What is an obssesive counting disorder

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Obsessive Compusive Disorder is a disease where people do certain things over and over. They count everything obsessively. Thanks. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-an-obssesive-counting-disorder ]
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Does self-harm obsession count as a disorder?
No, but often it can be a clue to another disorder. Often people that self harm, may have anxiety, depression etc. But there is no specific disorder. X
Does Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder count as a learning disorder??
No. The accommodation that can be made though is exceptions to problems such as they need to arrange the desk/ other exam needs.

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Anyone have OCD(Obssesive compulsive disorder)?
Q: i used to have it when i was younger for about 3 years :)it was where i would have to touch everything an even amount of times and i would count my steps and if i stopped on step 3 i would do one more step to make it even as i thought if i touched anything or done anything and odd amount of times that touch would feel left out and everything i did i would do in pairs as then i felt that everything i did had a pair if that makes sense and no touch was on its one (: i remember in school i would always count my steps and once i touch a wall and had to run all the way back to retouch it (: So i was wondering if anyone else has ocd if so what was it ?? (:
A: Yup I had a similiar experience to yours but I was never diagnosed, when I was about 8 and learning about odd and even numbers in school it all started from there, I would count everything I did, like taking steps, washing, turning the light off and on a certain number of times, etc etc.. basically I got a grip of it when I was about 11 and was able to stop it when I was concious I was doing it, and I also read an article in my sisters magazine at that age that said OCD takes around 7 hours off a persons day. What a waste. We have one life and I don’t let obsessive naggings waste my time anymore!
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