What is contact transmission

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Contact transmission is spreading a disease from person to person by coming into contact with them.AIDS would be an example.ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-contact-transmission ]
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How contact transmission occurs:
・ Contact transmission can occur in two ways: Direct Contact Transmission Indirect Contact Transmission … ・ Involves body-surface to body-surface contact and physical transfer of microorganisms between a susceptible … ・ Involves contact…
What’s the difference between contact transmission and vehicle tr…?
Theoretically it’s only vehicle transmission. This is really a trick question, but what gives it away is that the fetus from the time of conception is fed through the umbilical chord. Many might think it might also be both, but that’s a clo…
What factors increase the risk of HCV transmission by sexual cont…?
HIV coinfection is associated with higher rates of anti-HCV in persons engaged in higher-risk sexual practices. Additionally, in studies of STD clinic attendees and men having sex with men, other STDs (herpes simplex virus, Trichomonas, gon…

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Microbiology question?
Q: If you are exposed to a pathogen because a person sitting very close to you sneezes on you, what kind of transmission is this?A. Direct contact transmissionB. Droplet transmissionC. Indirect contact transmissionD. Vector transmissionE. Vehicle transmissionI am unsure between A. and B. (Can u please explain your answer)But my book explain that transmission is considered contact transmission only if droplets transmit pathogens to a new host within 1 meter of their source. Pathogens that travel more than 1 meter in respiratory droplets is airborne transmission. That is why I am confused between droplet and direct contact transmission. Can u please explain this problem?
A: There is not direct contact in a sneeze unless the person wipes his nose on YOUR sleeve instead of his own.The answer is B. When a person sneezes, tiny drops of nasal and oral secretions are blasted out into the air, which is why we are to cover our nose/mouth when we sneeze. Drops of secretions = droplet transmission.
what is the difference between transmission through indirect contact and fomites?
Q: Is it the same thing or is there a difference?
A: transmission: transmitting from one person to another ….it is direct lets say for example you share something with an infected personindirect …..is through vectors or infected flies or mosquitoes that bite an infected person fomites …an infected person used an inanimate object in which you used as well and infected as a result
What are these red pimple like bumps and blister like bumps on the shaft of my penis?
Q: im 15, im a virgin, i havent been touched on my penis by any girl, i have had no sexual contact or transmission. i do masturbate evryday (which i have heard that is healthy but then again causes these sort of bumps). i just need help, i highly doubt it is an STD, i just wanna know what they are, n if i can get rid of them.
A: bro im sorry i know that hurts but i have the solution go get some hydro cortisone cream from a supermarket or pharmacy …rub it in twice a day for one week and it should clear it right up
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