What is mylenoma

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Multiple myeloma (also known as MM, myeloma, plasma cell myeloma, or as Kahler’s disease after Otto Kahler) is a cancer of plasma cells. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-mylenoma ]
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What is mylenoma
Multiple myeloma (also known as MM, myeloma, plasma cell myeloma, or as Kahler’s disease after Otto Kahler) is a cancer of plasma cells.
What Is Multiple Mylenoma?
・ As multiple myeloma progresses, symptoms are more likely to appear. The most common symptoms include… ・ Exact causes of multiple myeloma are not yet known. Doctors know that the disease starts with irregular… ・ Multiple myeloma is mos…

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Q: The diagnosis is Multiple Mylenoma.
A: Many people with multiple myeloma want to take an active part in making decisions about their medical care. It is natural to want to learn all you can about your disease and your treatment choices. However, shock and stress after the diagnosis can make it hard to think of everything you want to ask the doctor. It often helps to make a list of questions before an appointment.To help remember what the doctor says, you may take notes or ask whether you may use a tape recorder. You may also want to have a family member or friend with you when you talk to the doctor – to take part in the discussion, to take notes, or just to listen.You do not need to ask all your questions at once. You will have other chances to ask your doctor to explain things that are not clear and to ask for more information.Your doctor may refer you to a specialist, or you may ask for a referral. Specialists who treat multiple myeloma include medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and hematologists.Getting a second opinionBefore starting treatment, you might want a second opinion about the diagnosis and treatment plan. Many insurance companies cover a second opinion if you or your doctor requests it. It may take some time and effort to gather medical records and arrange to see another doctor. Usually it is not a problem to take several weeks to get a second opinion. In most cases, the delay in starting treatment will not make treatment less effective. To make sure, you should discuss this delay with your doctor. Some people with multiple myeloma need treatment right away.There are a number of ways to find a doctor for a second opinion: * Your doctor may refer you to one or more specialists. At cancer centers, several specialists often work together as a team. * The NCI’s Cancer Information Service, at 1-800-4-CANCER, can tell you about nearby treatment centers. Information Specialists also can provide online assistance through LiveHelp at http://www.cancer.gov. * A local or state medical society, a nearby hospital, or a medical school can usually provide the names of specialists in your area. * The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) has a list of doctors who have had training and passed exams in their specialty. You can find this list in the Official ABMS Directory of Board Certified Medical Specialists. This Directory is in most public libraries. Or you can look up doctors at http://www.abms.org. (Click on “Who’s Certified.”) * The NCI provides a helpful fact sheet called “How To Find a Doctor or Treatment Facility If You Have Cancer.” * Nonprofit organizations with an interest in multiple myeloma may be of help. See the NCI fact sheet “National Organizations That Offer Services to People With Cancer and Their Families.”
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