What is the disease where you get cut easily

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Von Willebrand’s disease is a hereditary deficiency or abnormality of the blood protein von Willebrand factor, which affects MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-disease-where-you-get-cut-easily ]
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What is the disease where you get cut easily
Von Willebrand’s disease is a hereditary deficiency or abnormality of the blood protein von Willebrand factor, which affects MORE?

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Q: Great ideas are born at universities, where students are challenged to think up new solutions to problems. Once class is over, these ideas often gather dust. At the University of South Florida, however, a small company is now turning great student ideas into reality. Rather than have student inventions remain on the sketchpad or be purchased by someone else, Rehab Ideas is striving to put them to use. Rehab Ideas is run by Professor Stephen Sundarrao. He introduces his engineering students to people with disabilities. Then, he asks his students to create products that will help these people. A few years ago, Travis Watkins was one of Sundarrao’s students. When Watkins was asked to design an engineering project to help people with disabilities, the first person who came to mind was his father. His father had once cherished walks along the beach. However, an illness known as Lou Gehrig’s disease had left him in a wheelchair, unable to walk. Regular wheelchairs cannot go on the beach. So Watkins came up with a solution. He created a sturdy, wheeled platform that attaches to a wheelchair. It moves easily over uneven, rocky, or sandy ground. Watkins’ wheelchair platform is one of a handful of student creations that Sundarrao believes has potential. Other Rehab Ideas products include an aluminum crutch that folds up neatly to fit into a purse. There is also a mechanical arm that can grab a textbook out of a backpack attached to the back of a wheelchair. Rehab Ideas products add to a commercial field that includes replacement body parts, swimming fins for people who have lost limbs, and adaptive equipment for hunting and fishing. Rehab Ideas products range in price from $695 for a tray that attaches to a wheelchair to $4,495 for the beach wheelchair platform. Student designers get a small cut of the profits, said Sundarrao. More importantly, they have the experience of seeing their designs become real products for sale. This is an opportunity that most college students don’t get. It is made possible because Rehab Ideas is part of the University of South Florida’s business incubator. A business incubator is a program that helps young businesses get started. For a price, the University of South Florida’s business incubator gives students and faculty support and guidance. It also provides materials and work space. There are many business incubators at universities around the country. Mike Shipp is director of rehabilitation services at Louisiana Tech University. He says that business incubators not only help businesses, but the universities, too. “I think what universities recognized several years ago is, if you want to attract … and keep good [teachers], and bring new students in, you have to do what you can to support their research and ideas,” Shipp said. “Everyone gains from that.” Sundarrao and his students are certainly gaining from the university’s support of Rehab Ideas. The company’s clients are benefiting, too, but in a different way. Christopher Rhoades is 19. He uses a wheelchair. Recently, Rhoades visited Sundarrao’s class. His mother accompanied him. She watched as Rhoades maneuvered the wheelchair platform designed by Travis Watkins. She cried as Rhoades used the mechanical arm to take a book from the backpack behind his wheelchair. “It just seems so simple but yet it’s such a huge thing. [It is] one less thing that he has to ask someone else to do for him,” Rhoades’ mother said.
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