What is the longest word that is longer than 1000 words

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Since I have an SMS text limit, I can’t really send the word, but it starts with Acetylseryltyrosylsery… a lung disease. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-longest-word-that-is-longer-than-1000-words ]
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How to Write, Revise and Publish Stories Less than 1000 Words Lon…?
ANGELA PALAZZOLO , conference producer/director, is a writer, actress, and special events consultant. She produces and directs the annual Columbus Writers Conference, now in its 15th year. In addition, for more than six years, she produced …

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Can anyone help me with ideas on writing a 1000 word paper on respect?
Q: So, to give a background of what happened : I’m in the Marine Corps, a Cpl actually. Yesterday after work, one of my junior marines was pulled aside by a Sgt and there was yelling involved. I politely asked what exactly was going on, not only to be informed about my junior marines, but also so I could fix the problem. I was told to mind my own business, so I stated that I had a right to know, so I could correct the problem, and the Sgt eventually agreed and told me to follow her. What I thought was going to be an informative conversation, started with me getting screamed at for something I was oblivious about. Apparently the Sgt had told my marine 2 days ago to do something, which he had yet to do, but I was unaware of this fact. I asked the Sgt to please calm down, I knew she was angry, but I just needed to know what needed to be fixed. She told me I couldn’t speak to her that way, got right up in my face, and screamed “shut up”. I looked at the Sgt like she lost her mind and said “uh, f**k you”. I am now getting charged and have to write 1000 word paper on respect. First off, I can’t think of what to write, because yes, while I had a moment of lapsed judgment, I still don’t feel that us, both being adults, couldn’t handle this on a different level. First off, why should I always take the disrespect and belittling? I’m a human being as well. I was able to hold my own, listening to all she had to say, but then I got told to shut up. I believe there are other ways to tell someone to hush their mouths because you don’t want to listen to them…but shut up? Really? I understand my way of doing things was not very appropriate, so I understand the charge sheet, and the paper writing (though I believe I graduated both high school and college and assumed done with essays) but I don’t understand why I get punished because she’s been in this job longer than I have been and picked up Sgt recently because she got extra points for re-enlisting. Okay, so yes, she’s of a higher grade, but… respect is respect, there’s no if, ands or buts. Why everyone can’t just show respect is beyond me…and why I have to be treated like dirt and take it, but then say one (extremely unprofessional) disrespectful thing and they go cry about it. My SgtMaj always says “it makes you tougher – all this disrespect”, so please, what happened? Why are those of a higher rank not tougher in skin, but rather fragile to the point where they can’t take a little verbal abuse, but I’m suppose to be slaughtered verbally and stand up straight like nothing just happened. Hypocritical? Yes. And I can’t seem to write about it, because I don’t disagree with what I did, so…any ideas?I AM going to write the paper. I just need ideas on WHAT to write it about. I can’t THINK of anything because I don’t feel that I was WRONG. I also understand this is not the place for me, but I didn’t realize that until I joined but not because of the yelling. I understand yelling, but there doesn’t need to be belittling. It’s unnecessary. Thank you for your input though, I just need ideas on what exactly to write about in this situation. I can do definitions…but my mentality right now is that I want the respect I’m suppose to give. I obviously can’t write my paper on that, so I just need a little shove in the right direction, so I’m not going in circles trying to please people.
A: take your self out of the picture….1. pull together the facts – and by facts I mean what can be agreed on from either position. remove emotion2. look at the situation from the consequences of all possible solutions – what actually happened versus the other options that were available to you3. look at the situation from a matter of fairness related to all possible solutions4. look at the situation from a matter of trustworthiness related to all possible solutionsfrom those four perspectives, you should be able to summarize what the ethical solution should have been based on supportive conclusions from an ethical standpoint.in other words, equate respect to ethics – if you find other options could have addressed the situation differently, don’t be afraid to admit that. it seems the point of this exercise is for you to examine other avenues that could have been used – even if i would agree by the information you have provided that their was an equal amount of disrespect direct towards you.
1000 word essay…serious critiquers please…interpretation of art?
