What is the disease related to a gluten allergy

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Gluten allergy is called celiac disease. (Sometimes Gluten Sensitive enteropathy, Nontropical Sprue, or Celiac Sprue) [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-disease-related-to-a-gluten-allergy ]
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What is the difference between celiac disease, gluten intolerance…?
Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease. Gluten causes a reaction that triggers the body to attack itself, specifically, the lining of the intestines. If you have a gluten or wheat allergy , the body launches an exaggerated response to the …
What’s the difference between celiac disease and a gluten allergy…?
A gluten allergy is just like any allergy and releases histamines and causes issues like hives, sniffles, and anything else that your body can do reacting to it. Celiac disease is a gluten intolerance caused by the gluten changing the linin…
How Do You Treat Gluten Allergy Diseases?
Gluten intolerance cannot be cured. The condition will be present for the life of the individual. The only treatment is to permanently remove gluten from the diet. The condition does not require medications and none have proven to improve t…

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What is going on with my body?
Q: There are some really weird things going on that are worrying me. They may or may not be related. I have been to the doctor once but not since due to an insurance fiasco. First, no matter what I eat, I feel weird after. I wouldn’t say I feel nauseous and I don’t vomit, I have his feeling like I’m hungry again, I have what seems like heart burn, I get bad gas (out of both ends) and have searing pain from the middle of my abdomen up to my chest randomly. It is mainly when I eat grain products and dairy, but I just had a salad and I feel that way too. I have had this once before, two years ago, but this is worse. I have never been very regular and I am more constipated now. Second, I have strange pain under my ribs and in my upper back, especially when I breathe out. This isn’t constant but at least once a day I feel this. It is annoying. I also have some pain at the top of my breasts, pretty much on my chest. This is what I went to the doctor for initially and they pretty much said they didn’t know what was wrong and that it was probably stress. I am busy and under a lot of stress as a senior in college, but even when I’m relaxed I feel this. Third, I have lower back, lower abdominal and pelvic pain sometimes. This has occurred in the past and never bothered me but I find myself concerned. Cramps are normal before and during my period but not after, like now. I am sexually active but I am very careful (we use condoms, the pill and he won’t ejaculate inside the condom while he’s in me) and have one partner, so there is no way I could be pregnant or have an STI. I have been tested since my last partner and I was clean. I had a normal period this month also. Fourth, and this has been going on for a very long time, I am extremely fatigued all the time. I can get an hour of sleep, 8 hours of sleep or a whole day of sleep and still feel the same. Putting one foot in front of the other is a chore, forget working out. I’ve gained weight because of this. I am taking multivitamins to see if that helps and it’s not helping so far. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? These are all real symptoms. My mom says I’m a hypochondriac but I am just trying to take care of myself and want some peace of mind until I can get back to the doctor. My friend has something similar going on and they have no idea what’s wrong. Her main issue is the feeling sick after eating anything. I’ve thought of IBS, gallbladder issues, Crones disease, endometriosis, an ovarian cyst, some sort of infection, pregnancy (which I definitely am not after the normal period), a thyroid problem, a gluten allergy, etc. Not sure if any of those things are possibilities, I will probably have blood drawn at the appointment. Has anyone else felt this way? Any info. would be great.Just to clear something up, I got the insurance mess taken care of today. I have coverage and have made an appointment for next week. I just want to hear some opinions. 🙂
A: It sounds like classic IBS —– Irritable Bowel Syndrome —– it will cause those various pains you are describing, as well as fatigue, etc. I understand about the insurance mess, but you really need to have other things ruled out and get a diagnosis from your doctor. Fiber is often a treatment for IBS, if that’s what you have.
Formula Feeding/Breast feeding dilemma (no lectures please)…Not sure what to do? What are some options?
