What is lethargic and parvo

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Lethargic means sluggish. Parvovirus is a highly contagious febrile virus disease of dogs that is spread especially by MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-lethargic-and-parvo ]
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Could vaccines make my puppy lethargic or is it parvo??
~ I know with our pups after shots they often get an upset tummy. And come home and sleep till the next day basically. They got last set of shots today and have been sleeping on and off all afternoon. But they are eating and drinking after …
How can you tell if a dog has parvo? Symptoms are lethargy, weakn…?
take the dog to the vet asap! regardless of what is wrong, the symptoms are enough to warrant an immediate visit!

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What is the chance of survival with parvo virus?
Q: I took my puppy to the vet this morning and she was diagnosed with parvo. She became lethargic on Friday and by Friday evening wasn’t eating or drinking. At that time I assumed she probably ate something from outside and had an upset tummy. I began giving her sugared water through a syringe. Saturday came and she was a little bit better during day and by evening nothing again but she vomited. Then this morning she had an accident and it was loose and bloody, at that time I called the vet and took her in. They were a bit surprised at first look because she was loving and wanted to play with them and seemed quit happy. The vet did a parvo test to be sure she didn’t have it and it then came back positive with parvo. I cried! I have heard so many stories of puppies dying from parvo and I just want to be sure I am doing everything I can to keep her here with me.I am administering 25 ml of IV Fluid four times daily as vet had given to me to do at home, she also took a small amount of rice and has kept it down and a few tsp of water without any negative affects. Is there anything else I could do to help her and what are survival rates with puppies and parvo?She has not vomited again since Sunday, she is holding down liquids and food. The vet said that at her stage she didn’t need to be hospialized and other vets that I called in my area (2) also said that only serious cases of parvo need hospitalized and that hers didn’t seem as serious because of her wanting to play and eat. Also I was told if I wasn’t able to do the iv’s I could bring her back and they would put her in the animal hospital. I am not having problems with doing it I just feel I am hurting her.
A: With most dogs, there is at least a 70% survival rate. Very small (young) puppies, Rottweilers, and Dobermans usually only have a 30-50% chance of survival. ..also, the quicker they get help, the better the chance of survival. There are several types (see link)The vet that sent home IVs for our little mini dach also sent something that was similar to Pepto Bismol to slow down the vomiting. I would switch to Gatorade for her oral fluids, or maybe Pedialyte. Edit: You might also get some NutriCal (PetSmart or online), just in case she stops eating.
Kitten with with possible parvo and how it may spread to my cats. It doesnt seem lethargic, it is very loud?
Q: however it has puss like fecies and will not eat. Only lap water. im force feeding it. My two cats are not vaccinated because i never found the reason to, they are strictly inside cats because of the stray cats in the neighborhood. What is the best way to keep it from spreading until i can bring it to a shelter later this afternoon.
A: Keep the kitten in a different room until you can take it to the shelter. It might be wise to bring your other cat to the shelter to be tested also.
what could be wrong with my cousins dog?
Q: this dog is a sweet and very loving lab mix and my cousin just called me and asked what should she do. the dog is female around 20 months old she had diarrhea sunday all day and throw up once and then yesterday she was fine this morning my cousin and her husband woke up to find diarrhea in the dogs crate and they have had her for about 4 months now they rescued her. what could be wrong she is acting normal other then that. and i believe on parvo they are lethargic right?they are taking her to the vet today.
A: It sounds like she may have eaten something that isn’t agreeing with her. If it does not pass within a few days take her to a vet. Make sure she has plenty of water so that she does not get dehydrated.
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