What is the call of a rotten egg burp

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Release of gas from esophagus and stomach through mouth from eating or drinking to fast. Could be a sign of acid reflux disease. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-call-of-a-rotten-egg-burp ]
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What causes the rotten egg burp?
h pylori – stomach bacteria also gastroenteritis and various other tummy bugs take it easy!
How can I get rid of it? rotten egg burp
Sounds like something you can get from Constipation, GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease), or from a Hernia. My suggestion is to go to the doctor and see what’s causing it and if you can find out why then you can get on medication that w…
How can you make rotten egg burps go away?
Everyone’s answer that I looked on here for cure and cause were wrong. The rotten egg burps are cause by a chemical reaction from a certain bateria that is in your stomach. Well guess what?? That chemical that is being produced in your s…

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Eat and go to bed… What happens to me?
Q: if i eat late at night and i dont wait at the least an hour before i go to bed the food in my stomach will go bad and in the morning i will get what i like to call egg burps… which means when i burp it tastes like rotten egg…YUMMM… anyway you can eat but make sure you wait an hour…. oh wait i forgot after i have egg burps for a whole day i go to bed again and i get up in the middle of the night and i blow chunks all over the bathroom…EVEN MORE YUMMM… WTF IS WRONG WITH ME??????1st dude 2 answer ur a meany face
A: Your body is digesting your food and that takes energy and produces gases.try to eat sometihing light or eat earlier and you will have no problemgood night…sweet dreams…
Is diarrhea, gas, and nausea early pregnancy symptoms?
Q: I started having nausea about three and a half weeks ago. It normally would happen in the middle of the night, wake me from a dead sleep, a couple times I actually got up and vomited(sorry if tmi) it would go away for a day or so and come right back. That has also been mixed with lower abdominal cramping, bloatedness, horrible what seems like “rotten egg” burps, gas (I know I’m sounding like a treat to be around LOL) and most recently diarrhea. It was really been severe only two days ago and I have no idea what it could be. I’ll be fine for a few hours the it will hit me suddenly. Food has not be appetizing to me lately, when I eat I don’t get nauseated until an hour or so later. I took a hpt two weeks ago and it was negative. Also, I have PCOS so I don’t have a regular period so I can’t really say if I’m late or not. I thought at first I had a bug but this has been going on way too long for it to be a bug. Any suggestions? Could this be early pregnancy symptoms? I need some advice. I tried calling my doctor but they said to wait a couple weeks and call them back if nothing’s changed. Oh one last thing, I’ve also been extremely thirsty the past week. So, can anyone shed any light? Thanks!Sorry, I left out a few details, most importantly hubby and I are ttc. However, we’ve put all the meds to rest for the past 5 months (got sick of the stress, etc) since I have PCOS, that’s why I was taking them, again due to the PCOS I DO NOT have a regular period so I couldn’t tell you if/when to expect one. Also, I have been having lower back pains and mild pain in my upper things. I know it’s not diabetes been tested for that and everything was great.
A: It sounds like it could be. My suggestion is get a test for peace of mind and knowing for sure. If it has been happening for at least 3 weeks, you will get a positive test. Also, did you have unprotected sex? It may also just be something in your diet
Tummy problems?
Q: About a month ago, I started having the rotten-egg burps… (nasty!) and ended up throwing up for a day or so. Then, starting a couple of nights ago, they came back! I haven’t gotten sick yet though. My stomach feels like it’s knotted. It’s the weirdest feeling I’ve ever felt. I don’t know how to describe what it really feels like, it’s just painful (not as painful as it is discomfort) and it makes my feel like my stomach is full, and I have absolutely no desire to eat, and when I do eat, I eat about half my food and feel nauseated. Any ideas? I’m going to call and make a DR. appointment first thing on Monday.**I am not pregnant – it isn’t physically possible anymore.**
A: iron cuts iron. So try eating rotten eggs to counter rotten egg burps. It will help u a lot
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