What is brown lung

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Brown lung disease is an occupational disorder characterized by the narrowing of the lung’s airways. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-brown-lung ]
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What is brown lung
Brown lung disease is an occupational disorder characterized by the narrowing of the lung’s airways.
Is there a difference between black lung and brown lung??
Both are occupational disorders. Black lung disease – from prolonged inhalation of coal dust resulting in inflammation & fibrosis found mostly in coal mine workers. Brown lung disease – from prolonged inhalation of dusts from cotton, he…

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Marilize Legajuana ;)?
Q: (Legalize Marijuana for those of you not too quick to catch on) I’m 15. don’t say i’m too young or that my parents would be dissappointed, cause even though i don’t burn WITH them, my parents are fellow pot smokers 🙂 Here’s a blog that a friend of mine wrote, that i’d like to share with you.:”1: Prohibiton has never worked. When you think about it, people have been purposly breaking the rules since Adam and Eve. Do not eat from the tree of knowlage. Who was watching them? God. How many people was he watching? Two. And from then on, people have never and never will stop breaking the rules/laws.2: Marijuana does not kill brain cells. In 1974 Ronald Reagan anounces permanent brain damage is caused because of marijuana. DEA conducted an expirement where a certain amount of monkeys were subjected to 30 joints of weed a day, and others were not. The monkeys exposed to the marijuana began to die after 90 days. The study became the foundation of the government and claimed that marijuana killed brain cells. After 6 years of requests of how the study was conducted, it was finally revealed. Instead of administering 30 joints a day for one year, doctor heath pumped 63 joints through a gas mask without adding any tubes for oxygen a day. The monkeys suffacated from not being exposed to oxygen. The monkeys brains shut down, and if you suffacate, the first things thats going to happen is your brain cells are going to die. Therefore, the government proved NOTHING. 4 minutes without oxygen can cause brain cell damage. Studies since have not showed it damaging brain cells, but that it may actually stimulate brain cell growth. But those studies haven’t recieved the same amount of attention.3: Marijuana does not cause lung cancer. There hasen’t been one case shown where the lung cancer is related to marijuana alone. You can get lung damage from it because it paralizes the cillia, but because it is not radio-active your probably not going to get cancer from it. Smoking anything can be harmful simply because the properties of smoke. Its not as a result from anything in the weed plant, its because you are intaking heated plant matter into your lungs. Theres no cases of marijuana only smokers getting brown lung syndrome, or emphazema. Stange for a plant thats so “dangerous”, how come none of that? 4: The number one killer in the country (it beat out AIDS, heroin, crack, cocaine, alcohol, car accidents, fire, and murder all combined) is tobacco. With an average of 430,000 deaths per year, considering its a number one killer, its intresting that it is legal. Number 2 on the list with well over 85,000 deaths per year, alcohol. Caffine comes in with 1-10,000 deaths a year. 7500 deaths related to over the counter drugs. Where does marijuana lie in this? What staggering number of people die because of weed? 0. There are no deaths related to cannabis use, it does not exist, you can not find one anywhere. Even when scientists expose small animals to hundreds of times of what a human can take in, they still don’t overdose from it. Not one university, or medical facility has recorded one death attributed to marijuana. 5: You can not get addicted to marijuana. There are more kids in addiciton clinics for marijuana for any other substance. However only 3% of the people in rehab for marijuana use are there voluntarily. 97% are either told to by their parents or by a judge. In order, the most addictive to the least addictive substances, nicotine is one, alcohol is two, then heroin, then cocain, then coffee, and then marijuana. Marijauna is at the very bottom… below coffee. If you smoke marijuana every day for a year, and then quit, you will have no withdrawls. You’ll notice differences, but it will not be difficult at all to quit smoking it. 6: Marijuana is only a gateway drug because of its illegalization. Often, drug dealers sell other drugs. Coke, pills, whatever. When you buy weed, illigally, the drug dealer may offer you these drugs, that you would not have originally been exposed to if you went to the gas station and bought some weed legally. The only reason people get exposed to them is because people offer them to you, while your buying a harmless drug, marijuana. Only one out of every 104 marijuana users use cocaine. 