading…i did get a period
A: I agree with Logan and Ella’s Mom. If the test comes up positive (even extremely faint) you should treat is as a positive until you’re sure you’re not. I also say to get a blood test since it has about 5 times more hCG concentration than urine. So, uh….congrats? 🙂
Pregnancy??!! So confused. please help!?
Q: Ok, so it’s now sept 13th,08 and my period is usually here the 3rd -10th of the month. has been steady that way for a long time. I haven’t had a regular period since july 3rd- through 10th. and then got a period? july 27th-29? very light and just went away so i thought it was very odd. me and my boyfriend have had numerous sex during july and august. and possibly around ovulation time.Now, I have every pregnancy symptom and then some.-Gas-constipation-frequent bowel movements, like 5 a day-VERY frequent urination-severe headaches, which i never get-extreme nausea-vomited once-extreme smelling super powers-nose is swollen and itchy?-lots of hiccups?-Belly pushing out in lower abdomen and creating a pooch!-already can not see crotch area-increased blood flow-breast swelling, pain, tenderness, nipples darker, boobs look huge and weird?-extreme fatigue and i feel exhausted after doing little things like minor sweeping and etc.-weight gain, bloating-not to mention outrageous mood swings and stress levelsdischarge normalcervix low and closedtemp consistent every time i check at 98.1…..so i took about 6 tests so far. 5 neg, 1 positive.so when i seen that positive i immediately went to the doctor to get blood test.blood test negative.so its a week later.i still have all symptoms and belly feeling extremely hard even on pooch.I am extremely confused. but my only guess is that positive test could have been taken around my fertilization, which i could have had a higher hormone level which could of made it positive. other than that I have no idea what to believe but everyone tells me they know i am. and I think i am but now I’m in denial with all the negative tests. please help. someone.
A: tell the doc all this and ask for an ultrasound. some cities have a free pregnancy center where they also give free tests and some give free ultrasounds.
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