What is the most horrible disease ever

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There are several horrible diseases. Some to name are: Lion Face-Like Syndrome, Premature Senility, Cushing’s Syndrome and more. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-most-horrible-disease-ever ]
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What is the most horrible disease ever
There are several horrible diseases. Some to name are: Lion Face-Like Syndrome, Premature Senility, Cushing’s Syndrome and more.
What is this horrible disease :
Not to alarm you, but I suggest you do massive water change of the tank that contained the betta and try not to mess with the water for awhile especially if you have any open cuts or wounds on you. From your description, I suspect that your…
Why on earth did you guys name yourselves SARS-Fansubs? You know …?
This question has been asked a million times. SARS-Fansubs stands for… Search And Rescue Subbers. Yes, we’re aware that it’s also a serious disease and we’re not poking fun at it. Go Up

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What is the worst nightmare you’ve ever had, most detailed gets 10 points, please?
Q: I have a lot about my mother killing me (usually being thrown from a balcony or from a moving vehicle), and being in a hospital giving birth to a child that is taken away from me by CPS, or having a horrible disease. My most recent nightmare was about some bitch nurse coming up to me and telling me I had matasticized Ovarian Cancer, then sticking a long needle in my heart and hooking me up to a dialysis machine.I don’t understand. I’m a pretty happy-go-lucky, laid-back girl who treats people right and doesn’t spend a lot of time worrying about stupid crap.Anyone else have twisted, gut-wrenching nightmares like this, that are just bizarre as hell, with no explanation as to why?
A: okay. i had this nightmare about three months ago now, but its still very vivid because it creeped me out badly….i found myself with my sister and a friend. we had just arrived at someones apartment complex when we noticed a bunch of police cars and an ambulance. when we got close to the corner, my sister stepped in blood that had made its way around. she was absolutely horrified but we proceeded. we noticed police tape, but oddly enough, none of the tennants surrounding. all i could think of was that something really creepy must have taken place.a body was visible under a covered parking lot. it lay perfectly flat, as if it had been placed in a coffin. when we approached to see this horrific mutilated body, the first thing we noticed (the most obvious site) was that this persons face had been completely removed. all that was there was a big, gaping, black hole, where a face used to be. this persons appearance was so annihilated that the body could not be classified as a male or a female with its clothes on. i looked up and noticed one of the coroners sweeping the mass of blood towards my feet. i was completely shocked beyond me.i know it doesnt sound terribly scary but, its not something we see every day. and everytime i think about what it looked like, i get creeped out.so woke up and was frightened the entire day. i tried to figure out why i could possibly have dreamt something so awful and unimaginable, but nothing made sense. i guess it was just one of those nightmares everyone is entitled to.
I get Cold Sores more often then i used to get them, & they get huge & horrible. what can i do about it?
Q: Ever since i was a little girl ive gotten cold sores. At the most i would get them up to 4 or 5 times a year. Now in the past 3 months i have had more then 5 cold sores. There Absolutely horrible when they come. They get disgusting looking and HUGE! It looks like i have some horrible disease growing on my lips. They last for one to two weeks. Not to mention they hurt more then anything. But i think ive just gotten use to the pain. Ive done all the Research i can possibly do for treating && causes for cold sore… Everything just says that nothing over the counter works && that you have to just wait for them to heal themselves. Everyone has told me that i am getting them from stress & anxiety. Which is True. But i need to figure out something that can help them from reacquiring so easily every time i get stressed or have anxiety. PLEASE HELP ME!:(
A: I have been getting them also since I was about 12 or So. The best product that i have found is called releev and you should put it on at the first sign of tingling. the last sore that popped up on me went away over night. Blistex is the worst thing that i have tried. It does seem to have something to do with the acids in the stomach so watch what you eat. Hot dogs causes cold sores over night for me. Hope this helps
How many women thing this is the most STUPID and UNTRUE quote ever!?
Q: “Men are better than women. By their nature, men are much more intelligent, courageous, and stronger than women. Men invented cars, airplanes, electricity, cures for diseases, television, and millions of other inventions. What have women invented? Disposable diapers. Ever wonder why Jesus was a man and not a woman? No religion has ever put a woman in charge of sh*t, because everyone knows they can’t do anything. Women are horrible drivers. Everyday, at least 9,000 innocent people are killed due to car accidents caused by women. They are also horrible employees. Last time, I ordered a big mac value meal at McDonalds, and the woman who took my order forgot to include the big mac. HOW DO YOU FORGET TO INCLUDE A BIG MAC IF ALL I ORDERED WAS A BIG MAC VALUE MEAL? You’d think she would forgot something else, like the fries, or the soda, but no, she forgot the big mac. Nice job. A man would never mess up that badly.Ummm i just copied and pasted this quote…the quote WRITTEN BY A MAN had no enters in it…dipsh*ti actually posted this question twice. on accident. my computer is messed up and it froze. anyways…if you type in the question in bold in search, you’ll find the same question, but i put in more details.
A: I really hope whoever wrote that gets his ass kicked by a huge amazon of a woman who hold several black belts in martial arts.
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