What is another word for old people who forget a lot

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Older people who often forget things may be suffering from Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is an irreversible, progressive brain disease that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-another-word-for-old-people-who-forget-a-lot ]
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What is another word for old people who forget a lot
Older people who often forget things may be suffering from Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is an irreversible, progressive brain disease that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills. ChaCha!

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Q: Im looking to buy a bike in the spring and i need some advice from experienced riders?I am 35 years old 5’10 212 and i have a CDL class A and and i operate heavy Equipment,track hoe,dozier etc,so i have some experience operating machinery.One of the rules that i will never forget is “you operate the Equipment,don’t let it operate you”so another words you learn to manipulate whatever you operate.Im kinda skeptical about the advice that i get from ex-riders or inexperienced riders.You know the ex-rider is the one who sold his mangled brand new 1000 cc bike for 2000.00 dollars after he got out of the coma,and the inexperienced side liner who never owned a bike,but have maybe destroyed his homeboys bike after he lied about being a “Rida”.He is the one who tells you to get the 600,you will kill yourself on anything else more powerful! I usually don’t pay attention to scared people because i feel that we take a chance at doing anything.So my questions are with my height and weight,if i decide to purchase a bike what should i consider?Will i get tired of the 600 after a year of use and want to trade for a 1000?Does height and weight play a factor?Is learning to ride a street bike that difficult?Cause it seems to me that a lot of the people who have had accidents or are dying on these bikes,don’t seem to respect them or are doing dumb **** before they learn how to ride.
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What do I do if class books have my religion messed up?Most of theworld already thinks my faith as primitive.?
Q: I know there is not a real solution but how can I try to explain that it is all messed up?Nobody knows Hinduism more then Hindu and perhaps a lot of the world considers the Hindu faith the most primitive on Earth (the Pakistani people sot of helped spread he message about Hinduism being an awful and stuiped faith and now my text books)!! What do you think of when you hear the word Hindu?A COW!Its getting quite ridiculous that most people think that if you are Hindu you worship a cow.I most certainly do not.Well I am in 8th grade right now but in 7th grade during my free time I looked in my history text book and it said a lot of things about Hinduism that is not true.Generally we do not explain our faith at all because we believe there is no need to convert someone to Hinduism (well in the 60,s we did explain our faith but it remains forgotten) because we believe that all faiths are the path to realization if worshipped sincerely.The text books say things like us believing that a cow is god and that we believe that rats are god aswell.Honestly if you see Jesus holding a lamb on a picture can you say that Christians believe that a lamb is god as well absolutely not and it’s the same thing that’s being misinterpreted with us and of course probably most kids in my school believe that I worship animals.what is Hinduism?Hinduism is a religion which is 10,000 years old (the oldest on Earth).We follow ancient texts such as the Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas and the Bhagavat Gita.All talk about ideal society and the duty we have as humans and our meaning in existence.Not one thing in any of the texts condemn another religion.Hinduism is a monotheistic religion because we believe in one and only one God is, in the highest sense, One: beyond form, infinite, and eternal. God is changeless and is the very source of consciousness. God is beyond time, space, and causation and yet permeates everything and every being. God is beyond gender. When God is thought of as this infinite principle, God is called Brahman in the sanskrit lanuage. Brahman is the Absolute reality: it is pure existence and knowledge. Brahman does not exist; it is existence itself. It is not all-knowing; it is knowledge itself.Brahman simply means the source of everything not such a thing as only a god for Hindu’s.Brahman means god and obviosly that includes all religions whom worship a god.Why is it that we are considered to worship a million gods?I will give another example using Christianity.Christ was sent to earth to free us from all sins according to Christianity (which us Hindu’s ofcourse believe since he came to our land as well).God was still in heaven and Christ is considred to be the son of god or gods expansion but does that mean that in Christianity there are 2 gods.Absolutely not.Similarly in Hinduism the dozens of personalities which many people think we worship as a separate god is the same one.Like Christ whom came to the Earth in a time when man needed aid all the so called “gods” we are accused of worshipping multiple gods even if they by us are considered incarnations.Whats withthe cow and Hiduism?Well they simply are not eaten because they are considered to havebeen a great use to man and to Earth and since they fertalize our lands so we can grow food they are given just a high status of not being eaten that’s it.Hindu’s become vegetarians because they believe that flesh is unpure and unclean.Although they generally are not biased against people who eat meat.The tons of scriptures and stuff take a long time to explain because they have over a hundred thousand pages all together.they talk about various times god had come to Earth and talk about lessons man should learn.Christianity is considered a great religion because of its evidence in the biba and exact location of where everything happened and proof.Similarly in Hinduism the various times god was said to have descended apon Earth is also given with location and such andhow certain structures were built and the history behind them.Besides the hundred thousand pages of scriptures that is the basic idea of Hinduism.Many are outraged thatpeople make things up about Hinduism just because we are quiet about our religion.Things like the cow worship and how we are said to do all inds of things which I can assure is untrue (I am quite religious and I know).But seriosly what do I do to convince my peers and teachers the errors of the idea of Hinduism said throughoutmy school?I mean to convince them that the text book and the cow is bogus?
