What is the book ‘Still Alice’ about

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Still Alice, by Lisa Genova, is the story of a woman slowing losing her memory to Alzheimer’s disease. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-book-%27still-alice%27-about ]
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What do you think of this book entitled ‘Still Alice’??
I read it for a book group i’m in. Didn’t really want to read it. The first half of the book made me feel very uncomfortible. Kind of scary ‘could this happen to me?’ It really gave me good insight into how someone I work with sees things…

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The Book ‘Still Alice’ by Lisa Genova?
Q: Has anyone heard of this book before or have you read it? It is a New York Times Bestseller so I assume that it is popular but before I got it I had never heard of it before. I am about halfway through it and it is very good. It is extremely well written and I love the medical side to it even though at some points it is difficult to understand since I’m only 14. If you have read this book what are your thoughts on it? Did you like it? Thanks for any input! XD
A: I haven’t read it, but I was just at the bookstore a half hour ago and thought of buying it! Maybe I’ll go back now…
what’s special about that book?
Q: why is that i still go back to “ALICES’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND” and read it with the same passion i used to read it with as a child (though i m an adult now)?
A: There’s something for everyone. Whimsical plot and simple plot for young children, pot-smoking caterpillars for teenagers, and deep profound implications for adults.I love that book too. 8D
Why does Breaking Dawn make me want my money back?
Q: **Spoilers**So.. I’ve read quite a few things on this site about how much people hated Breaking Dawn, and I figured it was time to put my 2 cents in, seeing as how I am actually (and I hate to use the terminology at all) part of TEAM EDWARD.It seems there is a divided view that anyone who was rooting for Jacob HATES the book, and anyone rooting for EDWARD loved it.Not so.This book is garbage.I will admit that through a greater part of it I was reading along happily. Lots of things were tied shoddily together–like how S.Meyer never really had to own up to Bella’s immortality. Let’s just make a convienient part where she either dies or becomes a vampire.. that way we avoid all that messy plot-building conflict with her and Edward.. because the story is not about them anymore.The story is about how much money S.Meyer needed to make since people have taken an interest in her stories. It feels like she forced this book out of something that could have easily been wrapped up two books ago. She stretched it out too far, and lost a lot of credibility. I mean seriously.. toward the end we find out that Jacob … is not a werewolf… .. ..Shapeshifters?!? You mean this whole time he could have popped out into a bird or something.. it was just COIENCIDENCE that he and the 20-something other WOLVES that end up being there at the end were wolves.(not werewolves.. shapeshifter wolves)And nobody knew this besides the Volturi. Or even how we skim blissfully over the fact that FEMALE vampires are unable to reproduce, but since males go unchanged for bladda blah blah something can happen and some dusty old soldiers made their way out of him, still living in the body of someone physically dead? (which we don’t even get that much explanation.. they just shrug their shoulders and start planning on killing it)Then they start talking to the baby while it is inside of her.That pretty much made me lose it. Almost as bad as Bella ‘skipping the first year’ of her new-born-ness with some stupid excuse for willpower? And she’s schmoozing around with Charlie in no time! And guess what!! They let him in on it! And he has no other reaction besides “ohh.. ok.. if you say so..”I would think any respectable father (a sherriff no less) would freak out and cause more conflict, try to expose these monsters for the greater good. C’mon!! He never liked Edward anyway!Or then the kicker. The big fight. We waste all but the last quarter of the book preparing for, watching them build up and gather others, wondering about Alice’s clues, and seeing them assemble for the biggest fight EVAR…and then they talk… and talk… and growl at eachother.. and talk.. and then POPmagical fairy Alice shows up again and is dragging ANOTHER immortal child that is fully grown .. oh how lovely… to show off to the Volturi. So then despite all the effort the Volturi just kind of put their hoods back up and float off.And then everyone prances off to the last chapter aptly titled “Happily Ever After”I wish I had read something like this before I wasted $30 on this peice of garbage .. that’s not even fit to hold up my uneven kitchen table. Seriously. If you haven’t wasted your money yet.. DONT DO IT. Don’t see the movie either, as I am sure they will make one.. and it is going to suck WORSE than the book (unless you are 14 and in high-school, thinking that vampires really do exist and you want to be one some day)… in which case you are a lost cause anyway.Just too much was missing here.Anybody figured out a way to get our money back?
A: The whole series had it flaws. Way to emo. I understand at certain points you need to have that, but seriously way overdone. And Bella puts up no fuss ever. They both are constantly caving to each other through the whole thing. Seriously make them like a real couple and at each others throats (no pun intended). And yes the last book was awful. I could bear the first three, but the last one… awful. I like the idea, but the execution was just awful for every reason you stated.
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