What is something interesting in the medical field

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Nuclear medicine technologists give radiopharmaceuticals to patients to find a disease based on metabolic changes. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-something-interesting-in-the-medical-field ]
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What is something interesting in the medical field
Nuclear medicine technologists give radiopharmaceuticals to patients to find a disease based on metabolic changes. ChaCha on!
Why did you choose to examine attention failures in the medical f…?
Attention failures are particularly important when they occur in medical settings because they afford much greater potential for disastrous consequences. We want to focus our initial efforts on areas that stand to benefit the most from our …
What kind of extracurricular activities should someone interested…?
You’re wasting your time. Just focus on your grades and test scores. Nobody will give you a medical related job that would impress a medical school, until you’ve gotten some kind of college degree. Remember that most Med School applicants s…

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Want to go to college something in medical field, want a year program what careers make the most?
Q: I’m not greedy just want a better job than the one I currently have, and just don’t feel fulfilled in what I’m doing now. I’ve always been interested in the medical field want more of a hands-on job than behind the scene. I am currently a asst. manager and want something less stressful and not the one in charge. I’m a people person and by nature love to help other people, any suggestions?
A: Most one-year programs lead to low paying positions, relatively speaking. Here is a range of programs to think about:CNA — typically 10 weeks, low paying and hard workEMT — 6 months to 1 year, starting is relatively low pay. Stress can be low to very high.Medical Assistant — Most that I have seen are 2 years. I wouldn’t call them good pay, but might compare to your present asst. manager position. But then, so would the EMT position.LPN nurse — About 1 1/2 to 2 years. Probably slightly higher pay than MA. The work will be more stressful.Radiology Tech — About 2 to 3 years. Decent pay, moderate stress job (probably less stressful than the nurse)RN nurse — From 3 to 4 or more years. Good pay, same stress level as the LPN.
Which college courses do you need for the medical field?
Q: I’m interested in the medical field (something that has to do with eye doctors) and want to take some online college courses. Also, what are the different types of eye doctors are in the medical field? Like – eye doctor, assistant – stuff like that?
A: chemistry (organic and inorganic), biology classes, anatomy and physiology most likely, some math, some english. Usually, if you are majoring in biology, all pre-reqs for med school are met.
Career change – become something in medical field in UK, pharmacy-midwife or nutrionist?
Q: I am actually really fed up of doing really boring admin job – doing nothing but just typing away on PC for 7hrs a day – pay is less too- really making me depressedI want to become something which is worth being. I really enjoy science, however i cant make my mind up.I dont know which would be good for me – be a nutrionist or pharmacists or midwife. i can only choose 1. I like meeting new peopleI am 24 yrs oldi am willing to go back to college and start from scratch. and spend money on courses. I passed my GCSE. I have no A levels.where do i start? i know i have to do my A levels in sciencewhat else do i have to do? after that?which career is more interesting from the 3.which course is lot tougher and stressful? which takes longer to complete?i like to earn at least 30k or more annually thanks in advance
A: You really need to pick the one that interests you the most, they are all very different careers and it may be wise to try and get some work experience or at least talk to a nutritionist, a pharmacist and a midwife to gain an appreciation for what they actually do. Maybe you could ask at your local hospital and arrange to meet with them individually to ask them questions. Some hospitals go to career fairs and open days and that would be something worth investigating. Most midwives I know (Im a nurse by the way) see their job as a vocation or a calling, it would have been their only choice and they did not consider anything else. It takes a lot of emotional committment and needs to be something you are desperate to do, you could say it is almost something that needs to be in your blood! I think anyone can be a midwife, it takes a very special person to be a good one though. You will need to do your A levels in science regardless of your choice, would be good to do English, Biology and Chemistry if you can. And at least this gives you another 2 years to consider your career options, time to perhaps do some part time work in your local hospital and get a feel for the environment.I would have said pharmacist is the longer of the courses and tougher, you will need a degree in pharmacy approved by the RPSGB (usually 3-4 years). Entry requirements for a pharmacy degree are usually three A levels and five GCSEs. A levels should include chemistry and one other science subject (preferably biology). Graduates must spend a pre-registration year in practical training in a community or hospital pharmacy. Starting salary £22,000.Midwives have to do a 4 year degree course, 5 GCSEs at C or above, to include English, Maths and a Science subject, 240 credits from 3 A Levels. Starting salary £19,166.Nutritionists (or dieticians) need a BSc in dietetics, a four year course. For the degree course, you will need five GCSEs, including maths and English, and at least two relevant A levels. At least one science is usually required. £22,886 starting salary.Hope that helps!
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