What is MS and can it kill you

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Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a potentially debilitating disease in which your body’s immune system eats away at the protective More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-ms-and-can-it-kill-you ]
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What is MS and can it kill you
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a potentially debilitating disease in which your body’s immune system eats away at the protective More?
Did lex luger kill ms. elizabeth?
Not directly. I read the article and heard his call to 911. The 911 operator tried to get Luger to do something while the ambulance was on it’s way, but he just kept whining that he didn’t know what to do. If he had paid attention to the op…
Who is ms dubose from to kill a mockingbird?
an old woman who lives near the Finches. she is addicted to morphine, but after she learns she is going to die, she tries to quit. she has withdrawls, and yells at Scout and Jem, so Jem destroys her flowers. Atticus makes them read to her, …

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What people do you think should be casted for this movie story I made up?
Q: It’s a bit long…A remake of the Korean movie series Whispering Corridors. The Korean series (they have 4 so far) have nothing in common except the fact that all movies share the following: All girls high schools, death, horror, uniforms, and female protagonists. They’re all set in different schools and different characters. The series are comepletely unrelated. If you’re interested in the movies:Whispering Corridors (about a ghost of a girl who remains in school as a student for 9 years)Memento Mori (One of two lesbian couples die and threatens the school. (Lesbianism is a taboo subject in SK))Wishing Stairs (One girl dies and tracks her living friend down)Voice (Girl dies mysteriously, and only her friend can hear her.)They’re making a fifth one now. Anyways, this (my story) is a loose remake of the movies, not related to them at all, but still, following the conceptsHere it goes.-Whispering Corridors-A teen high school girl in an all girls school dies, falling off the roof of the 3 story building. One girl has illusions of dragging her dead body, and the young, handsome, male piano teacher also has memories of trifling with a dead body, So along with horror, its like a whodunnit mystery. Who killed her, why’d she die, what happened?Mariah is the suicided girl, and she dies at the 9th grade. At the first day of tenth grade, a new teacher, a ambitious, outgoing, happy British woman, a english teacher, who recently came to America takes attendence, and she calls out the last name “Mariah Wells”. Everyone screams and the friend who gets illusions and a school slut (i’ll explain her) stays, and Kacy (illusion girl) says that Mariah is dead and not here, to a quizzical Ms. Parkinson (The English teacher). Then as the camera zooms out of the class, the halls, and eventually the school, it shows, on the top of that building, a mariah wells, smiling, blood on her uniform. Kacy gets out of that class sick, and recalls (this is the illusion) the memory of her dragging the freshly fallen and bleeding body of Mariah and dragging it down the halls, and throwing the body out, and scrubbing the floor.Kacy’s memories do a big job in the story. They tell the audience that Mariah who had a obsession with the piano, quit quite abruptly, the piano elective class. All the girls loved the modest, quiet, handsome, Mr. Brown. Now, Mr. Brown recalls having Mariah’s dead body too, and his memory is as folloes: He opens the lid of his grand, white piano, and a dead mariah is there. he takes her body out. So was it Kacy, or was it Mr. Brown?Mariah’s ghost comes at school, and haunts the school. She invades the body of Sarah Cowell (slut)- and kacy even notices it. When kacy asks for lead, invaded sarah turns, and for a brief moment, kacy sees Mariah!