7: You will not be useless to society if you smoke marijuana. There are way over 50 million pot smokers in america, and half of the canadian population has tried it, and yet both societies seem to flourish. Steven johnson created the apple computers while smoking pot, the guy who developed CNN smokes pot, you go through every musician you like from the rolling stones, to the beatles, to led zepplin, to snoop dogg, to willy nelson, they all smoke pot. Almost every american president has admitted to smoking pot. People who are lazy and who are gonna lose their jobs, are going to lose their jobs anyway, its not because of marijuana.”oh, plus, “Using figures from a varietyPS, i mixed up the words in the question title on purpose haha :)mariLIZE LEGAjuana,LEGALIZE marijuana .get it ? ;)Oh oops, i just realized i typed too much and it ran out of space.the rest basically said that the government spends around 7 billion dollars a year relating to prohibtion, and regulation/ taxation would actually PROFIT the government around 2 billion dollars.and the question was :Are you for or against the Legalization of weed?
A: I’m stoned and you want me to read all that. it will be a minute. I would support legalizing and taxing it. Then it wouldn’t be a gate way drug, cause you wouldn’t have to deal with the drug crowd to get it.Long term use slows the short term memory, Pot is full of carcenigens so even if studies are inconclusive anything you smoke is bad for you.The Controlled Substances Act of 1970, a federal law, classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug, implying that it has a high potential for abuse and has no acceptable medical use, and thus it prohibits the possession, usage, purchase, sale, and/or cultivation of marijuana. Recently, over a dozen states, most notably California, have decriminalized and legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. However, federal agents still enforce FEDERAL laws in California, and many patients have been arrested and prosecuted for using medical marijuana (in contention with California STATE law). In recent decades, numerous U.S. States have decriminalized personal use of marijuana, in addition to legalizing medicinal use.Some states and local governments have established laws attempting to decriminalize cannabis, which has reduced the number of “simple possession” offenders sent to jail, since federal enforcement agents rarely target individuals directly for such relatively minor offenses. Other state and local governments ask law enforcement agencies to limit enforcement of drug laws with respect to cannabis. In the summer of 2008, congressman Barney Frank pushed for a bill to decriminalize up to 100 grams of marijuana in the United States. Frank is also a supporter of medical marijuana.California passed Proposition 215 in 1996, later renamed the Compassionate Use Act, which would protect anyone from criminal prosecution if recommended by a doctor to use marijuana as relief from some critical illnesses such as cancer, anorexia, AIDS, and glaucoma. In early 2009, California state representative Tom Ammiano introduced a bill, titled Marijuana Control, Regulation, and Education Act, to legalize, regulate, and tax the recreational use of cannabis in California.[5] The bill remains pending. The legalization of Marijuana is said to generate over one billion dollars of state revenue per year. Marijuana would have the same regulations that alcohol has. With every ounce of marijuana sold, there would be a 50-dollar tax. The State of California has a 42 billion dollar budget deficit right now. Placing a tax on marijuana would definitely be beneficial in helping the state get out of this deficit. California alone is estimated to produce about 14 billion dollars worth of marijuana per year. [47]On March 24, 2009, a pair of bills (House Bill 2929 and Senate Bill 1801), seeking to “tax and regulate the cannabis industry”, were introduced into the Massachusetts legislature.The bill seeks to legally regulate the commercial production and distribution of marijuana for adults over 21 years of age. Like California’s proposal, licensing requirements and excise taxes would be imposed on the retail sale of cannabis. Currently in California, marijuana farming is the largest illegal cash crop. If legalized, marijuana will be taxed $1.00 a joint or $50.00 an ounce.