What is the grossest disease known to man

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Huntington’s disease results from genetically programmed degeneration of brain cells called neurons, in certain areas of the brain [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-grossest-disease-known-to-man ]
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What is the grossest disease known to man
Huntington’s disease results from genetically programmed degeneration of brain cells called neurons, in certain areas of the brain

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Q: So, I’m moving into my sisters old house and to say the least, she’s not very neat. And the bathroom is a total disaster. No joke. It’s scary. The tub isn’t white any more. The sink is nasty. The toilet is, well, gross. What can I use (besides thick rubber gloves, gas mask, and 5 gallons of bleach) to make the room sparkle again? OK maybe not sparkle but at least not give me a disease not known to man kind yet. Any suggestions of products, tools or techniques? I’d really appreciate it.
A: Rubber gloves is a great suggestion. When my hubby and I bought a bar, I was the one to clean bathrooms, I started with the ceiling and worked my way down, did the walls baseboards, get ur self a sturdy step ladder and a bucket, and while ur at wall mart buy super clean, u will be amazed at how clean every thing will get, also aside from bleach get lime away and bam, these products will make the job much easier. Have fun and when ur done, make sure ur first to use the potty.
How come all of the Men(seeking) men on craigslist are all about sex and the men(seeking)women are for……..?
Q: long term relationships.?what is the deal?all the men seeking men have pictures of their penises out or their ass hanging out with their face cut off looking for a quick blow job or quick fukc buddy. A lot of them are “MARRIED!!” and they’re so disgusting, like they say they wanna swallow and all of this vulgar sh(i)t. How do they even know the guys they are hooking up with aren’t HIV+…they really make gay people look bad. They take their fukc buddies word for it whether or not they’re disease free. All the men seeking women or women seeking men are about long term relationships, (face pics), and looking for something more than just sex. It makes gay people look like all they want to do is have sex. It’s gross! I looked on the romantic section for menSEEKINGmen and there was 2 posts!!I want to say that the gay community is better than this, but I’m losing faith in it. I never see any romantic aspect of homosexuality besides on t.v. Even the gay guys on t.v. are superficial. All of the guys on craigslist, they want jock jock jocks and big penises. EWWWWWW!!! I’m 18, I’m gay, and I feel like it’s the majority and I’m losing hope that I’ll ever be in a long term relationship. :(((((((NEVERMIND!! I JUST CHECKED “CASUAL ENCOUNTERS” FOR MEN SEEKING WOMEN AND IT WAS JUST AS BAD IF NOT WORSE!!!! LOL….I HAVE HOPE AGAIN!!!!!!
A: women also lie on craigslist.they want relationships?? how about money. they really mean money.if not by the hour, then they only want a guy with money.either way, at least the guys are honest.
women(or men) have you ever gone into a public bathroom and it just smells bad…?
Q: like the women had some sort of horrible infection down there? the smell so strong its still in the room after she is gone. gross i know, that happend to me and i wondering if i could catch this from the toilet seat. what kind of disease would that be?
A: That is nothing: the public toilets on the shores in Michigan put up for fishermen are one of the worst cases for diseases I have even seen, you can smell them from 300 feet away and you can’t use them. Everyone I know uses them to hide behind while doing their job. I suggest you use sanitized wipes for these public toilets in Walmart and other places and put down safety throw away seats most of them have or put toilet paper down. Wash your hands good and try not to even touch the faucet handle, new ones have automatic taps now. I believe you can get every disease known to man from these places and the ones that are clean and actually smell good should be commended.
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