What is it that makes people move constantly

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Huntington’s Disease is a neurological disorder that causes (among other things) involuntary movements and tics. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-it-that-makes-people-move-constantly ]
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What is it that makes people move constantly
Huntington’s Disease is a neurological disorder that causes (among other things) involuntary movements and tics. ChaCha!

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I want your opinion of my essay please?
Q: Any revision/sugestions/opinions will be appreciated thanks!You have probably seen news reporters ranting about violent video games corrupting the youth of America. The news reports have blamed fighting, theft, vandalism, drug use, and even violent shootings on video games. These ridiculous accusations claim video games are subconsciously putting violent thoughts into people’s minds. Many parents support these reports and believe violent video games should not even be legal. I think the media and parents are misplacing the blame. If a child shows bad behavior it usually relates to the parents not showing them the difference between right and wrong. If a child is acting out a violent scene he saw from a video game, it really only shows that the parent failed to show him the difference between fantasy and reality or right from wrong.Contrary to popular belief, video games are not mindless garbage that rots your brain. In fact many players have claimed to become smarter from playing certain games. Many war and first person shooter games require players to use a great deal of strategy to be successful. The game Call of Duty uses real life military tactics along with a lot of technical co operative strategies. I like Call of Duty because the game develops strong leadership and teamwork skills that you will not learn anywhere else. I also like how realistic the game is. It goes into perfect detail of what war is really like. Throughout the game, you play along as an American soldier in World War Two and take part in many historical battles. You even use the exact weapons and vehicles that were used in the war. I actually learned more about the war from this game than in any history class I took in school.Even the most repulsive games such as Gran Theft Auto have educational value. In these types of games players play the role of a mass murdering drug dealer and use all types of weapons and explosives to act out the story line. The game has you doing everything from smashing police cars to starting deadly shootouts. Since the main character is on the run throughout the entire story, playing these games can actually improve a players reflexes and driving skills. There have been studies that have shown these games can improve your concentration by forcing you to process complex moving images while filtering out other distractions that have been purposely put in the game. These games also constantly force you to make quick split second decisions throughout the entire game. This will greatly improve a player’s decision making skills and overall logical thinking. I actually like this game because it is unique from all the other games out there. This was the first major game where you played out the story from the perspective of a criminal the entire game. It makes this game more fun to play because of the excitement of being on the run from police and doing what you would never do in real life.Even though these games have educational value, I agree that many of the games are not suitable for children. In response to these brutal games, the Entertainment Software Association established the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). The ESRB was created in 1994 to help censor and regulate the content of video games. The rating system rates games based on the level of violence, language, sexual content, and drug use. Retail stores are not allowed to sell games to children that are not of the proper age based on the ratings. Using this rating system, there should not be a problem with children playing games that are “too violent”.The economy has benefited as video games rose in popularity. Even though most game systems and games companies are foreign, United States retail stores have seen huge profits because of games like Call of Duty and Gran Theft Auto. In 2004, more than two hundred and forty eight million computer and video games were sold, that makes almost two games for every household in America. This shows that a majority of people are playing these games that were once debated about being legal. There has also been an increase in jobs in the video game industry. Many large American gaming companies employ thousands of people and are still growing.Lately, video game producers have done an excellent job in creating video games that are actually so entertaining that players just do not stop playing. The online games Halo and World of Warcraft have over ten million active players worldwide. Some players play these games over ten hours a day every day. This has caused parents to be cautious on allowing their child to play video games. Children start to play these games and then begin to disregard their schoolwork and throw away their social life. I agree and think this is a problem but surprisingly there are more adults ages twenty one to forty who are playing these games than teenagers ages twelve to eighteen. Despite all of the negative opinions society has about violent vid
A: I like the essay. First, make sure you are allowed to use first person because if you are not then there are some revisions. Second, I think you have to put quotes or something on the names of the games so to show that you are citing from that source. I like the good use of statistics, but maybe in the first few paragraphs maybe you could find some figures on the people who played that particular game. And make sure you have a clear thesis, introduction, body, and conclusion. Good Essay!
We like each other but why hasn’t he asked me out yet?
