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The chancre are the sores caused by syphilis (Sexually Transmitted Disease). Keep asking ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-chancre ]
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A chancre is the initial sore or lesion of primary syphilis. It occurs at the site where you were infected. These sores usually do not hurt and will go away by themselves even without treatment. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE SYPHILIS IS GONE-…
A chancre is the typical sore of primary syphilis.
A chancre is a small sore that appears on an individual’s body when he or she contracts syphilis, a sexually transmitted bacterial infection. The sores are usually firm and painless, and manifest primarily on the part of the body that came …

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what happens to the chancre of primary Syphilis when the person is treated ?Is it last or even leave a scar?
Q: Im curious to know if the syphilis sore after treatment totally diminish or leave a scar or a mark….if the chancre present in pubic region
A: As with any other forms of healing, a scar will be left in the area where the chancre is found. But this would usually disappear totally in a matter of 2 weeks.
is a chancre and a wart look similar?
Q: can any type of wart or chancre that look very similar? which one is very hard surface to touch at? I have something very tiny and hard surface on my scrotum. I wonder what that was. it does not cause any pain and disappear in a few days and reappear in few days and disappear again. It looks like a pimple but does not cause pain when touch at it.
A: A wart would not go away and come back like that. Most likely it’s just an infected hair follicle. If it continues to bother you, see a doctor.
what home remidies help mouth sores like chancre sores?
Q: Nothing is open now. I dont have baking stuff on me like baking soda or anything.I have two massive ones and they hurt like a b**** ones in the lip area just inside mouth, and the other is on the left underside of my tounge. Any good ideas?
A: salt water DOESNT WORK…alum..its like a seasoning kinda u can get it at almost any grocery store (a white powder) just dab a bit on it and wash ur hands really good cuz u dont want to get it in ur eyes and keep ur mouth open for it to dry on and it will be gone in a few days (unless they are really bad then a week or so?)
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