What is Cat Scratch Fever? How do cats get cat scratch fever? Are they born with it

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Cat-scratch disease is an infection caused a bacterium, which is found in cats and is transmitted from cat to cat by fleas. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-cat-scratch-fever%3F-how-do-cats-get-cat-scratch-fever%3F-are-they-born-with-it ]
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What is Cat Scratch Fever? How do cats get cat scratch fever? Are…?
Cat-scratch disease is an infection caused a bacterium, which is found in cats and is transmitted from cat to cat by fleas. ChaCha

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If you are born with Cat Scratch Fever how can you tell it is catching up to you later on?
Q: When my mom was pregnant with me, in 1993… or 92… She wasn’t feeling well, went to the doctor, and she was told that she had Cat Scratch Fever. Since it was in Michigan, they assumed that a cat some how got into the well water. (They didn’t have any cats so yeah..)Anyways, they figured I’d be born dead. Obviously I wasn’t, so the seven doctors they had there had been a waste. However, they did say watch me once I hit puberty. Well, I’m 15 turning sixteen, and I’m really noticing some weird stuff. I started my period when I was thirteen, I skipped several months during that year, but not as many as now. (I’m not pregnant… >_<) June 27th, 2008 I ended my period, I didn’t get my next period until mid September. I got my period again in early December, and haven’t had it yet, and it is March 4th. (Not sure if it has anything to do with CSF, but hey, I’m just trying to figure this out.) At first I bled heavily, then when June came around and the two times after that, I hardly bled at all. (Awkward..)I noticed some white bumps in my mouth too, I could have simply bitten my cheeks, which I do a lot. But my throat looks kind of black in the back… I’m tired all the time, I can easily sleep for sixteen hours, and still refuse to wake up. I smoke cigarettes, bad I know, but that might be the cause of my problems. Sometimes I REALLY don’t want to eat, and will go a day or two without, or maybe just snacking. I’m not morbidly obeast, but I do way 180 and I’m only 5’6. I have what is called a milk rash on my face and on my upper arms. They are just little bumps, but if you ‘pop’ them, white stuff comes out. I keep getting these horrible colds that stay for two weeks, coughing up green stuff, stuffy head, and a nose that is impossible to breath through. When I do blow my nose, I normally see a spek or two of blood.I’m trying really hard to figure out what is wrong with me, and I’m wondering if it is Cat Scratch Fever. My colds are becoming more current, making it hard to attend school, stay awake in school, pay attention, and it’s making my eyes hurt! I think the cold is tying it all in together.So what, do I have like four months to live, or what?Should I just go to the doctor? (Even if he doesn’t listen because he keeps thinking I’m 12 or something.. >_< I want an adult doctor!) Stupid predestinations. (As in a kid doctor, so sp?)Well, that’s all I’ve got. If you think you know what is going on, PLEASE tell me! I’m starting to get freaked out!
A: I know you’ve heard it before, but stop smoking. Now. That said, you should see a doctor, and realize that a pediatrician is more familiar with developmental issues and diseases in children in general. I was 21 and in the pediatric ward when I lacerated my cornea and let me tell you I was glad to be there. Apparently 21 is the oldest you can be and still go to pediatrics, and they put me there because the nurses actually check in on you more often and tend to be gentler, which was important for me because I had a bad injury to my eye. In contrast, when my brother was in the hospital with gangrene, it took FOREVER to get any help. He was 34 and in the adult ward, and they just did not respond quickly EVER! Most of the time the person who would respond was not a nurse, and we had to wait AGAIN for him to get help, because the orderly is only allowed to do so much.Ok, enough about me. I’ll admit I don’t know jack about Cat Scratch Fever, but I do know that waiting doesn’t help anything. If you wait, then go to a doctor with no clue, you might not have time to find one that does before it gets really bad. If you start taking care of it now, there will be more time to find a specialist that can help you.As for your symptoms, they can be lots of stuff. Consider that you might have several ailments presenting at the same time, like a lingering bacterial infection that never goes away AND a hormone imbalance. If your mucus is green, that means infection, and believe it or not, you can be getting the same cold over and over, that is, you are never getting rid of it all the way and it comes back. And smokers get bronchitis a lot more often than non-smokers. It could also be a vitamin deficiency reducing your resistance, so when you go to the doctor you should get a complete physical, not just a treatment of your symptoms. Talk to them about really wanting to know what’s going on, and ask them to do complete bloodwork, check for hormones, nutrient levels, heavy metals, cholesterol, allergies, etc. The best thing you can to find out what is wrong and beat it, is to keep a good diary of your symptoms, starting with when you first started feeling sick and continuing through present day. Make it as accurate as possible. Write down EVERYTHING you eat EVERYDAY. Also note if any new symptoms occur, if and when your existing symptoms lessen and worsen. And keep track of your general mood, how awake you feel, what times you feel more awake or less awake throughout the day, and how much sleep you are getting.I know it sounds like a lot of work, but after you get used to it, it should really only take ten or twenty minuets a day, and it will help you and your doctor work as a detective team to find the real root of the problem(s)Good luck, and let me know how you do.
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