Q: Okay I’m pretty set on formula feeding. But there is also that feeling (well I’ll admit I have friends trying to guilt me into breast feeding)They tell me she will be healthier, smarter, and have a better start. But I know kids who were both breast fed and formula fed and I don’t see a difference really in health (other than genetics. I don’t see a difference in intelligence, though I ‘ve known both breast fed kids and formula fed kids that had the common sense of a rock and weren’t that bright.Personally I have a health concern that I feel that if I breastfed it could hurt her. But I only deal with that about 2 months out of the year. Not every year but quite a few. I’m put on major allergy medicines, steriods, sometimes antibiotics to wipe it out. Sometimes it clears up in a week, sometimes it takes 2 months. Last year I was sick for the entire spring the year before as well. (Its all allergy related) And being that I am allergic to a lot of medicine I’m afraid to breastfeed during all that. Now she is being born Mid February and last year March is when that whole mess started for me. I’m praying this year I avoid it all together. Because I have to use different meds each time, some work one year some don’t the next.Part of me feels maybe I should try and breast feed for a few weeks and then switch to formula. I wouldn’t actually be breastfeeding though, I would pump and give it to her in a bottle. I am not comfortable with breastfeeding, same reason my mom and grandma didn’t breastfeed.Maybe it would be better for her if I just started her on Formula. We are all pretty much lacose intolerant in our family. There have been a lot of cholicky babies too that had to go off breast milk and onto a special formula. Personally every woman in my family suffers from IBS and my sis was the youngest to be diagnosed at 11 years old. Theres crohns disease and we have one person (My grandfather who is gluten intolerant and has Celiacs and they thought all these years he was just lactose intolerant)This is something I know I have to discuss with my doctor, but I almost wonder if it would be best to put her on a special formula from the start.I also heard though that breastmilk even for a little while would reduce her risk for crohns and IBS. Even with her family history. Is this true?What are your thoughts on this? I mean I probably won’t make a decision until the day she is born but part of me thinks maybe I should give her breast milk as long as I can and then switch to formula…..but part of me feels it may be best to just start with formula.What would you do? What would you suggest?ADD: This has really been weighing on me the last few months. I think I know what I want to do but what if what I want to do isn’t best for her? (either way)Anyways I keep going back and forth in my mind over thisI would do anything to prevent her from having this problem, but obviously its genetic and I can find no concrete evidence that it does prevent this illnessI don’t really want to breastfeed but if it gives her a chance of not getting IBS or Crohns (which is an awful thing to have by the way, I suffer from IBS terribly) then it would be worth it.Even if I could only do it that way for a short time, that could improve her chances of not developing it. Then I would do it.again if I knew for a fact that it could prevent her from having IBS or crohns I would bf in a heartbeat…..but if it doesn’t then I think whats the point.Again I have been told that it can reduce the chances……does anyone know if that is correct?Because IBS, Crohns, Celiacs is awful. Some worse than others, I’m thankful I only have IBS…but it sucks
A: There is no proof one way or the other, common sense would say that breast would have benefits. But there is no way it can be proved one way or the other. To many other factors come into play with raising children. Along with what a person puts into their body’s and genetics.
Should I get tested for Celiac disease?
Q: 6 months ago I was under a lot of stress and my seasonal allergies were kicking my a$$, and I started gradually developing excruciating, intermittent abdominal pain 3-5 hours after eating. The pain felt sharp like bad gas pain, and tended to move around my lower abdomen, like gas pain. However, despite feeling like I had gas (pain + bloating), I could only pas a little at a time. I was getting low-grade fevers when the pain would start up, which went away shortly after the pain. During these episodes, I constantly felt like I was going to have diarrhea, but was usually constipated or had a weird light tan-colored BM. I thought it was IBS, which my mom has, and so I went on the “BRAT” diet, and ate a lot of toast, and got a lot worse. At that point, I cut out soy, gluten, and artificial sweeteners (I hadn’t quit chewing gum), and about 4 days later felt better than I had in months. I added soy and gum back in, and felt fine. Before all this happened, I was a health-food junkie and ate a ton of whole-wheat, multi-grain foods, and was basically addicted to Kashi products.Fast forward to today. I have eaten almost no gluten in 6 months, but haven’t had a Celiac test, because I don’t have health insurance and don’t particularly want a colonoscopy. Yesterday I ate a sandwich with regular bread, because the server forgot I asked for gluten free bread, but I’d already walked 2 miles back to work with my sandwich in the -4 degree weather and was starving. Today, I am exhausted, feverish, I have patches on my tongue, and I have felt like I was about to have explosive diarrhea about 6 times today, only to find I could barely poop.Also, not sure if this is related, I had a test for autoimmune disorders when I was 15, and tested positive for elevated anti-nuclear antibodies (ANA), but they had no idea what caused it, and let the matter drop. I also have SEVERE seasonal allergies (i.e., ragweed gives me whole-body hives, even with steroids).Does anyone have Celiac, or know someone with it, and does it sound like I should suck it up and get the test? (Realizing I’d have to start eating gluten regularly to be diagnosed… ugh.)
A: My sister was just diagnosed with it and she had all the same symptoms you had 6 months ago. Yes, I would most definitely get tested for it.My ANA was also elevated years ago and my doctors chalked it up to my thryoid problem….so now, I am going back and getting tested for Celiac due to my sister’s recent prognosis. I’m slightly nervous though because I LOVE my breads and whole grains. Best of luck to you!!
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