What is it when you die of consumption

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In the old black and white movies, they always referred to a terminally ill person of a particular disease as having Consumption. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-it-when-you-die-of-consumption ]
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What does it mean when you die of consumption
Consumption is an old-fashioned name for tuberculosis, a bacterial disease that often attacks the lungs. ChaCha on!
Why do people die of consumption?
Consumption is an archaic word for Tuberculosis (TB) which is a deadly bacterial infection mainly of the lungs which is treated nowadays with antibiotics.
Do people still die of “consumption”?
the word ‘consumption’ refers to what we know term tuberculosis. The word is old fashioned dating back to a time when physicians did not know what was the root cause of tuberculosis (we now know it is called by members of the TB complex nam…

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I need honest opinions, because I can’t choose. Which of these would work best?
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A: Personally, I think the first one, because as you say, it would be interesting for the whole thing to unfold between her and the protagonist
what do we enjoy in smoking cigaret, when the manufacturer said smoking cigaret will die young.?
Q: hence the manufacturer said smoking will die young i suggestthey should stop manaufacturer cigaret . because if you lookaround the world today many young people are dieing with heart problem damaged through smoking cigaret, and at the same time it affect predinance women who smoking. i personnally would advise the world health organisation and world leaders of every contries to ban cigaret because is notgood for human consumption if i am giving the chance to do so.if you don’t smoke you become healthy and strong, you nowplay ball and do any type of sport with out geting weak, but if you are a smoker you can not , but if you do any sport as a smoker you will quickly get weak and start to breat faster and which make you to die young quickly if there is no quickmedical attention at that moment and i will advise the parent to watch the type of friends their children move withbecause this is how the learn the habbit of smoking. smoking cigaret is dangerious to your health,pls.
A: smokeing is the socond deadliest thing a person can do
When will the human race be free?
Q: It seems everywhere I look people are caught in a web of consumptions and distractions and they stay in this web until they die. What do you think it will take for the human race to break free from this web of deception?
A: free as in not needing society to get by in life ? not unless you want to go back to the stone age,,,, where you hunt your own food make your own clothes clobber a girl on the head to get a wife !! we have all learned that its much easier to depend on other people to get what we need its too bad because it sure has its drawbacks you must conform to society’s rules and regulations you no longer can expect to make your own decisions about your life you have to stay in your place and do what society says you must or they will kill you
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