What is the greasy pig

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Greasy pig is the name of pig disease caused by the bacterium Staphylococcus hyicus which invades abraded skin causing infection. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-greasy-pig ]
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What does greasy-pig mean?
To be a greasy-pig you must in any situtation come out on top.
Why is my Guinea Pigs coat so greasy?
It might be he breed. Silky guniea pigs have hair that naturally greasy hair. You could use a wet wash cloth and drag it over him, you can probably get some of the grease of that way.
Do u need to clean to clean a guinea pigs grease glands?
Not really unless you are going to get into showing. If you see the area geting a bit yucky, you can always give it a quick clean, but there is no harm in not cleaning it. The scent gland is just at the tip of their rear end, just above the…

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Anyone used DHC products?
Q: So here I am sitting here with their olive oil moisturiser on, feeling like a greasy pig, wondering whether it will really make my skin soft or if it will do what I feel like it is doing – clogging my pores and making me break out. For the record, I LOVE their cleansers so I’m not knocking their products – but not liking the feel of this oil moisturiser (although it is only day 1…).
A: I believe that their olive oil moisturizer is a gimmick. They are charging you a lot for what is basically olive oil.Olive oil in itself doesn’t tend to make people break out, but it is possible. Once you rinse your skin, it will be wonderfully soft.You can buy unrefined olive oil (the deeper the color, the more pure and unrefined it is) and get the same benefits, and there are also many other wonderful oils out there…rosehip, sweet almond, jojoba and grapeseed oils are also very nice.You can use these all by themselves and they all have their own unique benefits. The oil you choose depends on the problem you are trying to address.Anyway, I have tried their pure soap (the see through one) and love its appearance, and it is quite gentle, but the simple ingredient list doesn’t make the price worth it to me.You can find most if not all of these oils and a good healthfood store. For information on oils and to get unrefined organic ones cheap, try mountainroseherbs.com. And a good makeup/skincare review site is makeupalley.com. There should be plenty of reviews on DHC products there.
I clogged the toilet at my girlfriends sister’s wedding and my GF is mad.?
Q: I’m 360 pounds and had to used the restroom after the cocktail hour. There was an open bar and they were passing around a ton of horderves. I think either the raw oysters or the greasy pigs in a blanket did me in. Plus I was wacking down Jack Daniels (which usually binds me).I flushed a few times, I don’t know what happened. I had on a suit which was uncomfortable and tight dress shoes. It ended up flooding the men’s room and was a big mess. My suit jacket fell in the water spill and my pant’s cuffs were soaked. My girlfriend said she was embarrassed and I wrecked things. I can’t be dainty like her. She weighs 85 pounds and I like the way she looks. She wants me to drop a few pounds and said I should apologize to her sister and the husband. She claims we don’t look good together but I am supporting her and she don’t complain about that. She drives my old town car.Its not my fault the reception place had bad plumbing. Should I tell them all to go F themselves?
A: First of all dont be worryed its not your fault and she should get over it if she keeps making fun of you you should brake up with her
Fungal Infection?
Q: Hey guys,i was wondering does this sound like a fungal infection to you,(on my guinea pig.)he has a greasy coat.lots of dandrufflarge lesions on his back, thinning of the hair,non stop stratchingbaldness around lesionsplease help.he is going in for a skin scraping this week and a skin biopsy.but i think its a fungal infection.and if anyone knows what treatment is needed that would be great and is it exspensive?thanks
A: These symptoms could also be due to mites, and the lesions are caused by the severe scratching.Treatment for ringworm or other fungal infection is with an antifungal cream and maybe also oral medication. You can also bathe him in an antifungal dandruff shampoo for humans such as Nizoral as this will help to soothe and cool the skin.Treatment for mites would be with two or more doses of Ivermectin. The first dose will not kill the eggs, so the second and third doses are required to kill the newly hatched mites. This is normally given topically behind the ears or can also be injected or given orally.If this is ringworm, this is highly contagious, so you should wear gloves and protective clothing when you handle him and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards to avoid being infected yourself.Treatment for both if these would also include cleaning out his cage and contents thoroughly in a mixture of bleach and water at a rate of 1:10 and this will need to be done regularly until treatment is complete.
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