[citation needed] By some estimates, these taxes could raise nearly $2 billion in annual state revenue.Economists have not yet reached a conclusion on legalizing marijuana. Most believe that legalizing, regulating, and taxing marijuana would both stimulate the economy and reallocate US funds towards enforcing more dangerous crimes than illicit drug possession. Others believe that the social cost of legalizing marijuana outweighs the economic benefits. [48] Economists such as Robert J. Barro and Gary S. Becker believe that marijuana should be legalized and the profits taxed to act as an economic stimulus to bring the United States out of the recession in 2009. [49] The revenues could be used to increase public awareness about the harmful effects of Marijuana on the body. Legalization would also decrease the $8 billion of government spending on law enforcement in regards to Marijuana possession every year.[50] On the other hand, those such as Joel W. Hay and Paul Taubman believe that the legalization of Marijuana would have negative consequences on society, such as an increase in substance abuse, negating the economic benefits. [51] Overall, the general consensus of economist seems to be opposed to prohibition, but only slightly supporting decriminalization or liberalization. [52] However, most seem to agree that Marijuana Policies in 2008 to 2009 have been ineffective and costly to the government. [53] Daniel K. Benjamin and Roger LeRoy Miller believe that the most effective policy of Marijuana would be the a purely Constitutional approach, which would allow each individual state government to regulate and control Marijuana within their own borders.There are many medical benefits of marijuana. It has been used in the treatment of over 13 different illnesses. [63]The most common treatment are those suffering from cancer. Marijuana has been used to help with the nausea that is commonly associated with chemotherapy treatment. Patients that undergo chemotherapy often experience vomiting and nausea. Marijuana helps combat these feelings so that patients don’t experience these side effects from chemotherapy treatment.[64]Another condition that marijuana has helped with is AIDS Wasting Syndrome. Often patients suffering from AIDS or HIV lose a considerable amount of body weight. Marijuana has been used to help patients maintain a healthy appetite and diet which is important to avoid other infections.[65]Arthritis is an inflammatory joint disorder that causes pain, swelling, and limited movement. This condition inflames and degenerates cartilage and bone in the joint. Marijuana contains chemicals that help reduce pain as well as reduce swelling. There are many anti-inflammatory qualities in marijuana which make it a good treatment for those suffering from Arthritis [66]A study at Columbia University has shown the effects that marijuana can do to one’s immune system. For an entire year a group of people smoked a marijuana cigarette every other day. The results of this study showed that the white-blood-cell count in the participants was 39% less than normal. Losing this many white-blood-cells has a significant effect on the immune system and makes them more vulnerable to sickness or infections. As seen in the study at Columbia University regarding the negative effects that marijuana has on a person’s immune system, marijuana can make a person weaker. People that are sick already have a weak immune system, therefore smoking marijuana will only make their fight against their illness worse.
a nose bleed? ALOT of blood?
Q: i was sitting at my computer when i thought i had a running nose but it was blood, i’ve been really sick with what i think to be bronchitis, but i’ve never had a nose bleed from this sickness before. i’ve been coughing up a lot of mucus(verys from yellow to light brown).my lungs have been hurting a lot too. my roommate told me to go see a doc. on monday, what should i do? is this normal? (the nose bleed)
A: have u been sucking back ur postnasal drip? bc this often dries out the nasopharynx which causes nosebleeds. i wouldnt worry unless it happens again
what literacy devices are used in these sectences?
Q: what are the literacy devices in these sentences, ? :1.Brown eyes and lungs are filled up with smoke2.Fast lives are stuck in the undertoe3.You see our name in city lights4.We’ll make the clock stop5. make your heart drop and come alive6.I’m weak and you were my medicine7.I won’t stop till I am under your skin8.I think we should strike a match We’ll hold it to the wind tosee how long it lasts9.We can make the time stand still
A: They are know by most educated people as literary devices: literacy devices teach people to read. I recommend using some literacy devices in order to answer this question yourself.
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