What is the cure for heart disease

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At present, there is no cure for heart disease. The cure for heart disease is possibly on the horizon with the pace of advancement in medicine. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-cure-for-heart-disease ]
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What is the cure for heart disease?
At present, there is no cure for heart disease. the cure for heart disease is probably on the horizon with the pace of advancement in medicine. You can’t cure heart disease, you can only treat it and prevent it getting worse. if you have he…
Is there a cure for heart desease?
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How can i cure heart disease?
I don’t think you can cure heart disease you can only treat it and try to prevent it getting any worse. The only person you can prescribe the best treatment is your doctor or heart specialist. Good luck.

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Kevin Trudeau Natural Cures For Heart Disease. Does anyone have an expert stating how to cure it?
Q: My boyfriend is fifteen and is basicly a miracle child. When he was born his first two weeks were spent in a coma. He was blue and his death was certain. The only thing that kept him alive was because his grandmother, who is a multi millionaire along with other ritch relatives, paid to keep him alive. Even with all the money spent, his parents were told he would surely die. When he was still an infant tubes were put inside of his brain to take out liquids that were stuck in his brain from birth. He was diagnosed with a horrribly working heart and set of lungs. His lungs are so horrible that if he smoked one cigarette, his chances of death are at a staggering 50% rate. Smokeing, Marijuana, cocaine and other illegal substances are suicide for him. Although man surgurys were performed on him as a child to keep him alive, his parents were again told that he would die at the age of 8. One day before the surgury that would make him live for only a few years longer, possibly to 11 if he were lucky, the symptoms stopped. My boyfriend feels extremely embarrised about this story and rarely tells it. He never tells me what the disease was or what kind of heart disease it is. He takes 2 pills a day for his heart. He was recently also diagnosed with Asthma. He is an absolute myracle child.However recently, his heart is begiing to grow worse. The holes in his heart havent healed and his time is begining to run short. Although he does what the doctors say, he is not seeming to get any results.I have 2 questions. First off, does anyone know what kind of specific heart disease this is that he has? And second, Do you know how to cure it without surgury, medication, etc? We are looking for an herbal remedy or something similar. Something that is not extremely costly.Im asking something very sincere that comes from my heart. I’m not asking a dumb question about hair products or trying to get help on my history report. I’m asking a question of life and death matters. His family can take him to no more doctors. They have no more money and neither does mine. His ritch families have all gone bankrupt. I’m so afraid I’ll lose him. If you can help me, I’ll be indebted to you forever.I can understand loseing him at an early age such as 40 or 50. But loseing him at 15 or 16 is not only unfair, but it is absolutely ungodly after everything he has been through just to survive.
A: Although I know a lot about circulatory problems, this is essentially something beyond my range of expertise (he’s basically in the “you’re screwed” category).I do have a few ideas however.First question:How much is your boyfriend willing to work/change his living habits?Ie. if he had to do two hours of tai chi a day would he be willing to?Second:Where does he live?If the problem is coming primarily from a deformed heart, I think his only options are to get a transplant or dramatically reduce the stress on the heart (and lungs). The only way I know to do that is with advanced tai chi/chi gung. Depending on the area he is in, there might be a proficient teacher available who can help him stabilize his problems.Let me know if your boyfriend is actually motived to go through a lot of work to try and deal with this (suprisingly most people on the brink of death are not). If he is I can start looking about for stuff.If I run into my friend who knows a lot about weird conditions, I’ll find out if there’s some sort of supplement that can be taken (although I seriously doubt it). Otherwise, I’ll talk to the tai chi people I know about this.Hope that helped a bit 😐
Is There a Cure for Congestive Heart Disease?
Q: i have been diagnosed with CHD (Congestive Heart Disease) and the Cardiologist said that it was inborn, at least what can i do to cure this disease?It’s Congenital Heart Disease, I’m Sorry for misspelling the word.Wait a second, i got my heart scanned by using 2D ECHO, i was uncomfortable while i was being scanned, because i was tickled by the scanner, and because of that, i was holding my breath and then taking long breaths after a portion of my chest finished scanning. can it, by any chance, affect the outcome of the scan? because i don’t think i have CHD.
A: Is there a cure? Well that all depends on what type of congenital heart disease you have. My son was born with congenital heart disease. He required surgery at 11 days old. Your doctor will go over what type of heart disease you have. He will let you know if you require surgery or just good lifestyle choices. Holding your breath has no effect on the echo-cardiogram. They are looking at images of your heart not your lungs.
What are the best natural cure for clogged heart arteries?
Q: Also, can you give me some of the best vitamins for the heart. I’ve heard vitamin C is good for the arteries but alas, unproven claims interspersing about vitamin c otherwise.Some of my arteries or capillaries are apparently blocked coz of symptoms e.g. shortness of breath, on and off chest pains i’m feelin lately. I’d visited physicians but all of them scoof me that i’m too young to have heart diseases. They perform some tests e.g. physical check up, ekg, & 2d echo w/ doppler and all upshots went well.All i need to know now for the mean time, before another sojourn to a different doc, is the exceptional BEST HOME and NATURAL cure and extraordinary essential tips to declog this onset blocking.Lastly, having an examplar blood pressure, does that underscores good heart too? If you have an onset clogged arteries does that affect blood pressure performance?Thanks. I need badly the planet’s help!Lionel, 30, Cebu, Philippines
A: Niacin can be used to increase your good cholesterol (HDL) and it is over the counter.Extended release formulation (Niaspan®): 500 mg at bedtime for 4 weeks, then 1 g at bedtime for 4 weeks; adjust dose to response and tolerance; can increase to a maximum of 2 g/day, but only at 500 mg/day at 4-week intervals You may experience flushing, sensation of heat, or headache; these reactions may be decreased by increasing dose slowly or by taking aspirin (consult prescriber) 30-60 minutes prior to taking niacin.
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