What is the mental illness when you forget things

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Alzheimer’s Disease affects older people. It permanently affects the brain and makes it hard for them to remember basic stuff. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-mental-illness-when-you-forget-things ]
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What is the mental illness when you forget things
Alzheimer’s Disease affects older people. It permanently affects the brain and makes it hard for them to remember basic stuff.

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If you got a mental illness what are some things you do to make it through the day?
Q: Im in the process of being diagnosed I am boderline personality , depression, anxiety, and possibly bipolar. With PTSD fun fun huh. Who says parents can’t mess you up! Anyway most days I can get up and function semi normal like human beings I mean i have things I obsses over everyday but thats an on going battle. Other days I feel completely lost I forget what im doing, Im easily frustrated, I can’t concentrate and I almost feel like Im high. My mind jsut doesnt’ work right it goes 500 miles an hour. What are some things to do so you can get through the day? When your having hard time like this? Im not medicated yet because there isn’t a final diagnoises. Sorry my spelling sucks and I just don’t care today to make it right. Its really hard some days like Im at work now and its hard to keep up. No one knows I got all this stuff going on cause they just think im weird i keep to myself and am quiet. Mainly cause of the anxiety. Im not sure how to handle things somedays. Any tips are useful. ThanksI go through a lotof jobs because of my attendance. Im pretty scared to be here but I got a cubicale so that helps. When I have staff meetings and stuff thats when it gets bad. I have to work though I had to leave home when I was in high school so gotta support myself some how. And my car is to dumpy to live in. lolYeah I don’t cut anymore no sadly i eat and smoke dope. Thats been teh best cure for me. I feel so normal and so free when im high. I really wish they would legalize it. I have tried sucide 2x nothin i want to really try again cause I believe in hevean and hell and I really don’t want to leave this SHIIIIIITTY life for a worse one.I mean I dont want to try it again! sorry
A: You sound like you have got a biplar disorder than BDP to me. But those things often go together or just seem very much alike. When your final diagnosis is found, it is very important to follow up on the doctor’s advice. You might need medication. It doesn’t have to be heavy medication, they might just prescribe you with a light medication to help you relax more. They might just suggest therapy. It’s a good start that you know something is wrong and that you want to change it. Make sure your doctor/therapist knows about what you’ve just posted here now, because it will help to get insight in your situation and it can help to finalize the diagnosis. What you need right now is understanding and support from people around you. Trust me, this will help make things easier. People are more understanding about this kind of thing than you think. Not that you have to tell anyone that will listen. But share it with people you are around with a lot and that you can trust, you don’t want to be going through a rough time like this alone.At work they really should know what’s going on. At least your supervisor should know. Not only is it in their interest but in yours too. Together you can look at how you could keep up best and how you can avoid monotonous tasks. variation in a day, even apply variation to tasks at work can help to stimulate your mind. I know it’s hard to tell this at work as it is a private matter. But work is part of your life and part of you day, if work is more pleasurable it will help you feel better. Try to take it one day at the time, concetrate on how you feel at this moment and avoid worrying about how things will develop later on. If you obsess about things and you feel those thoughts running trough your head like crazy, stop yourself. Just say stop and recognize you’re obsessing. Then try to put things into perspective. Should I really be obessesing about this, is it really important? A good exercise is to allow yourself some ‘obsessing time’ for half an hour and then to let yourself let go of it. Try planting positive mental images in your head. Imagine yourself holding a piece of paper with the thing your obsessing about and after your ‘obsessing time’ is over, throw it in a bin and put the lid on it. Visualising positive things helps to relax, it has been scientifically proven that people that do this cope better with difficulties than people that think negative all the time. If you can’t concentrate and you feel ‘high’ try to focus on one simple thing at the time. Don’t poor yourself a cup of tea while thinking of what you are going to do next. Conentrate on the simple action of boiling the water and pooring the tea in your cup. Everything step by step, don’t get frustrated, take your time. If you haven’t told your doctor/therapist about feeling ‘high’, please do as it could be a symptom of bipolar disorder. I hope any of this helps and I’m wishing you the best of luck. Don’t give up. You’re working on getting better and it just takes time.
Why is it a “Mental Illness” when you try to be thin…?
Q: Why is it a “Mental Illness” when you spend your life focused on how to NOT eat and NOT digest food but when it goes the other way and you are obsessed WITH EATING FOOD you are just stupid?I’m serious about this…I saw a show on Oxygen called “Rosey” and it is about a woman that is 400+ pounds and how she needs to either lose weight or she will die young…If it wasn’t a mental illness that got her to that point, then why doesn’t everyone just “Stop Eating” like I hear people say all the time?”How could someone do that to themselves?””God, that is sick! Why doesn’t she just stop eating?”What is up with this double standard?Are some fat people just not paying attention to what they are doing? Sure… Just like how my best friend has people coming up to her all the time saying “Are you anorexic?” that is just how she is… No eating disorder… It is just what happens when she is so busy she forgets to eat and has never wanted to eat more then a handful of almonds for lunch her whole life… Her sister and mother are like that too… They are just genetically made to be that way… But when you start talking about people that are 300+… That is another story all together…We have scientific evidence that food is a psychological “Addiction” just like Anorexia, Bulimia, Marijuana Addiction, Sex Addiction, Gamboling Addition, Shopping Addiction…They have thousands of MRI Scans that shows that in people with a psychological addiction, their brain chemistry works differently then with a “Normal” person… They can talk to the person in the scanner and show them pictures of things or even have them eat a bit of their fave food and it records the chemical reactions in the brain…How can it not be a physical problem when we have evidence that it is caused and sustained by differing chemical reactions in the brain?I saw one clip on YouTube where the guy said that you need to think of this as being addicted to anything else… The only difference is that with almost all other addictions, you can avoid the substance you have a problem with and never HAVE to consume it ever again… But with FOOD ADDICTION, it is like saying “You need to take just a tiny bit of heroin 3 times a day to stay alive… But don’t take too much!”It seems like a valid line of reasoning…Because very few people WANT to end up in a state where their weight threatens their very life… Same as with those with anorexia and bulimia… They don’t WANT to die because of their weight… But that can’t stop them from destroying themselves…I’m not trying to find a scapegoat for these people… I’m trying to figure out why there is no move to get TREATMENT for people that have a psychological addiction just like those with anorexia, bulimia, marijuana addiction, etc. If there were no studies on this with evidence to how it is guided by a chemical and biological process… I would be right along with everyone else that shakes their head and calls them “Stupid”, “Lazy”, and, for some reason, less then human…But with EVIDENCE (yes I use that term a lot) that it is a biological and psychological illness on par with anorexia and bulimia… Why do we not try to HELP people instead of just pointing at them and making barn yard animal sounds?Why do you feel justified in abusing fat people but say “Oh, poor girl… She is ILL! She can’t help trying to be so thin that she has a heart attack due to lack of potassium and ends up in a persistent vegetative state!”If you went up and started tormenting someone with Anorexia, you would be practically arrested for a hate crime! But make fun of a fat person? A stranger on the street? That isn’t just socially “Ok”, it is encouraged!What is up with this double standard?Please tell me your reasoning for this?
