What is the British disease

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The post WW2 pattern decline of British workmanship due to industrial unrest and labor strikes is the British disease. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-british-disease ]
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What is the British disease
The post WW2 pattern decline of British workmanship due to industrial unrest and labor strikes is the British disease. ChaCha!
What does British disease mean?
The post WW2 pattern decline of British workmanship due to industrial unrest and labour strikes.
Is it true that mental retardation was originally called “Th…?
Mental retardation is a symptom of syphillis which the French called the ‘English disease’, however, every European country had a nickname for Syphillis which was instulting to other countries. The British called it the ‘French disease’ The…

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Did the portuguese or British bring diseases to Africa?
Q: If so what are the types/names?Im doing an essay about africa and it includes thisbut i cant find in any of the books i borrowed if they did.and how did the invaders destruct the local language ?these are the only two sub headings im stuck on :thank you for your time =D
A: Portuguese with capital P
What reasons led to the amount of casualties in WWI?
Q: I’m writing an essay for History and think that I might go into why there were so many casualties in WWI (because I’m having trouble coming up with a lot of information for diseases).This could include diseases, British command, sanitary and any others you can think of.Cheers.
A: Trench warfare has been around for a long time, it has been in battles back in ancient times it just the difference is the scale of the entrenchment. What was the problem was that the armies were playing with an out-dated strategy guide that weapons of the day had killed off. Mass Charges with anything was a waste of time with better artillery that have better accuracy and more powerful shells, and the machine guns where eating a nice meal of blood and guts. the problem was now the generals had to make whole new strategies on the fly and the failure was a cost of human lives. This was the death of the tactics of Napoleon and the birth of Modern war. What happened in the American civil war (and they were in trench warfare near the end) was happening now. The old game changed a lot and if they don’t adapt, soldiers die.Diseases was a good killer for the British, they were living in a ditch and basiclly killed a good number of them. The Germans were on high ground, concrete trenches, the main problem was being close to a lot of people from different areas and exposure when on gaurd duty. Weather was a killer to, mud was a big one, it sucked people into the ground and gave them a tomb with no name over it.
Diseases Brought Into India By the British?
Q: What were some diseases that the British spread to India in the 1800’s when they became imperialist and took over the country (of India) ? Do you know where I could find the answer to this question?
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