-and eventually using her advantage of having control over her, kills Sarah. Later, the lonely ghost comes and kills everyone. Kacy is dead, and all her peers too. Ms. Parkinson finds the death of girls, mysteriously deceased in the school peculiar, and investigates. As she coincidently goes into Mr. Brown’s class, she finds it empty, and finds a music book on the piano. she flips through the book of scores and finds that on all four corners of every page, a square photo of Mariah is on it. Mr. Brown was obsessed with Mariah! Finding this strange, she goes and finds in Mariah’s locker, a diary, and in an entry, it says that she was raped by- you can comprehend whom.One night, Ms. Parkinson meets the ghost Mariah, and knowing that Mr. Brown and other girls’ lives were at risk, asks not to kill more innocent lives to fill her own misfortune. Mariah says that she’ll kill no more, once she gets a body to live in. She wanted to live , then be a ghost, unnoticed by the world and lonely. she literally kills Ms. Parkinson’s body to the state that no soul could exist in. But, mariah, having been through a emotional pain that enabled her to take on any pain, gets in the impossible body, and days later, the Ms. arkinson gets a miraculous recovery and gets out of the hospital. At the last scene, as she looks into a mirror, there is a smiling Mariah Wells.I’ll put scary things on there. Like Kacy’s death scene. She gets a late night tutoring by Ms Parkinson for her missing assignments (she was gone, i’ll explain why), she gets out and her locker’s lock’s curved part extends and expands, choking Kacy. however, on a different perspective, the lock’s curvy parts are mariah’s fingernails.When Ms. Parkinson realizes she forgot her keys, she goes back in, and finds a girl in halls.She approaches the girl, and asks what she doing. The girl, in front of a room, crouched, head covered in knees and arms around the folded legs, hair everywhere answers “Waiting””You mean for a friend?” nod. “Kacy?” another nod.She leaves the girl and goes to her car, and for a split second, sees a girl walikng, a girl she just talked to- with only whites in her eyesNext morning, she finds out that Kacy’s dead body was there at the exact spot she talked to that girl.Kacy had a dead father when she was 7. deeply inpacted, she started getting this psychological problem that, whenever she saw a dead body, she thought that the victim’s death was caused by her. For that reason, she felt guilty for Mariah’s death, and was meantally hospitalized.Mariah’s house life contributed to suicide. She had a recently deceased dad soon before her own death, and a mother who became psycho for that.the dragging the dead and the trail of blood in halls scene is a real scene, and Kacy, after bring the only one to see mariah dead (it was afterschool and Kacy and Mariah stayed, and the suicide occured during when Kacy was in the bathroom), she thinks that she killed mariah and tries to cover the evidence by doing that. She dumps her in a green, huge trash bin outside. Mr. Brown finds that, and takes her body. Days later, he looks at the decayed and beloved Mariah’s body and decides to report her death.The rape scene is shown from the pointofview of a mirror. Mariah, after having a afterschool practice, is suddenly pushe to the ground, then Mr. brown unzips his pants , then crouches down to her. that’s all it would show.OK. So here;’s what i have in mind.Mariah- Kristen StewartKacy- Emily BrowningParkinson- Keira KnightlySarah- ?Mr. Brown- Michael Varten,Okay. Mariah is a outgoing, enthusiastic, girl who talks moderate amount. Perfect stewart.Kacy is quiet, shy, and generally afraid.Mr. Brown is passionate for education, unlike most other teachers in the school where only straight A kids can get admitted to. He is quiet, modest, sweet, good-natured, innocent, and pure. But his love for Mariah was obsessive.Sarah is the hardest to imagine. She is a school-slut. She is known to have night jobs. She is promiscuous for a living, and is veru impure. She is in a highly thick (white) makeup in a obvious way, has blue-purple eye shadow, thick black eyeliner, and huge mascara is applied. She has black hair, vertically slightly below the shoulders, and horizontally straight. the hair has three layers. Top (To the head) middle (to the neck) and bottom (to the bottom of the hair.) She had obnoxious side bangs and chews gum like a cow. Any star fit that description?Thanks for reading!So who do you think could be Sarah Cowell, and do you have any suggestions to different characters?eg:) Kristen Stewart should be Kacy, and Emily Browning should be Mariah.Thanks!
A: lol my name is Kacie too ( just spelled differently), and yes I think those are really good choices for the roles. I think Emily Browning would be good at Kacy and Kristin Stewart at Mariah. Yeah, Sarah is a hard one, maybe Daveigh Chase?? ( She plays the scary girl in THE RING.)Good luck and hope I helped! (:
calculus problem using calculus prove the following?
