What is clinical variation

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A clinical variation refers to the differences in presentation of signs and symptoms of a disease process. ChaCha all day! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-clinical-variation ]
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What is clinical variation
A clinical variation refers to the differences in presentation of signs and symptoms of a disease process. ChaCha all day!
Does cost variation influence clinical outcomes?
Providers of in-patient services can therefore take some comfort from this economic analysis. Differences in the costs of in-patient units are not random. They are linked to important differences in the quality of service provision and in t…
Why is there so much geographic variation in clinical outcome in …?
Eur Heart J 2001 22: 1631-1632.

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what is diffence in standard deviation & coefficient of variation in clinical pathology laboratory?
Q: clinical pathology results generated on automated instruments
A: Clinical pathology laboratories must monitor the accuracy and precision of their lab tests. A “normal” laboratory result will be the test value that is inside two standard deviations of the laboratory’s mean value for that test. In addition to determining whether a given lab result is within normal range, i.e. whether or not it fits within plus or minus two standard deviations, it is important to determine if the mean and standard deviations for that test stays stable or drifts up or down over time. Laboratory accrediting agencies provide calibrated check samples that have precisely known test values.Without regularly using check samples along with patient samples a laboratory might find it difficult to determine when or if its normal values have changed because an instrument has gotten out of calibration or if the patient population has somehow changed.The coefficient of Variation [CV] for a given lab test equals the standard deviation for that test divided by the mean for that test. In general this should be a small number less than one. If the CV gets bigger it means that the test results include more extremely abnormal results or contain errors due to instrument miscalibration or laboratory technician errors. Gradual Drift upward of CV usually signals the need to recalibrate instruments or retrain personnel.
Trait Variation? nonexistence of race within species?
Q: Explain what is meant by a clinical distribution of trait variation. why is this an argument for the nonexistence of races within species?
A: ‘Race’: semantics and confusionThe term ‘race’ engenders much discussion, with little agreement between those who claim that ‘races’ are real (meaning natural) biological entities and those who maintain that they are socially constructed1. The former group sometimes stresses empirical evidence for the existence of biological ‘racial’ differences, and the latter stresses the role that human agency has had in creating distinctions between people (on any level). Biologists also disagree about the meaning of ‘race’, and whether it is applicable to human infraspecific (within-species) variation2, 3, 4, 5.http://www.nature.com/ng/journal/v36/n11s/full/ng1455.html
I’ve Diagnosed Myself…Now What?
Q: For a long time I struggled with the possibility of having clinical depression. However, over time, I realized that my symptoms exactly match that of Hypomania [mild variation Bipolar Disorder]. There are depressive episodes, cycling and varying with the manic periods. As a psych student, further research and understanding only asserts my beliefs. I worry that I could just be a hypochondriac and that I just ”want” the disorder, if that makes any sense. I also feel that walking into a psych office or clinic, with this self-diagnosis, won’t work out so well. Any ideas on what I should do? Thanks for any advice you guys can offer!
A: You should see a medical professional and get a proper diagnosis. You may be right, but the professionals know best and would be able to prescribe the correct medication to control your symptoms.
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