What is the demand of a marine biologist

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They study the origins, behavior, diseases, genetics, and life processes of animals and wildlife of the marine environment. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-demand-of-a-marine-biologist ]
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What is the demand for a marine biologist?
Marine biologist is high in demand.
Is demand for a marine biologist going to increase?
most likely. more sea animals are going extinct so they are going to need more people to find out why
Will marine biologists ever be in demand?
Yes they’ll be in demand in future(4-5yrs).the reason s global warming.as gw increases the marine life form alters due to change in temperature of ocean. Some life forms like corals need particular temp beyond which they’ll die.to investiga…

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what windows will a degree in marine biology open?
Q: I am thinking of going to school for a ms degree in marine biology. i am wondering if there is a demand for marine biologists and what is the average pay is?
A: there definitely isn’t a demand for marine biologists. Very competitive to find a job. average pay is around 45K a year, but can range from 30K to 100K a year depending on the job and experience
I want to be a Marine Wildlife Vet…?
Q: does this even exist as a career? Also if it does, what degree should I pursue as my four year degree, and what vet school is most highly recomended? Finally, I read that the demand for marine biologists is far below the supply of them. Does this mean my chances are slim of being successful in my chosen field? Im very confused, I just know that I want to be in the water with all the marine life for a living.
A: Yes and no. Most colleges you will end up with just a normal “vet” degree but you can specialize in aquatics or marine mammals. There might be some college out there that has a marine vet degree, but I have yet to hear of one. As you go through vet school you will take classes that will direct you towards what you really want to work on. For example the course study for a domestic animal vet varies from the course study of an exotic vet. Sometimes, depending on which college you go to you can also major and minor in something to further help you. For example major in your vet field but perhaps minor in marine biology.The only thing is with a focus on marine life your jobs are going to be very limited. You might have to start out working on land animals first.Your chances are slim only because there are few jobs. You might also want to look at marine parks or aquariums. You might not always be “in the water” but you will be working with aquatics.Good luck.
What is the difference between a medical doctor and biologist?
Q: You’ve probably seen my other question on Animal Care related education. As I am researching availabilities and demand for Wildlife Office, Veterinary Technician, Marine Biologist, Animal Technician, etc. I began to wonder, How do DVMs differ from Biologist/Marine Biologists and other Animal Care workers? Zoology degrees are so limited, general, and expensive on the East Coast that I wish i would have stated in WA. (Sorry, if this sounds similar to my last question) So, my next question is, can a Vet Tech Associate’s be applied to a Biology BA? Or can Biology BA be applied to a PhD in VM? Will I get I find work in Animal Care, at say a local pet store, with a Bio. degree or would I have to have a Vet Tech instead?It may seem like I am confused about which way to go, but the truth is I want to be as flexible as possible because of the stiff competition in both the Zoo Keeper and Vet. Medicine markets.
A: Biologists and Veterinarians are COMPLETELY different jobs. Vets mostly work in an office and see animal patients much like a doctor for humans and treat them, perform surgery etc. Sure, some vets work with wildlife in a zoo setting or out in nature…but these jobs are few and far between. Biologists work mostly outdoors doing wildlife surveys, and managing wildlife, studying animal behavior, nest searching, banding birds, doing vegetation surveys, etc. They do not provide medical attention to wildlife or perform surgery etc. Also, you don’t need a degree to work in a pet store. Mostly they pay minimum wage and will hire just about anybody. Also, many zoos do not require a degree (although it is preferred). Some have volunteer programs and internships to work you way up to a paid position but competition could be fierce.
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