What is it called when you have Chronic Heartburn

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If you have heartburn regularly it is called Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-it-called-when-you-have-chronic-heartburn ]
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What is it called when you have Chronic Heartburn
If you have heartburn regularly it is called Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease. ChaCha!

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Has Anyone Had Acid Reflux Cause Them Stabbing Abdominal Pain & Back Pain?
Q: 4:45 am I eat a Rice Crispy butterscotch and chocolate bar that is made with corn syrup, sugar, and peanut butter as well. We make these all the time so this is something new that I’ve eaten. I don’t have a history of Acid Reflux and I’ve only heartburn when I was pregnant and on very rare occasions I’ve had some bad heartburn after eating a chocolate bar but all of my pain was in my chest or esphogous.10 mins after eating I start to feel very warm & my stomach starts to hurt. I try to lay down & find a comfortable position but nothing helps. It progressively gets worse & I start to feel sharp stabbing pains in my stomach and it is radiating up my back, waist up. I stand and try to get in to different positions, like on my knees, head down, you name it, and nothing was working. The pain was getting so severe I was starting to cry & I had to wake my husband up for help. I drank some water, nothing, and then I drank some Mylanta and I didnt notice anything different. My husband gave me some milk and nothing changed. I finally had enough and was going to throw up what I ate which I tried to do but couldnt. I laid on the tile floor after trying for a few minutes and the pain was starting to get a little better so I got up and moved back to my room and sat up for another 10 mins until the pain was finally gone. I woke up at 8am and felt like I was hung over as I was exhausted and my stomach was queasy and felt a dull ache. I had to ask my husband to let me go back to bed & he take care of the kids & it wasnt till 11am did I finally wake up enough that and start to get moving. It’s 5pm, central time, right now and I still havent eaten anything as I still feel queasy. I called my doc today & they come back to me saying that my incident was nothing more than acid reflux. Now my husband has acid reflux and he has never had anything like I just described happen to him. I asked the nurse if I didnt have a sugar reaction from eating a ton of sugar on an empty stomach. I’m not diabetic, but it does run in my family and when I was younger I had similar incidents when I would wake up & have a glass of juice I would get a bad stomach ache, I would get the shakes, and I would sweat a lot for about 15 minutes and then I would feel fine. She reassured me that it was nothing more than acid reflux. I told her that I’ve never heard of anyone with stabbing pains in their stomach when having acid reflux & she tells me it can happen but she will relay my message back to the doc again.My doc hasnt been the most reliable when it comes to medical issues I’ve had in the past in regards to proper diagnoises or knowing the problem & doing nothing about it till much too late. So I have to ask everyone if this is common with acid reflux or is my doctor not listening to my symptoms & giving me a proper answer. I’m in good health, age 35, and take 2 meds for ADHD and chronic pain which I’ve been on for 4 years now so nothing new on that front. I don’t drink coffee or alcohol and the soda I do drink are all diet sodas. I’m 10lbs overweight so my weight isn’t a real factor I don’t think and at this time I am not a diabetic or have had issues with blood sugars except from my 2008 pregancy which was the only time in my life I had elevated blood sugars. Thanks for your help!
A: Yes acid reflux can really hurt i have had it since i was 13 and i am 20 now i would have sharp pains in my stomach and chest and i went to the hospital alot before i knew it was acid reflux because i thought i was having a heart attack it sucks i know but some meds are great for that but i really didnt find one that was great but change the way you eat and it should get better in time i did for me at least and i hope it does for you GOD BLESS :]
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