What is brain pathology

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Brain Pathology is the journal of choice for biomedical scientists investigating diseases of the nervous system. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-brain-pathology ]
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What is brain pathology
Brain Pathology is the journal of choice for biomedical scientists investigating diseases of the nervous system. ChaCha on!
How Brain Cell Pathology Spreads in Parkinson’s Disease?
A new study that looked at mechanisms of accumulation of the synaptic protein alpha-synuclein into clumps of masses called Lewy bodies in the brain, has found that Lewy bodies are formed via cell to cell transmission. Lewy bodies are basica…
Do animal models of ALS or other neurodegenerative diseases accur…?
Not exactly. A post-doc in my lab once told a famous neuroscientist, “Well, maybe humans are a poor model of the mouse disease!” But they’re the most accepted model available and can teach us many things.

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Pathology In the Brain Anatomy Project?
Q: i want to do an anatomy project on pathology of brain and I need to pick mental diseases and disorders and explain scientifically what exactly is wrong in their brainthanks
A: try alzheimer’sthere are very interesting dopamine pathway problems that occur in the brain that make this disease progress.
what does it mean when my ct scan report says i have NO ACUTE INTRACRANIAL PATHOLOGY DEMONSTRATED?
Q: i had a ct scan done today and my report said “No acute intracranial pathology demonstrated. the brain is otherwise normal in appearence
A: They did not find any abnormality or disease(pathology) in your head(intracranial) that needs immediate urgent care(acute)
Does anyone know what I can possibly have?
Q: I am a twenty year old female and about a couple of months ago I started feeling a pain near my right arm, but I couldn’t determine specifically where the pain was coming from. I thought it could possibly be a lymph node so I went to my GYN for a check up. She reasurred me that my lymph nodes were fine and that the pain was probably related to my joint/muscle and suggested that I probably “slept wrong” or did some kind of activity that aggravated the area. I had been asymptomatic for about 2 months following that and the pain practically disappeared. Recently, however, I have been suffering from terrible headaches, pain in my joints and they crack all the time (especially the shoulder, elbow, hands, knees and ankles), I’ve had low grade fevers, back pain, malaise, loss of appetite and I lost about 6 lbs in 2 weeks. I went to the ER because my pain only got worse and I was on the verge of tears and they did a CT for my brain, blood pathology, and urinalysis. They said the CT came back negative, the blood tests came back within normal ranges and the urine was negative for UTI and my kidneys were functioning well, I just had mild dehydration. My doctor said that my headaches were migraines/tension headaches that were stress related and that all the other symptoms were indicative of a virus. If I had a virus wouldn’t by WBC count be elevated? And why would I have other symptoms such as joint pain, etc?I’m a student nurse and I felt like his diagnosis was a bit vague and perhaps he didn’t run enought tests. The past few days some of my symptoms have improved; I have more appetite, the headaches aren’t as recurrent and I haven’t had any fever but now I feel abdominal pain and the joint aches have not ceased.Does anyone have a clue about what I can possibly have? I’ve thought rheumatoid, but i’m not sure…may be i’m just jumping to conclusions or freaking out because I rarely ever get sick and lately i’ve felt very ill.HELP!
A: you know, I’m a 21 year old female, and I have the exact same problems!!! Sometimes it just goes away, and other times it hits like a brick! I know people think I’m just making it up, but I literally feel like my whole body has been hit by a train sometimes. I get enough sleep and I’m not dehydrated. But I have found that the better I eat the less it hurts! I mean no sugar, and lots of protein and vitamin C. I think something in my system is just a little off. I went first to the doc thinking I had some major arthritis, then it was my neck, then my back, and my joints are always cracking!!! I also have low blood pressure for some reason, and always have. So anyways, I’d say just eat healthy, and definitely less sugar. Lots of protein and vitamin C. Might help a little. Good luck sweets
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