What is the danger of high protein

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The only known danger from high protein diets is for individuals with kidney disease. After careful study, they recommend that 10 percent to 35 percent of daily calories come from protein. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-danger-of-high-protein ]
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What Are the Dangers of High Protein Diets?
・ Shortly after starting a high protein diet, you may experience fatigue associated with a decrease in… ・ Though you may initially lose a lot of weight on a high protein diet, most of it is actually water weight… ・ Though it is generall…
Is a high protein intake dangerous?
If you eat more protein than you need, your body excretes the nitrogen portion as urea. The rest of the protein is available as an energy source, or converted to fat. The body doesn’t store excess protein, although there is an amino acid po…
Are grains necessary? Is high protein dangerous?
Depends on the grain. Corn, for instance, is a great source of amino acids (particularly cystine) and when combined with certain complementary meat proteins can make a complete protein source (no single protein source is perfectly balance…

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What are the dangers of having high protein levels when pregnant due in Oct currently on bed rest.?
Q: My friends daughter is pregnant she is due in October, her Doctor put her on bed-rest due to high levels of protein. On Monday she will be tested again for protein levels if still high they will be inducing labor. My question is why and what are the dangers?
A: I believe that you are referring to high levels of protein in her urine. That is caused by pre-eclampsia. That is just a fancy name for high blood pressure which is caused by the pregnancy. The reason they would induce that is if blood pressure gets too high and stays that way for a long time it can cause seizures and strokes. The protein in the urine over a period of time can cause irreparable damage to the kidneys. The only way to make it go away is to deliver the child.
What are the dangers of a high protein Diet?
Q: My entire face is chafing-even around my eyes and nose. What can I start eating in the Protein family that will help this situation?
A: Time magazine (May 5th 2004) forever with its finger on the pulse has identified the potential harms that might result from prolonged dedication to the high protein diet. Too much protein has the ability to leech protein from bones leading to an increased risk for developing osteoporosis. Diets that are devoid of fruit and limited exposure to vegetables as carbohydrates have to be restricted might lead to essential nutrient deficiencies. Then there are the dangers of a high saturated fat diet, which might result in the formation of cholesterol deposits that block up blood vessels. The interesting thing about the high protein diet is that a recent television show screened in the UK which attempted to identify the core reason for weight loss with this diet found that the primary reason for this diets success was the reduced calories people were consuming when on a high protein diet. What an excessive amount of protein in the diet does is to switch on satiety early on so that fullness is experienced after the consumption of limited portions of food and therefore less is eaten and weight loss results. To put it simply this is what all weight loss programmes tell us. To lose weight you have to eat less and high protein diets make this easier to achieve. Whether this type of diet is actually healthy for us is up for debate.
what are the dangers of high protein diets?
A: In the absence of carbohydrate fuel, the human body is forced to burn body and dietary fat and protein to fulfil its energy needs. The breakdown products of burning large quantities of body fat for fuel are called ketones. They will begin to accumulate in the body. A build-up of ketones in the body can cause all kinds of damage to vital organs such as the liver and the kidneys. The build-up deranges the body’s balance of acids and alkalines, causing a condition called acidosis. When the levels of ketones in the body reach dangerous proportions, the dieter finds him- or herself in the same kind of state as a diabetic who has not used any insulin. Unless immediate treatment is applied, he/she can slip into a coma, which may result in death. So although you will lose body fat on a high-protein weight loss diet, you will be exposing your body to a great many risks. You may damage your kidneys, and your liver, you will be depleting your muscle tissue and you may even die. The latter risk is well documented and regular reports are published in the medical literature describing deaths that result from the use of high-protein weight loss diets.
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