Q: I know this is not poetry…but it is an essay I had to do for a class, and I would like your critique before I submit it. I am posting in this section because I have found the best writers with the most honest opinions to be in the poetry section.With this essay, I was to take a piece of art and interpret it in a way that represented my childhood. It is a bit lengthy…just under 1000 words, but opinions are greatly appreciated. It is based on the painting “Vincent’s Chair” by Vincent van Gogh, which you can view through this link http://www.geocities.com/alanalogue/24.j…As far back as I can remember, I have always had a love for books. During early childhood, I discovered reading as an escape from my home life. For those couple of hours, the words on those crisp, clean pages allowed me to be someone different. This became a problem for me, because my family could not understand why I would rather be inside reading, than outside playing with the other children on the block. But for me, reading meant comfort. I knew that the people in the text could not tease me. They would not pick apart everything about me, as my stepmother did. They could not put me down for being too skinny or being too quiet. It was just me with my book, safe in my room. I always felt very lonely, which is what the chair in this photo represents. It is alone in the room, waiting for someone, to notice it, to sit there, to keep it warm. But no one ever does, and so it sits alone, waiting patiently. No one stops long enough to recognize the chair. Eventually, my love for reading transcended into a love for poetry, as well. I always found it hard to verbally express my emotions, for fear of being chastised, as I always was by my step-mom and step-siblings. Amazingly, with a pen in my hand, and a blank sheet of paper in front of me, I was free. I could finally describe in words the raw emotion that I had locked up deep inside. This caused even more problems to arise. I was thrown into counseling to discover what it was that was wrong with me. I was the one they couldn’t “figure out”, the “problem child.” I was abnormal because I was so quiet around them. What they did not understand is that their words were what did it to me. I was never given praise. Everything I did was considered wrong; the way I walked, the way I talked, even the way I put dishes away. I would sneak phone calls to my mom, pleading with her to come take me away from them. The pipe in this photo represents my mother. It is laying there on the chair, offering the only companionship the chair has, but it is so small compared to the chair, that it finds it hard to comfort the chair. My mom being so far away and limited as to what she could do, is what made it so hard for her to comfort me. Eventually, I gave up on trying to please them. I turned inwards. I threw myself even more into my reading and my poetry. I developed a very vivid imagination, and lived inside my head most of the time. I joined soccer so that I could get away. I would go to the playground and hit the ball against the wooden wall until curfew. Anything to be alone, away from them. I remember that I would cry the whole walk home; I did not want to walk into that house and see those faces, and hear their criticism. At the age of ten, I ran away, but I never made it to my mom’s house. I hardly made it out of Wernersville, two towns away from where I started. This only made things worse, as I was put back into counseling. This is where I discovered my love for art. I would not talk to the counselors; I didn’t want to be there. I felt that I was not the one who needed to be there and I was afraid that everything I said would be repeated to my Dad and step-mom, which would just make things worse for me at home. So I drew. I would draw pictures for that whole hour. I would draw myself with my mom and my sister, pretending that I was really there with them. I needed them so badly, but was only allowed two days every other weekend. On Sundays, when it was time to go back, I would beg to stay with my mom. I can still remember the heart wrenching feeling I would wake up with on Sunday mornings. I would have such an empty, sad feeling inside of me, because I knew that in a couple of hours I was going back to that house. My mom knew, but there was nothing she could do until I was twelve. The door in the painting represents my twelfth birthday, a new beginning. An escape from that cold, lonely room of solitude and sadness. When I turned twelve, I would be able to decide where I wanted to live. So, the countdown for my twelfth birthday began. The morning of my twelfth birthday came on a rainy August day. I remember that it was raining, because I remember looking out the window and thinking that it is raining now, but eventually the sun will come back out. And it did. Four months later, I turned the knob on that door, opened it, and walked through. But, the things I dealt with earlier on are still with me. There are memories that I had stored way back in the depths of my mind, which I have avoided until I began writing this. There are also the things that are present in me every day. My inability to trust, my inability to allow myself to be vulnerable, my inability to show emotion and be my true self, for fear of being criticized. The box of things behind the chair represents those things that I deal with every day. They are in a box, tucked in the corner behind the chair, but they are still there. I could take that box and put it way up in the attic, but it would still be there, the box will always be there with the chair.Yes, I know it is long :)Sorry, it had to be 1000 words.
A: Yes, agreed it was long…however, I read it all. (Could not get onto the site.)Our struggles are long, and, hopefully we emerge a better soul from that cocoon, for having lived through them.This, I believe, you have done.Well stated, from the heart! Isn’t freedom wonderful!
have an essay due tommorow, plz help, i’m stuck (really,really long)?
Q: So I’m in 8th grade and have an essay due tomorrow and I’m stuck. I’ve never really written an essay before and I can’t ask the teacher for help because he’s acting as deputy principal or something and isn’t teaching our class at the moment. The subjecty thing is “What makes a successful story is the careful structuring of its plot and its well developed characters” and we have to discuss with reference to the movies “the worlds fastest Indian’ and “remember the titans” which I think is a dumb topic lolAnyway I need help with it (no, I’m not asking you to do it for me) Is this a good introduction (thesis thing)and is that what it’s supposed to be about, and do you think it’s a persuasive essay? “While a carefully structured plot and well developed characters are two important factors in making a successful story, a story will often will be successful with just one of these elements; a story can also be enjoyable and entertaining with neither or unsuccessful and boring with both. It also depends on many other contributing factors such as dialogue, style and theme.” (Does that sound right to you?)My mum is telling me to write something like this (but I don’t think that’s what we’re meant to be doing) – “In many cases as for example the movie ‘the worlds fastest Indian’ the plot is not as strong as it could be and some of the supporting characters are not very well developed but it still makes a good story mainly because the main protagonists, like Burt, who is a very developed and interesting character. One of the reasons that the main character makes the story interesting is that Burt is a believable character; he was a real person, which helps the audience to connect and identify with him and his dreams. The supporting cast does not quite live up to Burts characterisation, because many do not have enough information supplied about them, they appear to be there to fill in time and don’t really add to the story or advance the plot creating a 2 dimensional character that becomes hard to sympathise with or to be interested in.” – and then say something about how its still a good movieSorry it’s so long and sorry for any mistakes (grammar and stuff), I don’t have time to properly edit. Its already 7pm here. Oh and the essay has to be less than 1000 wordsSorry, wrong catagory
A: Okay well I don’t quite understand the assignment because what you say the subject is sounds like a thesis statement (an opinion about the subject).In general you should start with your thesis/opinion statement, then build the body of your essay, which would consist of two or more paragraphs, around the thesis.statement. In your case it sounds like you would have at least two supporting paragraphs, one for each movie. Each supporting paragraph should begin with a topic sentence and end with a summary/concluding sentence.Your introduction should start broadly and end with the thesis, and your conclusion should restate your thesis and end more broadly.Also, don’t try too hard! Teachers are more impressed with clear writing than with long and elaborate sentences.
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