Q: He’s kind of a shy guy, but we talk all the time during school and hang out on weekends. When I’m around he talks solely to me and his friends even want us to get together. We hang out in groups and we have done stuff (like movies and restaurants) with just the two of us. But when we’re at the movies, I try to get close… and i don’t know if he isn’t catching on or what but he doesn’t make a move. People constantly ask me if we’re dating…it’s so obvious we like each other. He knows that I like him and he has told my friends that he likes me… so what the heck is he waiting for?! Is he just waiting for the right time to ask me out or am i missing something here?
A: Well. I think he doesn’t know that you like him yet. So try to make it more obvious and if he still doesn’t get it than tell him!
Why Is It That People Think They Know the Answers, But Don’t Know What The Hell They Are Talking About?
Q: I now live in China, have for the last year. Transplanted from the USA. I’ve been here three times since 2003.I see people here constantly making declarative statements when it is clear they are not doing their homework. The answers are usually in canned forms and are pretty much coming from talking heads, yell radio commentators and people and organizations that have an obvious axe to grind. This is not just from ultra right and left sources, but even the middle of the road.If people would do the research and see how China has moved forward, especially in the last 20 years and have given their people more freedom then anytime in their 5,000 year history, then it is as clear as day they are moving, at their own pace, in the right direction.It’s time to stop the China bashing and give them credit for making massive improvements.We seem to thrive on negativeness instead of looking at the positive.What do you think?Upwards of 60 million people died under Mao, this is widely regarded as accurate, even with the Chinese government. It is the reasons that are in dispute. The assumption in the west that Mao simply had people rounded up and shot is not accurate. Albeit, post revolution I am sure tens of thousands died in prisons and were shot as being enemies of the state. The carnage under any leader in China, regardless of who won, would have been massive bloodshed. In research I did after my first visit to China I found that most of those 60 million starved to death. The answers are two fold. We have recently learned in the west, that Truman threatened to use nuclear weapons if China didn’t stop its advance down the Korean peninsula and he also used that as leverage to end the war. Post Korean war Mao was afraid of the west and in exchange for much needed weapons technology he sent massive amounts of food to the Soviet Union.. I reiterated that to my friend Xioping and she said that was only a small part of the reason. It was the result of the failure of collective farming. The farmers were no allowed to make a profit from their work and were given quotas with little incentive to hit those goals, so they let their fields go fallow and the local officials sent inaccurate reports back to Beijing stating they had met their crop quota. Simply put, there was no reason for the farmers to produce a bountiful harvest and they became complacent and lazy. Result, mass starvation. Those failed policies were reversed and the harvest went up. What about the bloodshed that went on during the cultural revolution? This was largely the result of lawless Cultural Revolutionary thugs taking the law into their own hands. Therefore, is Mao really the mass murder we’ve been all lead to believe? In one sense yes, after all it was his failed policies and selling of food to the Soviet Union that resulted in that.But did he do it like a Pol Pot, Hitler or Stalin? Apparently not, although the candy coated version from the east vs the carnage version from the west makes it all very suspect, I would rather err on the side of caution and say the truth lies somewhere in the middle.The Google Cyber Wall is pretty damned leaky. China does censor, much of it to stop pornography which doesn’t interest me as long ago I lost interest, and the obvious China hating sites. What I can’t figure though, is one can buy pornography in any number of stores so censorship is kind of a moot point on China’s part, though I have heard that internet pornography is allowed late in the evening. I can see any newspaper web site I want from the west, from sports to bad news reporting on the current state of affairs in China. It is rather tough to hit sites on Fulon Gong and sometimes Tiananmen Square, but other then that, its pretty open to whatever I want to view. However, the bottom line, this is China’s country and if they want to censor, then let them.Why are we so quick to bash China’s actions when we are supporting regimes that probably have more censorship then China and we rarely, if ever hear of that in the news? A USA web site, http://www.oneworld.net which chronicles huge problems with China says their web site is unavailable in China, yet I’m looking at it now.Fact, china has well over a 90% literacy rate.Fact: Religious freedom exists in China. Clergy who has visited here were allowed unfettered access to any religious activity without any government supervision whatsoever. They left with a completely different view of China.Source:http://www.china.org.cnOther sources are easy to find with a google search. What you will find on many sites is outdated news on religious repression in China. While it may exist in some regions, it is not state sanctioned and is against the law.ttpltttttNot bashing Americans, just stating facts. .My best defense of China, especially for people like swissarmor is to come and visit for themselves while leaving the fix it attitude, ugly Americanism and hate politics at home.
A: Yeah, whatever. Thanks for the points!
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