Q: Usind information provided prove ms. silvers did kill mr. wylder using calculus and how what do you do!!?prosecutionthe dead body of mr. wylder was found by the library at 10:40 AM on thursday, march 5. the cause of death was determined to be lethal injection with a substance that causes immediate death upon entering the bloodstream. the syringe was was found at the scene with ms. silvers fingerprints on it. needless to say ms. silvers is a prime suspect. in fact two reliable eye witnesses saw ms. silvers near the library at 10:30 AM that same day. Ms. silvers alibi of being in calculus clas can be verified but only from 9:31 to 10: 21. the purpose of this investigation is to prove ms. silvers innosence or guilt.Additional facts:1) mrs. silvers works part time in a pharmaceutical lab and handles alot of syringes, so it is not unlikly for a syringe to have her fingerprints on it.2) All DNA evidence in this case has been thrown out due to multiple lad errors3) The body temperature of Mr. Wylder was 96 degrees at 10:40 AM. The body temperature was recorded again at 10:46 AM and found out to be 95 degrees.4) the official temperature on Thursday morning was recorded to be 0 degrees at 9:40 AM, and 35 degrees at 10:40 AM.5) three days before the murder, mr Wylder visted a docter, at which his body temperature was recorded at excactly 101 degrees.6)On the morning of the murder, before coming to work,Mr. Wylder wrote the following journal entry: ” i have felt terrible ever since i had that horrible calc test. and for the past few days, i had a terrible fever, i finally feel better today, not 100 percent, but nearly back to normal.”7) Newtons law of cooling is used to model the temperature change of an object of some temperature placed in an enviornment of a different temperature. the lwas statesdT/dt = k (T – R)where T is the temperature of the object at time t, R is the temperature of the surronding enviornment (constant) and k is the constant of proportionality. what this law says is that the rate of change of temperaturee is proportional to the difference betweeen the the temperature of the object and that of the sorrounding enviornment.in order to get the previous equation to something that we can use, we must solve the differential equation. Hint: seperate the variables. get all the T’s on one side and all the t’s on the other side. the constants can be on either side.Note that outdoor temperature is not constant it is a sin function but in this short time span it is safe to assume a linier model for time to temperature.please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A: dT/dt = k(T – R) –> dT/(T – R) = k dtln(T – R) = kt + c –> T – R = c*e^(kt)If we presume linear heating of the air, then at 1030am the outside temperature would have been 35*(10:30 – 9:40) = 29 degrees.We will also presume that Mr. Wylder’s body temperature at death was 99 degrees (he felt better but not perfect).Therefore we will call 1030 time 0; we have 99 – 29 = c*e(k*0) = c –> c = 70.At 1040am, t = .1667 (10 minutes converted into hours) and Mr. Wylder was at 96 degrees. Also, the ambient temperature at that time would have been 35 degrees. 96 – 35 = 61 = 70*e^(.1667k) = 70*e^.1667*e^k–>61/(70*e^.1667) = .737623772 = e^k –> k = -.3043Our cooling model now looks like this: T = 70*e(-.3043t) + R with t measured in hours. The question is: will the body cool another degree in only 6 minutes?The ambient temperature would have been 38.5 degrees. 70*e(-.3043*.26667) + 38.5 = 103.04 — too hot. Even if the ambient temperature remaind constant at 35, the model gives a measure of 99.5, which is still too hot.Conclusion: Mr. Wylder was killed *before* 1030am.If he were killed at 1022am, the model would now look like this (numbers adjusted; I leave that as an exercise for you):T = 75.1*e^(-.5246t) + R. This model still gives a projected body temperature a little too high for the known value of 95 at 10:46am.If Mr. Wylder were still suffering from his fever that morning then Ms. Silvers is innocent–she couldn’t have killed him even at 10:22am or his body wouldn’t have cooled enough. If he did *not* have a fever that morning then the circumstancial evidence points to her guilt.It is possible that my use of different R values at different points in time might have led to some error.
Has anyone read to kill a mockingbird? I really need help on some character development stuff…?
Q: Okay, well I need to know all you can tell me about Ms. Gates.What she represents. How she is important to the story. Her character development. WHATEVER I JUST NEED IT NOW, AND I NEED IT FASTI ALREADY CHECKED SPARKNOTES
A: Ms. Gates is Scout’s teacher. She talks about how Hitler is such a bad person for doing things to people, the Jews, who have never done anything to you.She represents Maycomb County. She is important to the story because she shows how people in Maycomb County are hypocrites because they treat the negros in the same way Hitler treated the Jews.
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