A: I’m sure that the textbook you are using is faulty,especialy if they haven’t discussed the many and varied tenents of your faith.It is your duty to attempt to correct this.Find some better books at your library, share them with your teachers,use every other opportunity to write about your faith in class assignments(let me assure you that devout Christian students do this all the time, they call it witnessing)Stand up for your beliefs,it’s your duty as a citizen.
Should I continue this or is it just stupid?
Q: Some random thing that I just mused over one day and then decided to give it form…looking back, I don’t know whether I should carry on with it or leave it to die. Suggestions?Here it is, anyway.I was never a naive person, and I think my childhood suffered because of it. I never really believed in Santa Claus or spirits or god when I was a child. There was once a time when I spelt god with a capital ‘G’, as if it was a name, but now it’s just a word to me and nothing more.It was tough growing up around grownups who lied to me. At Christmas I’d have that stupid old story practically beaten into me by my primary school teacher – she would sit us in a circle and tell us all to be very good so that Santa Claus would come and give us lots of presents.“Santa isn’t real, miss,” I’d stated flatly. “He’s just made up.”The teacher had pulled me aside and told me to be quiet and not ruin it for the other children, but I didn’t see why I should let them be led on and fed a pointless lie that would only hurt them when they found out it wasn’t true. It wasn’t fair. I told the teacher as much.I had a very strong sense of what is right and what is wrong, even as a small child. I think it surprised a lot of people that I was so sure about this kind of thing from such a young age; even now, at the age of fourteen, some of my friends haven’t worked it out. But as I grew, this sense grew stronger and stronger until I found it hard to consider things in another way. I always gave my opinion, even on matters that didn’t concern me or that I didn’t fully understand. I was far from foolish, though. And so, by saying things like that, I was labelled as a ‘stubborn git’ and few people wanted anything to do with me. To them I was an all-round unpleasant person. Of course, they’d got it spot on, and as the stubborn git that I really was, I refused to have anything to do with them either. Meaning I didn’t really get on with many people.Westborough’s Academy for the Gifted and Brilliant seemed like the great escape for me – a place full of people who had no idea who I was, which would be the perfect opportunity to finally make some friends and fit in. Perhaps I’d join a few clubs, get a best friend and mess about with him and finally land myself my first girlfriend. Then I’d leave Westborough a happy, whole person with a bunch of memories I’d be more than glad to keep with me until I was old.Enter Taylor Wilkins-Smith.The first time I stared into those slate-grey eyes I knew I wouldn’t forget Taylor no matter how long I lived. But I had yet to realise just how much merely sharing a room with Taylor for a few years or so would drastically change my life.Right now, he was just my strange and mildly creepy roommate, and I was going to try, at all costs, to avoid him.It’s not, like, the beginning – I think of it as the start of the second chapter…or something ^^;
A: Keep with it, it’s brilliantly written!
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