A: *standing ovation*this is EXACTLY what I’ve thought all along!!! I have an eating disorder, and there are double standards within our “eating disorder community” (that’s the best way to describe it). Unfortunately I have no theory’s as to why this is, but I do want to applaud you for writing this!Another thought of mine: people make fun of overweight people and can make them miserable, right? Well, how about when they ignore them completely? I’ve noticed that fat people are either treated one way or another, ignored or harassed. Why is that? That’s like a guy walking in a room of people with an ax in his head and he’s bleeding. People are either going to treat him one of two ways, ignore that there is something serious going on, or make a huge deal out of it. Our society should DEFINITELY start HELPING people, not pretend that there’s nothing wrong. Sorry this never answered your question, but I did want you to know that I am very glad you posted this 🙂
How to deal with mental illness when you have no insurance or money for medications?
Q: I am in a big pickle right now. My insurance was denied and I had to make an “appeal” to see if I can get it back because I had made a mistake and forgot to send in a form when they were doing an audit at my fiances job.So, now I am out of health insurance for the next 30 days or more, and there is even a possibility I may not get it back. I have to wait and see if they will approve it. I have been dealing with on-off episodes of severe depression for as long as I can remember since childhood. I was passed around to different Dr.s etc and I was never diagnosed with anything concrete. One would say this, one would say that, I went from medication to medication, and never was never sent to a neurologist to see if I have an actual affective disorder etc. I have been hospitalized 3x for suicide attempts. The first time I was 13years old, I was in a comatose like state for 3 days. I was lucky to live after that.When I was 18 and moved away from home, things got better in a lot of ways, but also more and different issues have been arising. Since about age 18 or so now that I look back I see different patterns in my depression making me think possibly I have developed bipolar disorder.Now I am a new Mom of a 3 month old son. I came down with severe Postpartum depression. My family Dr. put me on Wellbutrin XL, and right after this, my insurance was denied. It seemed like it was working, but now I have episodes of extreme aggitation to the point I feel like I am a volcano about to explode. My whole body tenses from the anger, I feel it in my neck, head….It seems like my mood swings are worse. I get so mad that I sometimes feel the urge to slice my wrists or swallow a bottle of pills. It takes everything in my being to stay as composed as I can and push out these thoughts. I am starting to get scared. My fiance is scared, he says he has noticed I am just getting worse.I don’t know what to do because I have no health insurance and I NEED to get help. I need to be able to care for my son and work to help support him. We are going through a hard enough time as it is in this economy, I have lost so many of my investments etc….everything is a struggle up hill it seems, and now dealing with this and a new family make is so much harder. I have a supportive family and fiance, but I need professional help. I don’t know HOW to ween myself off this Wellbutrin or what to do when I run out? They are too expensive for me to afford without insurance. I just want to get better. I know I have a serious problem and I want to be better for my son. I dont know what to do, and I am so scared or losing my son ever since my family Dr. said that CPS can take him away if I don’t get better; (she said that they can say you are unfit as a parent even if you are caring for him and there is no abuse, but just for the simple fact you have postpartum depression or other mental illness makes you a danger? ) I try not to think of this. I dont know if she is trying to scare me or what…I just try to focus on being more postive. I am looking for online forums for help and still searching for free therapy but have had no luck with anything in my area.
A: I believe that CPS will not try to take the baby as long as you are meeting your son’s basic needs, AND you are trying to get medical help and get medications.A suicide attempt would definitely cause you to lose him!I would ask my Ob-Gyn for a referral for post-partum depression. That is a serious disorder caused by hormone imbalances and other factors. PPD can keep you from bonding with your child and vice versa, so try to hold him and talk to him sweetly, no matter how bad you feel.Wellbutrin is a good anti-anxiety drug, but you need something along with it for the depression. Ask your doctor if he can give you samples for the remainder of the 30 days.Australia has an organization called MIND that helps people in your situation. See if you can contact them for help.As long as you are caring for your son and there is no abuse, I doubt that the government would allow CPS to remove a child based on what “might” happen. In the US that would violate the Americans with Disabilities Act.If you can’t get samples, tell your doctor your situation, and ask him how many pills it would take to safely wean yourself off Wellbutrin. Then you can plan ahead.You can always go to the hospital in an emergency. They don’t expect the money upfront for the visit.You can always buy half of a prescription, as well. Just tell the pharmacy.Good luck to you.
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